ICE raids fail; only 35 of 2000 arrested

ICE targeted thousands in raids, but so far has only arrested 35

Imaging my shawk! It's almost like it was designed to fail in the first place. Tired of winning yet?

I really wanted to bump the original hype thread to slam the MIGApedes on this board, but its off the catalog already: >>13492821

Just a reminder that Trump is all talk. He can't even do civic nationalism correctly.


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That’s 0.000117% of them.
That is how much they care about deporting illegals.

Mods are deleting your threads cause you spam them and hop between like 20 different IP addresses crying like a tranny with Trump Derangement Syndrome

oh lawd here we go again

Mods are retarded if they think they can just get rid of any threads that suggest that Trump isn't perfect. This is pathetic.

More bitching coming up. I wonder if he even has a job.

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Only spam I saw was ITT, and it was mostly faggots like you.

Trump vowed millions of immigration arrests in dramatic raids. ICE caught 18 family members.

>The real list had about 2,100 families on it, with the goal of deterring Central American migrants from trying to cross the southern border.

>The final tally from the operation, according to federal officials: 18 family members were arrested, not enough to fill a school bus. Immigration officials arrested another 17 undocumented immigrants they encountered in their searches, what are known as collateral arrests.

>ICE announced the data Tuesday morning,
So much for 'muh fake news!' narratives.

Wew lads

Don't be fooled by /ptg/ spam from 4chan, this zionist cuckold has failed and/or betrayed his base so hard, nobody with a shred of dignity could or would support him (outside of israel).

We get it OP. You have a VPN

Why are you even ITT if not to derail it because someone's pointing your boss is a failure?


Now sit Back and watch as literally the exact same IDs in this thread all start spamming the same shit again

See how one man with a VPN can get you to think everyone is the same guy on a VPN?
This is the only post I've made in this thread:

But you /ptg/ niggers are now so jumpy, you think anyone shitting on your ziodrone is me. Its glorious to show how you astroturfing VPN niggers know the score and yet employ it to your own ends, kek.

Zero miles of wall built.


Its annoying when you switch IPs like this OP. We all know it's you.

dont worry, its just 4d genius planning

ID's don't work that way shillfag. Nice try though.

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They know exactly what they are doing. That said, there's not much to talk about here: Trump is a huge cuckold and a liar and everyone knows it round these parts. It IS quite funny how it draws out the /ptg/ niggers though. They can't help themselves.

First day on the job?

We get it OP. Drumf bad

At least he's learning a bit, by not posting the direct links of CNN, MSNBC and LA Times in the first place after his first ones.

I will repost this thread every time it is deleted, until I am satisfied that most anons have read it. They are just bumping it to the top of the catalog every time they delete it; it would have already slid naturally if they'd just let the conversation commence regularly. ZOGbots aren't very bright.

See? He's still crying that I am OP, but thats the beauty of it: I'm not!
But he'll never be able to bring himself to admit that, because he's just here to shill and astroturf. I won't even bother replying to him anymore, let's see if he just sticks around and replies to every post I make.

Why not? Are those now 'fake news'? Excluding when they say something you like, of course, because that's what you /ptg/ niggers do. I've had you losers unironically cite CNN or WaPo articles at me then call my pointing you towards Breitberg or something 'fake news'. Its hilarious.
How about this one:

How about you just admit that you're shilling for zionism, eh kiddo?

It's just ridiculous that the mods would think to delete this. It's established fact. It would be telling if there wasn't a thread on this board about it. Fucking Orwellian bullshit won't fly.

Good. Mods are fucking up.


Certainly, since ID's definitely carry over from thread to thread. I retract my previous "nice try".

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Oh look. Yet another IP hop from OP

I'm talking about in this thread faggot

For the boomer MIGApedes:

>A total of 934 people were apprehended during ICE operations that started on May 13, 2019. Notably, only 35 of those people were arrested - although 2,000 were targeted - during Operation Border Resolve, which had been criticized by Democrats as a controversial raid before it began last week.
>The figures were first reported by The New York Times, and confirmed by Fox News.

They're deleting it because first they attack it with astroturn shilling and VPN kvetching, then they pout about VPNs being used and call everyone else shills, while actively spamming, and then delete the thread.
Its quite funny, really, once you stop caring about this place because you realize its totally compromised. They're getting more draconian again with the protection of trumpnigger shit, just like they did last time round.

Those sources have been using (((anonymous))) sources for their articles and have been known to flat out fake their shit. Even Fox is starting to go the way of fake news.

What's archiving? Let me guess, it's too difficult for some nigger to do so like in ?

that low caste indian street shitter was only entertaining for a very short time before he was just annoying.

whoa, chill out there, satan

The absolute state of MIGAtards.

Keep up the good work OP.

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>Those sources have been using (((anonymous))) sources for their articles
Which articles? What the fuck are you talking about nigger?
Like half the news media employs (((anonymous))) sources, yet you don't call them all fake news, and you don't call them fake news when they're saying something you like.

Just admit it: All news is fake news when it says something about your zionist boss which you don't like the sounds of.

What's the relevance of your commentary? Are you upset I didn't archive something? What, specifically, and I'll go ahead and archive it for you, since apparently you don't know how?

(((Fox News)))

Too bad this time around the evidence of three years in office is against them. You'd have to be extremely stupid or a blatant shill to deny what he's done at this point.

This thread? Oh, so now I'm OP. Kek. Try again mamzer.

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Now what's really going to blow these /ptg/ niggers minds is, those images?
That IS me.

Good. Fuck you nigger mods.

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Hi OP.

OP here. Best post in every thread gets included in the re-post from now on. Let the effortposting commence.

His open and blatant worship of Jews could not be forgiven but could have been overlooked if he had been on point about everything else. It's not like there's anyone above a certain threshold of power who doesn't suck kosher cock anyway, and it will take a revolution or total collapse to change that.

But then he came out as a gun grabber, he spends months and hundreds of millions in taxes to deport 10 when 100 jump the boarder every day, and the wall is now partial steel fence that we still might not get.

Trump is fucking garbage. Jeb or Hillary would have unironically been better, at least then no one would have been able to pretend this was all part of some fucking patriot chess plot. Better to be ruled by an open enemy than a lying traitor.

It's going to take a Robert Mugabe president to get the hot civil war we need. The faster that happens, the more white men will be left to fight in that war, and the better our odds of winning it become. Politicians like Trump are poison. There is no greater threat to our long-term racial survival than civic nationalist snake oil peddlers who sell complacency and comfort to the masses.

The mass deletions of these threads is plebbit tier.

Thing is, he didn't. Its like they don't realize that because one person is IP-hopping to fuck with them, that doesn't mean everyone who agrees with that person is IP-hopping.
I am the one who has them all triggered about IP-hopping (despite their rampant VPN abuse in shilling astroturf), but I am not the OP.

That's really going to fuck with them.

Sure OP. We belive you

And there you have it, slightest insults prompts him to screech like a little bitch. Good boy.

Then please do so. He had the opportunity to do in his, I don't know, 5 threads already to do so as an information source?

lel grandma Epstein you're a hoot!

Do so what?


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^^Confirmed OP like the rest. They're not sending their best

If I was OP then I would have achieved instead of direct linking like OP's newfag ass.

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This was reported in every major news outlet, regardless of political bent. If you can find a rag with reports otherwise, by all means post it. Otherwise you're just obfuscating (which we all know you are).

OP is clearly someone else. They've been remaking the thread all day while mods have been derailing, spamming, and banning.

Its gets even worse.

From what I heard recently, the Trump admin blew something like $30,000,000 on … Get this… Maintaining tranny illegals in special holding facilities. Or rather, ONE special holding facility (amongst several). It was housing like less than 100 people.

Will see if I can find the story.

I don't see the point of archiving when I've included the snippets as greentext. But next repost will have archived sources from every major outlet, if only to shut the ZOGbots up.

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Archiving is for preservation against later editing by (((news outlets))) as well as denying them click shekels. You better start archiving if you want to create threads faggot.





















i just like spammingthis is the only way to do so without being banned:^)

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No, I'm not. You asked me to archive something, but what, specifically? Again, I'm not OP, so what the fuck do you want me to archive, exactly?

This is true.


Trump would never tell one of our greatest allies that they need to go back.
We need to destroy anti-semites like you, so sayeth Trump.

Trump needs competition for construction jobs. Sure most will go to prison, but that's not Trump's problem as his tax returns would show.

This meme makes zero fucking sense.

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that image is so ironic it's funny.

Old effort post:

The Trump Brand Delusion

Some believe that if President Trump fails to deliver on his immigration campaign promises that white Americans will finally be pushed to their limit and they’ll finally hold their government accountable as the destructive, parasitic entity it’s become, but that’s not going to happen. The average, white, Republican Trump supporter will do whatever they can to back Trump because Trump is their new identity. They didn’t back Trump because he would do something about immigration, they backed him because he told them it was okay to feel how they felt about immigration. He told them they weren’t racists like the left said they were. He made them feel like winners. They're cut from the same cloth as the Obama worshipers. Don't believe me? Take a look at who these average, white, Republicans continuously send to congress. If you believe these people are going to rise up and hold their government accountable then you’re in for some serious disappointment. Year after year and time after time these voters are sold the same lies while being driven down the same political highway of progress and year after year they send them same people to represent them, but this election Trump took these average, white, Republican voters off the political highway they’ve been on for decades, drove on some back roads for a change of scenery, told them some nice stories, made them laugh, took him to his store where they could buy some souvenir hats, and then he jumped back on the same highway, and they didn’t even blink. Nothing. They just sat there in their new hats ready to defend their new identity as Trumpublicans. If you don’t think this is a plausible assessment of our situation then, if you voted for Trump, try offering valid criticism of the President to one of these average, white, Republican voters. Send it out over twitter real quick. I’ll wait.

These average, white, Republicans couldn’t get out of their own way to save their life. Look at how much pandering to the idea of Israel was needed to get average, white, Republicans to vote to save their country from being turned into Mexico 2.0. If there was a story to be had about a foreign government influencing American elections it’d be the undue influence and pressure Israel has on American politics and politicians, but it will be a cold day in Hell before anyone on the left or the right takes a crack at that. I'm to the point where I don't care what happens next. Whites Americans get exactly what they deserve from their own actions or lack thereof. Middle America is its own worst enemy.

You're going to see a revival of the moderate left again because of the people Trump had to woo in order to win. I'm not talking about the big money. I'm talking about the neocon America-First-but-Israel-firsters, the Evangelicals, and other assorted nobodies who talk about "our values", "the Christian refugees", and "our exceptional minorities". Their desire to be morally superior is going to push swing voters left yet again or turn them off from voting all together. Self-righteousness doesn’t sell to swing voters. They have their own agenda that doesn’t revolve around the tug-of-war between the left and the right over who is morally superior. It’s that same desire to be morally superior, to win, to be righteous that will never allow these average, white, Republicans to ever criticize President Trump. What one must understand is that the right, the average right, doesn’t hate victim politics. They don’t hate the strategy of the left. The love it. They want to be the victims because the left made it look to be the morally superior position. These average, white Republicans long to be the victim so they can claim the morally superior and righteous position that they believe they rightfully deserve as Christians. Why do you think they wail on about Christian persecution?

The government is persecuting Christians…
They took prayer out of school…
The poor Syrian Christians…
Obama isn’t letting in Christian refugees…

Not only do they want to be the victim, but it’s an imperative for these average, white, Republican voters to show the country and the world that it’s the Democrats who are the real racists. One can observer this behavior in the social media activity of an average, white, Republican voter. How they’re always attempting to trot out some black or Hispanic who tells them exactly what they want to hear; how quickly they’ll like, share, favorite, and subscribe to the black, homo, Christian in a Trump hat who says it is okay to not bake him a cake for his wedding. These are weak people. These are sheep. This is where President Trump will fail. He’s surrounded himself with supporters who were the butt of every joke for decades, and now instead of strengthening them he’s giving them what they want. He’s giving them that feeling of oppression. He’s allowing them to feel like they’re the victim, and he has a reason for this.

What the left failed to understand, and what you must understand, and must understand to your core if you don’t already, is that Donald Trump isn't stupid. Some like to say that when he does something they believe is out of character he’s actually making a chess move. That he’s playing chess, moving pieces around, has become the go to excuse for when the President fails to deliver on a campaign promise. Well he is playing chess in a way, but what is the goal of the game? Supporters are left to assume that each move President Trump makes is a move to get them everything he promised, but let’s look at his recent behavior and see if that’s the case. President Trump promised to repeal and replace Obamacare within the first 100 days. What happened? Congress failed right? Paul Ryan failed? President Trump shifted the blame onto Ryan for failing to repeal Obamacare. Remember this was a promise from President Trump to the American people and not from Paul Ryan or congress. Trump didn’t come into office with a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. He came into office with a plan to let someone else take the lead on fulfilling his promise. Doing this served two purposes: To reduce his risk if he couldn’t deliver on his promise, and to look like he was reaching out to work with those who he may not see eye-to-eye. When the promise to repeal and replace failed who took the blame? It certainly wasn’t President Trump. If congress successfully repealed and replaced Obamacare who do you think would have receive most of the applause? Mull that over for a minute before continuing.

This isn’t the first time the President has pulled a stunt like this and it won’t be the last. Whenever something Trump promised falls through he's going to push the blame onto someone else. Whether or not Trump could have delivered on Obamacare so quickly is irrelevant. It was a massive risk, but he removed the majority of his risk by passing the buck to congress. Another example is his Muslim ban where he would halt, if only temporarily, Muslims from entering the US until the vetting and terrorist problem was figured out. What happened? The first travel ban was blocked. Some speculated that he used the Obama list of countries in order to make the left look foolish. How about the second travel ban? Blocked again. Have you heard anything else about it? I’m still waiting. A few tweets complaining about judges and that was the end of it. See, he tried, but what are you going to do right? Not his fault. It’s those damned activist judges suppressing the will of the people. Oh well.

Realize that President Trump doesn't care about the outcome of the travel ban. He only cares how he looks at the end of the day. The chess game being played is public perception of Trump the man and Trump the brand, and the pieces being moved are White House propaganda and twitter spin. Trump is 100% about his brand. His earliest supporters bought the promises, but he sold the average, white, American voter the Trump brand. The Trump brand is success. Pay attention, the Trump brand is success, but that does not mean Trump or his brand leads to success. He sold the average, white, American voter the perception of success, and they wrapped themselves with the Trump brand. That’s why those of us who voted for him to fulfill his promises readily criticize him when he fails to deliver, and his those who bought the brand are his most strident and vitriolic, and sometimes delusional, defenders because if the Trump brand fails then they too look like failures. What it all means is Trump's end goal is always to appear successful regardless of what the actual outcome may be because Trump’s presidency will be about ensuring the success of the Trump brand and not the promises he made as a man. As long as he can shift the blame and make someone else responsible for his failures then the brand remains untarnished. If you have difficultly believing this I ask you to look at his businesses. Trump sells his image and his name. You buy Trump steaks. You live, stay, rent, work out of a Trump building. You visit a Trump golf course. What makes these steaks, buildings, and golf courses different from the rest? The name. The brand.

Realize that President Trump has no ideology other than to win or appear to win in any given situation. He wanted to be president, so he did what he had to and made whatever promises he needed to in order to achieve that goal. Now that the goal is reached he's going to do whatever he has to do in order to preserve his brand and that kind of selfish betrayal is going to kill the right more than the left ever could. If the wall fails Trump will walk away unscathed because the people he rallied bought into the brand not the outcome. He’s already set the stage to push the blame on congress again, and if he gets the funding then he’ll be ready to take all of the credit. It’s a win/win Donald Trump the brand. The only thing currently biting him in the rear is his failure to end DACA. That only requires a stroke of the pen. No judges or congress to blame. That’s why Sean Spicer has had such a difficult explaining this failure to deliver away, but notice the angle—we’ll deal with them “with heart”. He’s appealing to the desire of his average, white, Republican custo…voters to be more morally superior and righteous than the left. Will the propaganda take hold? I don’t know, but if it does you won’t see an end to DACA, and if you are like me and voted for Trump because of his stance on immigration then good luck to you if you decide to criticize the President you voted for.

The next time President Trump fails to deliver on a promise ask yourself: Did I vote for what Donald Trump promised to accomplish or did I buy the brand?

The truth of this situation is that Trump fights for no one except himself and his own image, but he signed up for the job saying he’d fight for us. If he wants to preserve that image then tied it to his promises to ensure he delivers. As of now the President has no reason to fulfill any campaign promise after making a halfhearted attempt because the majority of his brand loyalists don’t care. They just want to feel like they’re morally superior. They just want to feel like they’re victims of the left. They just want to feel like they’re winning.

Do you feel like you’re winning?


They should be paying us like Europe pays us, not the other way around.

Unless Rothschilds is the King of NATO. Then it makes sense for the US to pay Israel taxes and call it aid to prevent a goy rebellion.

It just makes me sad.







never get banned ever againwelcome to trum/pol/ – like r/t_D but edgyrawrlawl

4chan as fuck

Let’s just sterilize everyone and switch to artificial wombs. People will then have only the children they can afford (to purchase), and immigrants will not seek to come here to have families.

so… i'm doing a good job of fitting in? or do you mean this is 8/pol/ so i should probably tone it down a little since we have so many reddit cross-posters?


The Horrors of ICE’s ‘Trans Pod’
(This title is accurate, but not for the reason the author thought)


>Shortly thereafter, ICE offered a contract of $30 million a year to the same facility.


I mean you should either go back to 4chan or be less jewish, nigger.


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gb2cuckchan became irrelevant years ago, newfag. you literally have vols here who ban you for not sucking the dick of the very administration who is paying to have bots and agents provacateurs spam the board to death. this place doesn't exist anymore. if you want to talk to real people, if retarded, go to 4gag. if you want to shitpost with a vpn, then this is you place

so, drink up. shitposting is much funnier whilst inebriated

Try again.

It's kampfy.

35? What did ICE do, go to a retard center and pick up the 35 most dark skinned anorexics?

A thread died for this.

Even less competent than that. They only picked up 18 targeted individuals; the other 17 were "collateral arrests".



its as old as time and used by actual faggots.

This thread is simply a continuity of the MIGApede thread which touted this ICE raid operation as a major happening. >>13492821

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Fucking tilt your empty head. Don't worry, your brain won't fall out, because you don't have one.

Why six posts of butthurt? Why not just fuck off to r/the_donald?

What does XD stand for?

In any other business, a failure this bad would lead to lawsuits, firings, etc. Why does the government get a free pass?

Use this: ICE is an esoteric metaphor for deportations of BURNING suspicion from our minds.

XD (squinted eyes from laughing so hard)

Ecks dee must be some kind of reddit insult.

Why not Zig Forums

Either way works, just don't come back here. Zionists aren't welcome.

how is babby formed?


Sounds like you should leave, then.

Trump isn't welcome on his own cheerleading forum?