How do I deradicalize?

I've been wanting to deradicalize a bit from the far right and spend some time on the other side of the creek, but then I come over here and you faggots post like once every 3 hours. Christ on a bike this shit is slow.
Anyway, caught myself saying nigger out loud spontaneously in a crowded place (I was at fucking MEPS of all places). Don't think anyone noticed but it made me realize I need to cool off before I potentially ruin my life and career from my Zig Forums speaking habits. Though there are aspects of civic and ethnonationalism that I can't really shake and that I haven't found really addressed in the limited leftist youtubers I've been exposed to in my efforts to balance out.
The main thing is European culture, identifying with that history and heritage, and the desire to preserve it, at least the good parts. Capitalism is dogshit in soooooo many fucking ways, but there are huge portions of western culture that I think are good and not invulnerable to change or regression. In their attempts to debunk replacement migration in western countries, the two tubers I've seen (shaun and three arrows) largely just shrug off any sense of western culture or identity, as if it's not at risk at all and never could be ever. And yet such people are perfectly capable of seeing how it is endangered through some sort of fascist uprising by far right people, but a country's population becoming predominantly another ethnicity or cultural background they just don't even seem to consider that that could be the same kind of threat. The whole notion of national identity, or really any identity past the individual, seems to be almost comical to the left. Shaun shows a picture of a group of muslim girls waving the german flag and is just like, "a bunch of children waving the german flag, don't see what's so scary" or something. BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT FUCKING GERMAN. Connection to and reverence for a culture and country goes deeper than waving a fucking flag or speaking the language. This kind of ignorance and seeming contempt for people identifying with their culture, nation, or ethnicity is one of the major obstacles for me in coming back towards the left in any way.
How should I work around this or move forward? My identity with my culture and ancestry is not something I can shrug off. It's like that old zen saying, "glimpsed once and forever." I can't fucking unsee it. And yet it just creates huge pain and anxiety for me because, NO SHIT, things change, and are changing, and that can not be stopped.

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Cool blog post faget

thanks shit fuck

From my experience, the rights' ideas of "national identity" are always so romanticized. I'm from a scandinavian country, and I couldn't tell you five distinguishing features of my culture that the "native" population would agree are inherent to our culture. Our "medieval culture" was eroded by capitalism long before any muslims set foot in the country (as anything but thralls), and at this point there's no difference between American, British, German and Scandinavian culture. We all watch dumb fuck hollywood movies, we engage in the same dumb fuck consumer culture that they do, and it has nothing to do with immigration. The immigrants quickly learn to become the cultureless consumers that we are. This is the trend of global capitalism, and the only way to start building a new and better proletarian culture is through communism.

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Also, go to >>>Zig Forums or >>>/marx/, this board is trash.

I don't want to move you away but if you want to deradicalize why would you do it by spending time with the opposite radicals?
Get yourself tested for tourette's syndrome.
Secondly if you can't live with those beliefs openly stop believing in them.
You see this whole part of your post?
Absolutely meaningless no one here gives two shits about western culture enough to bother abolishing, I haven't seen a single person on this whole board who ever said anything slightly related to that, lurk more.
Other than that admit capitalism is a terrible system and I guess do something.
For what it's worth I think you're nowhere near as autistically right wing as you think you are, certainly not on Nazi's level you sound like Zig Forums boomers. There's really nothing here anyone can help you with I fully agree with
Go to Zig Forums, you're better off there, make sure you bring the Tankie with you as a favor for us.

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here was my take away from christchurch

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Hold on now before I read anything else.
No really listen what the tankie said before and make your way to >>>Zig Forums quick, you're in critical condition.

is there a board that isn't dead as fuck here?

Once you get over your facebook/youtube conditioned need for constantly refreshing newsfeeds, you'll learn to appreciate the slower moving boards.

nigger this place is a fucking ghost town.

After reading wow that was really fucking autistic.
Good news, you're the type of Zig Forums tard who doesn't have any clue what the subtext of his idea's are beyond white nationalist but not national socialist ideas. Simply put your one of the common "Anti immigration" people which really are easily knocked down because of that being your one and only stance.
If you wish to deradicalize yourself, you only really have a few options, Zig Forums and /r/socialism, you're going to need to go to a place where the majority of people find the importance of getting rid of anti immigration hysteria important and they can work together to fully desensitize you to rejecting your ideas.
As I see it Zig Forums is a place where people who have already decided their beliefs go to discuss matters, if you come to us with a request to change your mind because you feel trapped in your own ideology, we won't be able to help you as much as seeking help from a much larger group that all has one goal. Even dismantling your idea's won't help since it's not done to change your perception of the world rather than to force you to admit you're wrong. The fact that you use memes like "Right wing death squads and muh birthrates" screams this outloud. The way you view this idea is very Middle Class Eurocentric which is a major problem to anyone looking to take it seriously but even worse it clearly dumbs you down and causes you to do retarded shit like yell nigger in public without realizing the n word in itself is a symbol of a time when whites and blacks were forced together and perpetuating it only hurts whites as much as blacks if anything.
So I agree with you assuming your stance is you finally realized this and only wish to be "Normal" instead of finding your own beliefs or evolving which for you sounds like the best path instead of anything else you can do. So for this you must go to a place like Zig Forums, or even actual help workers to get despooked properly and live a normal life.

No send your thanks to Jim and the staff at Zig Forums. This place had boards updating regularly with 20 pph for the lowest 30 boards before everything crashed and burned and we became 2010 Cuckchan 2.0.

Nigger stop it with the buzzwords you're only ousting yourself even more.

Well, >>>Zig Forums is significantly faster, but still nothing compared to Zig Forums.

thanks i'll check 'em out

Because you're as autistic as you are and because you recognise everything good is being destroyed by assholes at the top, "deradicalising" yourself by spending time on leftypol will just turn you into an unironic nazbol. If you really want to be deradicalised go force yourself to watch contrapoints until you finally enjoy the tranny antics.

You recognise something isn't right and feel the urge to jump between ends of a very arbitrarily set up left-right political spectrum. If you want to know why you feel the way you do and why everything seems as fucked as it is in such a vague way, read a short, easy-to-digest book (if you can call it that) called Industrial Society and its Future

You can read it here on a completely milquetoast non-sketchy site (WaPo for crying out loud) if you don't feel like going to /pdfs/. It's not written by WaPo but was published by them after the author sent it to them.

There are no nazbols on leftypol, they were all banned and came here, which is exactly why I want him off this board.

It's a long trip down the rabbit hole before you ever reach peace with your beliefs and fully understand what everything is, where you stand, and when you finally have the self confirmation of knowing your idea's are correct and will help people. I feel it would be best for OP to become a semi apolitical socialist who keeps his head out of anti immigration issue's for his own good.
But that aside

Is right.
Zig Forums at this point is like everywhere else in the internet, just ML's with varying opinions but never nazbol and the occasional hebephile syndicalist. It's probably op's best bet, that or /r/socialism at this point otherwise he'll need actual help from a social worker.
Fortunately for the tank like I said before no one on this board is trying to convince op they're right and should join them, we're just pointing him in the right direction.

He will get banned on leftypol very quickly and come here again briefly before returning to Zig Forums because the board is too slow for him.

This thread sunk lower than I thought it would in much shorter time than expected.

This is probably going to be the end result knowing the mods at Zig Forums unless the tank and enough people vouch for trying to help him and not perma banning him every time he accidentally say "Nigger" on instinct while typing.

So long as he behaves and argues in good faith, he wont get banned, no.

Chances are you can't even deliver a good definition of that. I mean, that applies to >90% of the modern left too, but still the problem of people screeching about capitalism without even knowing what it is and what are its implications.

One of those implications is how national identities arose and destroyed local identities(as it has historically happened) and how pan-national/cosmopolitan identities slowly arise and rot away national identities(in progress). Perhaps knowing this, or rather knowing how this process happens and what makes it more-or-less inevitable, would make you have another moment of enlightenment?

It's becoming next Stirner

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OP, just read the unabomber manifesto and realise that in the extreme long term all of these systems are really terrible. Everything is fucked and that's why change and the way things are make you so uncomfortable. At the same time, realise you can't do anything about them so you don't pointlessly go ideology shopping.

Na, Stirner already has a established reputation even though he declined, Unabomber never answered enough about society to properly make a good political ideology. He's like Calum Von Moger to Arnold, he'll never be as big as him even though everyone says he will, deep down though they know he won't.

The absolute state

this but unironically

Maybe learn to not be a spaz and control yourself? Jesus it's not hard unless your autistic or retarded.

This is why nobody takes you guys seriously.

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was on /r/socialism for all of 20 seconds. it's just a bunch of faggot neolibs that want to suck off black people and larp about socialism.

definition of what capitalism or the problems inherent in it?
I would probably describe capitalism as ANY system that creates class struggle and sets workers in competition with one another. There's more basic definitions about free markets and profit motives and such but that misses out on the more subtle and central aspects, which has to do with the utopianism of personal success. Capitalism sets up success as an individualistic thing, and the social benefits are merely a byproduct.
The problems with this are countless.

Your best bet would probably be to kill yourself, you stupid nigger. That, or just get off the Chan’s all together for a bit.

The most retarded thing you could do is ask leftypol how to deradicalize, cause these faggots will just try to make you a dirty commie. So, given that you’ve already done the full retard bit it’d do the whole world a favor if you just necked yourself.

If your biggest issue was about race then learning to suck off black people why you'd need to go there. That's why you need to go to Zig Forums too. If you want use that or hire a social worker like I said.

Your real problem is being a massive autist, if you became a socislist you'd just embarrass yourself in a different way.

he's trying to get OP to leave

All class systems create class struggle and pits the underclass(es) against each other fam. Here is an alright reader on capitalism

nah, dose of communism would probably balance me out nicely. having my identity around class rather than race sounds like it would be a decent antidote.
also you're a fucking faggot

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If you're on the left and you are deradicalizing that just makes you sargon of akkad.
The eternal centrist who is never wrong because he doesnt have an opinion on anything.


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the thing is it's so artificial. I don't give a fuck about minorities. I'm not a minority (yet) and so any empathy or feelings of solidarity would be a fucking lie. literally all of that shit coming from the left stinks of just bougie white liberals patting themselves on the back as they commodify the struggles of blacks for their own consumption. It's fucking token integration and solidarity. like black panther: "oh look honey, this movie has ALL black super heroes!! what a victory!!"
I don't do that shit

I'm far right accelerationist you fucking retard. read the op before you respond.
here's a nice little number so you can see what page I'm on

Based and redpilled.

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You can’t go back without willingly deceiving yourself. I’ve tried it too but I can’t stop myself from believing in racial differences, the Jewish question and that Hitler did nothing wrong. Looking into leftist made me more cynical on capitalism but beyond that I’m still pretty fashy. Just embrace it

Ah you are one of those people who can only be extreme left or extreme right?
I dont think this entire website is a healthy place for you to be.

I don't think in terms of left and right. I'm a grab bag of different policies from all across the political spectrum. I don't subscribe to ideology. But there are certain views and aspects of identity that treat as more central and when those are infringed upon I suffer. The problem is that my identity as a European is actually incredibly narrow, and so gets infringed upon a lot. I'm here not to go extreme left, but to switch chambers to see if I can pick up on a way of self-identifying that is a bit bigger and not constantly under existential threat.

That is great for you but I was talking to the guy who called himself a far right accelerationist.

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Uhm sweaty, this is the real political spectrum

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Yeah, that was me. A large aspect of me is a far right accelerationist. Another large aspect of me economically anticapitalist. Another large aspect of me is a technocratic futurist. Again I'm not here to explore an ideology, but to find a broader central identity than an ethnic European.

I think you may have something called multiple personality disorder.

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sweet fucking christ why are you talking?

It's called intelligence. being able to hold and reconcile multiple viewpoints.
Go back to /r/againsthatesubreddits and take your fucking left-right myopia with you you fucking faggot

Would it blow your mind if I told you I didnt actually make that image?

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holy shit
read ted k you absolute nigger
technophilia is not a good thing

would it blow your mind that you posting it is indicative of your agreement with it?

Boy, are you ever in the wrong place.

Don't fucking do it. There is no explaining what it is like to be owned by someone who does not give two shits for you.

No, it really doesn't when you get right down to it. The Americans are living proof of that. Hell, so are the Europeans when you actually think about it. What are "Germans" if not a nineteenth century invention cobbled together from the remains of various Prussian, Bavarian, and other peoples? There is absolutely nothing there that is any deeper than a patriotic song and some fairy tales.

It is a mental exercise that is unique to the individual. History is not a shared experience, contrary to what pomo "historians" will tell you. It is merely a chronicle of things that have happened.

That is fine. Feelings do not matter, and class is not an identity that needs to be accepted into your heart like Jesus. Solidarity is acting along with other people who go through the same shit that you do in order put an end to said shit. The only reason that believing in imaginary shit like race is bad for you is that it keeps you from working with people who are the same kind of cogs as you are in the very same machine.

Multiple personality disorder correlates with high premorbid intelligence.
IE before your disorder kicks in and redcuces your Autism Level you would have been one of the more intelligent people in society.

Get a load of you

I Meant to say lQ there but the word filter is retarded.

I agree with the images I posted here

but not here

This so much.

That just means he listens to vaporwave.

You see? this is the kind of talking to I need.

Nah I just think we should be mining asteroids and troubleshooting gene editing. I don't think technology is a be all end all for social issues, and is a huge cause of them a lot of the time. But I do think that technology is a frontier and humans need frontiers for their mental health, and so going balls out on that frontier would be good for us.

You won't ever catch me dead knowingly browsing a board ran by a tranny.
If that is the case, it's retarded. You won't get anywhere with someone if you just try to chase them off and stick with anons with similar political views. It's why I love seeing discussions between libertarians and natsocs, it's nice. Currently Zig Forums is nothing but cuckchan shitposting and spam at this point. Sometimes it has ok threads, SiG generals being one of them, especially if you're a newfags or want to improve yourself as an individual.

What has to be considdered here is who benefits under the current class system from these increases in technology and resource extraction. Communists are not by any stretch against technology, but we are against technology being developed and used by the current rulling class to keep their stranglehold on society.
Well first, it's just a Zig Forums meme they developed because their tranny porn got deleted, so they assumed it must be because they hit a nerve
And second, why the fuck does it matter even if leftypol was run by a tranny?

Nope, for example feudalism isn't capitalism
Almost there, but not quite

The individualistic mindset IS a byproduct of economic forms.

Trannies are mentally ill attention whores. Since you’re a tankie you’re probably a tranny anyway. Only neurotypicals can understand the scourge for how it truly is

absolutely. ideally the resources would be used for manufacturing in space and trying to set up life off of earth for the survival of the society. and no matter whether the resources remained in space for the creation of starships or colonies, or made it back to earth, they would still be publicly owned

It's been confirmed multiple times, even before the video sprang up. And if you want evidence, just ask anyone in the QtDDtOT threads. Maybe you will get a response if they care enough.
Yeah that always goes well doesn't it.

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Zig Forums tier.

Spot the cancer.

Zig Forums tier.

feudalism still had markets as well as competition between skilled laborers (knights, artists, jewellers etc). Ownership was not as varied as in capitalism, but it wasn't just monarchs and serfs.

Lazy-tier, especially since you are browsing a site where people contain it. Why don't you make an effort? Especially when I am pointing you to the right direction.

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Hello tranny, did you forget to dilate this morning? Your crotch wound may be closing up?

Funny because when I read left wing media and consume movies/videos made by them there is obsession about disenfranchising white people, working class males in particular. I'm not a part of the proletariat to them, they don't even see me as a person, just as a white devil oppressor and someone to hate on.
The worst part is tried to look for people on the left who oppose this sentiment and I found no one. Seriously help me find even one prominent figure on left who is vocal opponent to this large and concerning phenomena. All I get is far-right and centrists if I try to search.

Leftism = political Jewry, multikulti and globalization. You’ll never find anything different from the left

I went to the QTDDTOT and there is nothing that supports your claim.

Yang? Although could be a half assed attempt. I would trust a Chinese politician, especially when he is basically China-lite.

Wouldn't trust*
God damn.


they don't look at YOU as an oppressor. no one gives a shit about you. they look at you as a benefactor of a system that for almost all of its history had preferences formed from stereotypes around race and gender.

Racism now? Back to Zig Forums


I have seen some videos of him, and actually not too bad so far, will actually look into.

Zig Forums stream

Some guys ancestors said that your ancestors did something bad so you have to be punished for it.

t. whiteboi who’s scared to be held accountable for his settler crimes

Christians call it original sin. Leftpol calls it white privilege.
A common concept in a cult or religion to impose some sort of guilt on to people which isnt based on anything they have done personally. And then you can manipulate them in to doing what you want in order to absolve themselves of that guilt.

Actually im fourth from the left in the back row of this pic.

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Exactly, I'm not even a human invidual to them, just part of group who should be punished for being born part of that group, guilty through no fault of my own. Good luck leading a serious political movement when you dehumanize majority of your potential supporter base.

Ok, let's pretend it doesn't exist for a moment.
Asking for trouble.

What are you going on about, did I miss something?Is this something he said?

Yes, he said that in interview. Sounds kind of fishy, knowing politicians tune down all their remarks.

Never vote for chinks. They are like insectoids and will descend about the West like locusts and strip it dry

again, bro. this isn't about punishment. it's about correcting for history that has produced insane inequality in terms of representation, power, and opportunity. and they're not trying to take power or money FROM YOU. they're trying to set it up so that IN THE FUTURE people won't just kneejerk into choosing the white male because they're conditioned into believing that they are the best.
as things even out it will calm down. chill.

post hand with timestamp nigger

Inherited sin, what a dumb concept.

Throughout history, representation, power, opportunity in Europe has always belonged to the Europeans.
Giving those things to non Europeans is not correcting history.

Im not blind. I can see that Nigeria isnt multicultural. Or any non white country.
The Ottoman empire was one of the most brutal imperial regimes. But nobody is replacing the Arabs in the middle east with Kenyans.

There is however a qualitative difference between the markets and exchange of pre-capitalist period and capitalist markets.
It is under capitalism that money and markets at last assume leading role and the cycle of accumulating capital(M-C-M') has begins. Additionally skilled laborers(and unskilled peasant serfs too!) are all crushed by market competition and become wagies. So you were actually right with that profit motive and market, but that's because everyone becomes slave to the very market economy itself, the "individual" simply becomes a post-hoc justification.

As implied above, another important point of capitalism is socialization of labor.
Whereas previously the vast majority of population were peasants living of small plots of land, as well as small urbanite shopkeepers, manufacturers and artisans, ie. small producers. But under capitalism labour becomes socialised, with big companies and labour unified in bigger productive units.

The beginning of this process of socialization was also when national consciousness entered the stage. The 19th century nationalism was not merely championing nations, but also unified national markets. Before that peasant mass identified with the immediate locality(eg. in Eastern Europe some people self-identified as "tutejszy", ie. "from here"), with feudal ruler and so on. But the market forces threw them from their village into a bigger world, which was a significant factor in the uprooted peasants becoming "nationals" as they now operated and thought on a national scale. And I think you are already aware that the march of the globalizing market forces continues, rotting away smaller national identities in favour of more global ones which mentally correspond better to the current material reality of people.

The truth hurts. Whites live with the burden of the millions they’ve genocided. Those days are over

The idea that conservatism is “punk rock” or edge lord is pathetic. You are fighting for a system that holds back everyone but the elite. While pretending you are fighting some sort of “liberal power”

It actuality conservatism is the ultimate cozy up to the rich elite. You are fighting for the man to control you while complaining about control. Don’t let them trick you with buzz words. Progressive stances are always the right side of history.

Conservatism has always tried to project it self as cool and against the system. Yet it is the definition of the system that you rail against.

I'm talking about America you butt fucking faggot. Don't know the last time you checked statistics but Europe is 85% European

You are like trying to recruit black man in to the KKK, give up. People like you are the cancer of the left, trying to use some kind of false 'justice fight' as your excuse for being bitter and hateful towards people who you never met and who never did nothing wrong to you.

Lets say you were correct, you expect me to just accept being discriminated against? Ally with people who even go so far as to call for my death based on race? idiotic… and dangerous.

All the words like faggot and homo and nigger are just pathetic attempts to sound edgy. It’s like saying fuck you to your mom when you are a teenager. You think you are rebelling against authority when you are only hurting yourself and you character.


Hot damn, it still applies, especially when America throughout most of it's history was European.