What if Israel hacked our elections the whole time and framed Russia?

Brainwashed democrats in America, as well as the cuckolded western nation's blame Putin for our supposed elections hacked in favor of trump as president, and yet I have never heard president Trump ever talk of Russia or Putin in the same like manner he talks of Israel or netanyahu. Think about it, Vladimir Putin wants Russia to be the sole super power of the world with no competition and America is exactly the perfect competitor for that title against russia, America is a western super power.

We all know how much Trump and Israel are involved with each other, what if our elections were hacked, not by Russia, but by the Israeli government and put the shit on Russia?

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Trump was never supposed to win in the first place.

Russian shill post. SAGE

Nice try Yuri

Because the Q LARPer said so? Sheldon Adelson and the other Likud kikes seemed to think he was going to win, and they were right.

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Pretty obvious he wasn't supposed to win. And they've spent every second since then trying to take him down. They even kept the whole Mueller thing going for 3 years.

Russia IS israel. Controlled by the same (((creature)))

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Well yeah, but chabad lubavitch run Russia and Trump, which is why Russia would never expose it or attack Israel.
It's a worldwide wall kissing puppet show.

STFU that's why not one democrat exposed Trumps obvious ties to Israel. Instead you had so called investigative reporters shoving their faces in bowls of cheetos. It was all planned especially the Madame President magazine cover.
Not even 2d chess. They do it all the time.

If they wanted to take Trump down, they would expose him for being a child rapist, they would expose his false flag in Las Vegas, they would broadcast dead kids from Yemen 24/7 and explain how Donald Trump and Jared Kushner personally negotiated the exact terms of the weapons deal that provides the munitions getting dropped on those kids.

Instead they talk about two scoops and plenty of fodder to get whipped up to murder Russians.

Yet another qtddtot thread.
The only "hacking" is the left using corpses, illegals, and voter fraud. Fuck off with your kosher (((conspiracy theory))) trash.

Why would democrats expose his ties to Israel when they are even bigger zionests and receive overwhelmingly more amounts of money from pro Israel lobbies? Not to mention the vast majority of kikes in the US have and still vote mostly Democrat.

No one hacked the elections, it's impossible to hack the election because every state has different preparations for said elections.
The only people who tried interfering with the elections are the Democrats since they took ballots and then conveniently found them the next day with all votes for the Democrats.
t. someone who worked during the elections

Trump is a kike worshipping traitor, but Zig Forums deals in truth, not made of fictional kikery. End yourself.

All real. Filtered.

The Jews have controlled elections in America for the last 100 years.

Is this a joke? Russia never hacked the elections. It was made up by the (((media))).

I do think the original plan was to have Hillary or another female to become the next president, but either (((they))) decided Trump would suit their needs better, or maybe they noticed too late in the race that Hillary would be so incompetent, she would harm their cause more than Trump ever could.

JIDF left this shitchan years ago. Only shills are left are russians.
Hey Yuri, while we’re at it, post that video of odessan joos dancing.

Russian IPs were used but the list of "russian hacker groups lol" was made up by the larp secfags at the company the gvt contracted. They say in ther own report that names "russia" as the "ebil hackers yo" that they themselves created "russian hacker groups nya" names and assigned them to seemingly random groupings of "techniques". It's the same larp as "oi can tell it's you by your posting style mate". It could've been one jew in isnotreal tbh. Or even the feds themselves since wikileaks showed they have this capability and it is standard protocol when they hack shit to leave crumbs of other gvts as cover.

They wouldn't, they would act all hurt and even start monthly impeachment case that go nowhere proving "Trumps a facist white dictator" and get loads of retards riled up to the point that they demand borders be thrown open to punish the evil white people.

The Jews put Trump in office.,
Cambridge Analytica

I think it was rigged heavily for Hillary then Trump won and he got on board afterwards cause Israel has blackmail on him.

Did they teach you that one at Jesuit school or kaballah scool?

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What a colossally, monumentally shit OP and a waste of dubs - please don't put the burden of ending your life on someone else, rope is inexpensive.

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You aren't fooling anyone, Moshe.

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imagine if Trump, the_donald, the alt-right, the daily stormer, kekistan and all that shit that was done recycling and weaponizing Zig Forums memes (which themselves were inspired by the previous in a feel-good feedback loop) was a jewish psy-op.

Reminder that the secret behind all kike power is antisemitism. All kike-puppets are antisemitic cowards who submit to an imaginary all-powerful overlord.
When good goyim are THAT much of dumbass piece of shit you almost can't blame the jew.

kike, you'll get the rope

I think a lot of world leaders honestly want a stable, prosperous, and advancing country under them. Not necessarily this superpower BS. I think the greatest compliment a nation can receive us second best, and I wonder if I ought to make that fourth. I mean, it’s pretty nice to make the top fifty, just in terms of how good a quality of life it gives to politicians.

America is already Israels bitch. All they need to do is ask to interfere.

is* second best

Post actual proof or kill yourself. Oh wait, you won't, because you're a coward and hide behind a filter when proven wrong.

What do you think he and Epstein would do together during their 20+ year friendship, play chess? Why do you think he's so subservient to Israel?



You know, you aren't very good at hiding the fact that you're a Trumpnigger, and probably an actual nigger.

Why can you faggots at least argue in good faith?

Epstein was supposedly banned from Mar-a-Lago in 2007, 20 years into their friendship, 7 years after Virginia Roberts was recruited there, 5 years after Trump's statement about him liking girls "on the younger side", and over a year after his first pedo arrest - which was covered in the media (pic related). If Trump really had a problem with what he was doing, they would have banned him at least after the arrest, but per the Mar-a-Lago source that the story comes from, Epstein would "use the spa to procure girls there", but one's father complained, and it became a problem, so he was banned. Although, Epstein claims he was invited back afterwards, so the whole thing could have very well been a show to keep the dad happy.

Regardless, the story isn't what Trumpniggers make it out to be, not by a long shot - and that's the best piece of "evidence" you faggots have.

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Trump did 9/11 and also pearl harbor and the rape of nanking. He also raped and murdered 6 gorillion jews in 1900 BC. If you disagree you're a trumpnigger.

Why didn't Trump ban him after he was arrested for soliciting girls as young as 14? Why was he allowed to "procure girls" at Mar-a-Lago?

Proof of any of that happening? Proof of any of that being illegal in the locations it occurred in if you can prove it happened?

Can't tell the Jews from the Stormtards anymore.

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike kikestian ban evading schizo niggerloving mutt shill.

Nice rewriting of history. Every jew was memeing hard against him before the primaries you niggerfaggot. I mean, he's still a useless boomer cuck, but no, they aren't omnipotent God's who predict every outcome. Enough with the Omnipotent Jew meme already.


The CIA framed Kaspersky to make it appear the Russian security company had made an attempt to hack government computers. There is heavy use of Israeli security companies in making decisions about American technology policies.

Oy Vey! Hello fellow White Nationalist Schizophrenics

Sheldon Adelson is the biggest spender in all of American politics. He bankrolls the Republikikes, and his wife compared Trump to Queen Esther and said a "Book of Trump" should be added to the Torah. The jews who count wanted Trump in. There was no real grassroots MIGA movement, it was astroturfed by Cambridge Analytica.


No, instead during this administration jewish evil deed would have come out.
If anyone says not it is you that has failed.


Even How Wrong Was man to vote for Trump.

Wrong again. Wrong everything when it is about this.

If you mean that all the candidates are servants of them, then yes.

What if jews have ran every (((Democratic))) election throughout time? That's why Hitler called jews (((Democracy Makers))).

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If there is really something and it is brought to the attention action will be taken. Look at this about Russia about the U.S. elections.

I don't believe the activism would not be high and dry somewhere feeding profitable evil deeds by the jews.

Even: there would no longer be any jews in a position to do this.

Please DO correct me at any point where I am wrong.

Fascism is morality as flawless and livable as possible in a way and this about the jews goes against it.

What if this thread wasn’t made by a vodka nigger?

Fuck Shem
Fuck pissrael
Glass you all semite scum

Personally I do not mean "cope" here. At least not in some stupid way. I hate it when something like that is confrontational. I'm not against anyone saying it. But I want to moderate it somewhat for people that also prefer more comfort in something like that.

So I also do not mean this against speaking.

What if kikes slid actual posts with bullshit like this

What if they decided all was lost, and it was best to quit kiking and hide themselves b/f DOTR

Yeah, never gonna happen cause kikes gonna kike


It’s not kikes. Its russians who learned like tricks.

You really don't need to hack voting machines when they're already backdoored because you own the company that makes them. But yeah, it is newfaggot shit.

As soon as assumptions against something you must deliver.

And as far as I know this did not happen.

Or please, do correct me at any point where I am wrong.

Fuck off tranny.

You're horrible at this

I have literally been telling people this
like, to their face

What if kikes didn't need to frame anybody else, because even an israeli caught in the act gets roaring applause.

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What if you're a faggot? ZOG has multiple plans, they gave us Trumplestein as a kosher alternative, but obviously wanted Hillary more. Now that Trump was elected, all liberal kikes engage in an (orchestrated) hatemongering campaign against their own puppet, while Israeli zionist kikes declare Trump their BFF to make themselves seem based in the eyes of Trumptard boomers. The goal is to control both sides, but they still have to give the puboic the illusion of choice as well as some hope in the democratic system, republitards as well as demonKKKrats.

lol. This wasted-dubs shill is too impoverished and unemployed to understand that wealthy tycoons are "friends" with everybody important that they meet. The fact that Drumpf parted ways with pedostein at all is telling enough. Drumpf's comment (backhanded compliment) about pedostein's attraction to "younger" girls was way more of a warning about that filthy kike Epstein than anybody else with Drumpf's stature was willing to offer.


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Someone sending their password to someone else isn't sophisticated spying. That was used as nothing other than to have a boogie man in the room.

THIS VIDEO is the #1 RedPill to send to normies!!


This post speaks to me for some reason

Makes you wonder if the worshipping of an Egyptian frog god named Kek was real or if (((they))) used the alleged "meme magic" to sway Zig Forums into helping Trump win?

Checked. You know this happened

Clinton was the progressive jew favorite but remember that for all the neocohens she represented an undesirable direction with wiener hummus and co being embedded in their ranks.

Bro how much of a normie are you?

Why would israel bother to hack an election when they had both contenders kissing their ass?

Alright, but Shillary would have given them the wars they are still trying to get from blormf.
We'd be at war with Iran and Russia by now.

Remember when Zig Forums thought they influenced the election?
Now all the Trump campaign threads from back then are retroactively blamed on nebulous redditors.