Pol must decide where their loyality lies

Meets in 'secret' with Israeli agents
Then we have Trump calling Omar et al anti Semite
So pol/ are the squad now our/guy?

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The squad is the guy of Muslims. There's a difference.

Oh no no no, OP, you see, the thing is jew money marks the controlling side, while the other side is the "we want the jew tit now".

For now, jew money means declaring that Israel is the US big brother, meaning Republicans, "the right" must pledge obedience to Israel, or the cash will stop. See? Israel good. Saying anything against Israel is hating America, because closing that faucet means no cash grease.

The squad threatens that cash by being anti-semite, and that is the reason of all that jew signalling of 'being a true friend of Israel'.

With my fellow lizardmen, duh.

We have to pick sides with shitskins now? Says who?

With shitskins, just like jews and niggers, the only side is THEIR SIDE. Do not give into to the Dark Side.

If this causes confusion here, how are boomers, and normies meant to focus ?
For example, if anyone were to attempt following the money trail for Israel or Epstein, they would give up for the sheer complexity in its design.

And what else is there? How can anything be done?

My guys are dead kikes, they're the ones who make change possible by not being alive to kike anymore.

Democracy will overcome. We will beat them at the ballot boxes.


with whites, which none of these are.
fuck off, and kill each other already.

what else can we do?
Hopefully, in time we will get a strong truthful leader, and all this will come to past.
We have endured far worst than this, and with God siding with us, we will weather this storm.

You're a moron you shill fuck!

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Neither (((Trump))) nor the squad are /ourguys/ you stupid kike.
If even Drumpf learned to triangulate his enemies, so can we. How does it feel to be jewed, jew?

Just follow the money, and see who newspapers are promoting … that's Israel's number 1 choice.

Zig Forums's loyalty is to the truth, KYS. Saged.

Nice try, fed.

Yes, but remember to sage this shit thread fellow faggot

squad = we hate jews and white people. yay white genocide!.
fagkikeOP=choose only one!

i choose trump&liberal suicide 2020

Easy peasy.

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The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend you stupid nigger. Jews and shitskins both want whites dead, they are merely squabbling over who gets to rifle through the last white man's pockets when he dies. We cannot let that happen, side with whites and only whites. Let the kikes and subhumans fight amongst themselves.