Canadian Manhunt possible false flag thread

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Judging from their pics I can guarantee the cops can find them tonight wearing knee high laced bovver boots, speedo trunks and a black leather velo cap with chrome studs on the brim spelling "SLUT", dancing wildly, at the Odyssey on West Hastings, in Vancouver

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it's weird that whoever set this bot up thinks Zig Forums hates russia like normalfags do

The Mueller probe recently crashing and burning has caused them to malfunction

owning nazi paraphernalia now makes you a batshit crazy alt righter according to the news

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you just remember that the only history you are allowed to remember is the holocaust, goy.

Just look at Canada's most wanted page, tons of murderers on the loose

Definitely alt right!

We must investigate the photos of nazi paraphernalia, it will help us solve this case

This was a huge redflag for me. Because as everyone knows, the hallmark of a good national socialist is killing healthy young white couples. Ridiculous.

Antique shops be racist! Shut them all down!!!!

Isn't there an alternative suspect, a spice monkey street shitter that's being buried in all this by the media? Seems like these two boys are dead and gone at his hands but taking the blame to conceal the true shitskin murderer. Kinda like that shitrag truck driver that massacred a whole bus full of hockey players.

Coulter's Law;
the longer that it takes the media to identify the shooter the less likely he is white and Christian.

Where are the from?

If you are talking about the two kids from Port Alberni, one just snapped and is on a suicide path the other kid got dragged along.

Already been charged
Yet they have no proof.
And have yet to be arrested.
Burgers take note of the value of US justice "innocent until proven guilty".
They charged them so they can "legally" kill them.

Yeah, these kids are from my home town. Kam was a good dude.

Impulse control issues look pretty weird sometimes.

Already a thread, cunt.

While the news was already stating these kids did it when there was only the ded couple, they (fox) showed a suspect drawing of a bearded Arab man but have since come up with a third victim who just so happens to have a beard. They were first calling the ded guy a professor but idk now.

You're joking, right?

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Where? I dont see it in the catalog.

No, I am saying from locals that Kam was "a good kid and would never do anything like this" well thee other dude is probably dragging him along. I havent read much on it.
Oh never mind.

What the fuck mix mutt shit is that

Sane, mentally healthy people generally don’t own nazi paraphernilia. Nazis are a particular kind of “strength” breakage. Hitler was “too strong” to break in jail, so he wrote unpleasant rantings about spooky racial enemies. That was totally strong on his part, and indicative of strong planning abilities. It didn’t betray even the faintest whiff of a weak or manipulable nature.

Nazi ideologies appeal to dumb animal humans. It appeals to people who think they can live innawoods, who also think that murdering animals or people demonstrates strength rather than feral weakness. All of this leads up to impulse issues that make such people really worthless, unpredictable, and prone to killing or dying.

A few years ago there was something in RPG works… It was like Genius the Very Lit (no, not really, haha) and one of the vivid scenes it described was a crazy person surrounded by the bloody revolting remains of a “science experiment”. This was described as something like a failure at becoming one of the mad scientists of the game.

Nazism is something like that. It’s very stressed people trying to break through into something like a blood-soaked rebirth, ala Cultist Simulator’s Grail ending. So of course they go haring off into the woods chasing god knows what.

This is all narrative construction; obviously I don’t know the facts of the case. We really ought to let the court handle it. Being inadequately civilized for courthouses is a nazi thing to do.

Psychological illnesses usually don't come to the surface until around 20 years old.

That's what I initially thought, to many inconsistencies made me want to start this thread

The Bryan kid wore a trench coat and had a Thors hammer necklace. He worked stock in Walmart.

It has nothing to do with Mueller. Trump is not pro-Russia. He is not neutral on Russia.

Typical jewish word selection. Dumb animals, dumb herds, dumb goy.

Is that even the same people? I'd only see this one before.

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*Are they

It's just the reality that pictures are bullshit. You can make anyone look bad by cramming a camera in their face with weird lighting. They look fairly normal tbh

All insults for those who live outside of the jewcity.

Looks like the photo came from a disposable/polaroid camera

I've only become more steadfast in regarding this ridiculous story and the associated crisis-acting as a psyop. Look at the details while imagining these people are even real let alone going through ACTUAL greif. All the details are dumb.

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Oh look, another "Boomer Christian" serving the Jews.

dumb. you need to learn pacing for a punchline to work.

you messin around dawg?

gamers rise up

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Hm, you aimed that at two different people. Nice.

Also, you’re suggesting a mental health funding gap, so… nice socialism, leftybro! *high five*

Early reportes mentioned a road crew, then were dropped. Look into the road maintenance companies. They often do the dirty work and haul the drugs/guns for cops/bikers (many RCMP are both).

lol. I rest my case

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Yea they are, you roidwhales are hilariously primitive robots, too hormonal to function in society, just sorta passively breaking apart until you can’t live in peace anymore, and then getting shot. I’d like to save you so you can be happier, but instead I’m replying to a guy who bumped the volleyball on my behalf.

This is the same bullshit where the fellow in Toronto was suddenly driving the Truck of Peace because he was an incel.

No one ever talked about the fact he was Armenian, and it happened on Armenian Genocide Rememberance Day.

Find out what these two were into. The father of the alphabits name looks like could be a biker. The entire province is lousy with freemasons, you pretty much have to be one to get anywhere.

In other words I’m a shilly shill who shills, hahaha! Violent people never fought their way to a society that could feed itself reliably, because racists are too dumb to pick vegetables. Space has always had to be created.

Port Alberni has been voted the worst town in all of Canada twice in two years. The town is run by crack heads and possible biker/car fanatic types. The kids dad said his parents divorced in 2005.

It's less pacing (tempo) and more harmony. Quality over qantity tbh.

Kill yourself kike.

/a nonspecified poster above me\

The media needs to know that dishonesty undermines the rational base of society, empowering ancient primitive ideas like racism.

What if they already know that? What if they’re already trying their best? Would the sort of people who saw the trust level fall be able to see it rise again? If you want to change the world, always be able to go towards trust again.

Racism (partisans) isn’t going towards trust, because racists (partisans) can ALWAYS see the hand of their enemy (partisans).

There do exist rational distrusts in this world, but sometimes it’s very important to look at next level trust traversals. How can you change the situation so that the rational basis of trust between two groups changes?


or "ai"

Fucking bots man, fuck off already.

the fact the jews are shilling this thread is eye opening

The mom isnt present, kids knew something about the biker gangs of Port Alberni.


Yeah. When people smile genuinely, they tend to squint. That hides his already squinty eyes to a certain extent, but look at the picture you posted more closely and you'll start to notice that his eyes are abnormally squinty, even for smiling.

It has nothing to do with looking good or bad. It's about phenotypical traits.

They're Jew hippies and the guy is shorter than the pictures make him look… In what universe do whites have eyes that look like his? I can forgive you for mistaking the woman for white, check their teeth but there's no excuse for mistaking the guy.

dude, you really, really suck with your verbal diarhea stinking up the whole board, thread after thread
stop believing that you "change the discourse of this board" as you bragged in other threads, once your style has been identified most Anons put you on ignore
you would gain reddit gold and the admiration of the masses elsewhere
and you should really educate yourself about what national socialism really is

Hitler sported both the soviet flag and the swastika so this is actually based


Yeah, its starting to look like the three are jewish so far.

Is this plot orchestrated by the same dimwits who tried setting up Italian nationalists with suspiciously kosher missiles, that just happened to be discovered with photos of prominent National Socialists from Germany?!

But user you've already lost?
The vote doesn't work and people are already enraged, now comes the honk honk day

Ss schmegelsky a Jewish name?

it's Russian. though jews often have Russian last names like they do with German ones

It's almost like a Columbine duo again. One with the obvious kike name, the other with a probably altered one.

I bet it stings being a dead board, doesn't leftynigger

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I know vice is shit, and that sentence needs a fucking editor, but that sounds like some libertarian who got triggered by the guy saying he wanted the government to stop those damn kikes.
Maybe he was Nazbol lmao.

Fuck, I thought the one on the right was antifa because his hipster stash.

Healthy or not the the lad was the son of a police inspector from Australia and he looks aside from his particularly annoying normie behavior to have some good Northern European blood. I’m sensing to some degree this was a targeted hit to inspire fear to something related in Australia. Can anyone dig into the inspectors town and see what’s happening their politics wise between the mainlanders and the diversity imports?

Good riddance. Death to all police and their families.

Kys this is a fuhrer worshipping board. Just because hes the favourite scapegoat of the “cut my sons dick off” post-modernists doesn’t mean every false flag is an American history X rerun. Once again Kys

Seems like something a foreign invader would say

Thank you. The son and nephew of RCMP detectives bragged to me that members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary that had murdered too many Catholics in Ulster were sent to cool off in Toronto or Vancouver where good paying jobs as policemen or firemen were waiting for them no questions asked courtesy of the Orange Lodge.


Best buddies father, spent time in Longkesh for killing 2 IRA men, went on to go from a PAINTER to the project manager on an oil rig in Asia. Hes part of masons, and the grandfather is a bigshot in the Edinburgh lodge. Yes, they will stick completely incompetent people into high level positions. Probably how the BP spill happened.

Top kek !

Yep and when they get in those positions they're incredibly abusive assholes too. You don't particularly want to be in the VFD. Newbs are called "pissers" because it's their job to swab out the urinals and act as gofers for all the other firefighters. "Hey pisser go to the store and get me some smokes and a coke". And so on. How long are you a pisser for? 6 months? Try 6 years or more, IF you're not Orange lodge material.

fucking larpers

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Bolshevism is what National Socialism exists to destroy and it is in fact a Jewish slave system based on the false idea of human equality, discards everything that actually makes up National Socialism, like say no unearned wages.

urban dictionary is also fucking gay

Yeah, that's not a surprise. If you've never been there you've got no idea what it's like, how shit it is, and why carrying a gun is your best investment. Ever been to the everglades? It's like that, except instead of it being marshes it's peat bogs, low-level vegetation, smatterings of high level trees and everything wants to eat you, especially in the summer. On top of all of that, it's in the late end of mating season for the various predators that live there, bears, wolves, cougars, lynx. Up there none of them are afraid of people and they will attack. These retards basically went into the asshole of nowhere and it won't surprise me if they're never found or only parts of them are. Happens every couple of years, not counting the suicidal ones.

I fucking hate bears, those cunts need to be thoroughly thinned out

Cry moar faggot go back to leftypol and snip yourself.


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This is some funny stuff you wrote today.
You should have tried this before the genie was out of the bottle. It might have worked.
The decision makers on your side should have told you that the gloves are off now. But, you know, compartmentalization.

And so the plot thickens…

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Keep killing jews and leftists. God bless anyone killing those parasites.


Ill post more jewish or not jewish what do you goys think

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And her fb

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There's reports he is actually a Communist.

The kid is a commie

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I've met wanted murders (in this case, injuns) before by accident in Tim Hortons. They travel in packs, all armed, and not particularly worried.

History is racist.

Zero year now! (This is an actual communist idea where all history is wiped and nobody knows a thing about the past and attempts to implement it in China and Vietnam and other commie shitholes have been done already)


Btw, it's very likely one of your own, you commie scum.

This is actually true. Construction workers in general are the most based, redpilled, and anarchic types who you can get weapons and anything else you could want from.