>Imagine just letting people setup underground industrial waste poison pumping centers for your water supply

>Imagine just letting people setup underground industrial waste poison pumping centers for your water supply.

I sometimes think the 80/20 rule is the only golden rule in the universe. In this case, there will always be 80% of the population simply born cuckolds, and deserving of their slavery. I cannot abide in anyone who just doesnt care about this shit. They are fucking pumping industrial waste from china into the drinking water for profit, and whatever else boomer occult shit they are into. Children and babies consume this garbage.

Why the fuck is getting this FUCKING SHIT out of the water not priority #1? What fucking world are we living in?

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Lmao go cry about muh 80/20 meme some more your virgin nigger

im sick of this fucking shit fucking bot or retard posting. sure, it may be ironic, sure it may be contrarian for the sake of contrarianism and (You)s, but this is a rather fucking serious topic here. And you joke around, like a bitch.

They can't push shit into our water if the power is cut off.

please go push illegal ideas elsewhere


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sounds like someone hasn't been to infowars.com

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Imagine letting unregulated LEGAL body harvesting operations operate in the united fucking states.

Portland has 0% fluoride.
They seem worse tbh.

sounds like someone has no capacity for sovereign thoughts, and being able to discern what is a legitimate concern from your own research, and not just looking at what jewish shill guy says and dismissing it off the bat.

Yeah they don't put fluoride in my water supply and my government is terrible

A million.

Say it.

Understand it.

Wrap your head around it.

A million.

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I botched it it, but the point still stands. debate me.

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ah, I see you posted useful information. I doubt anyone will even read it. All so tiresome.

OP is a faggot cuckchanner who needs to go back. That being said, the flouride thing really is a big problem and it really is poisonous industrial waste that is put in our water primarily as a means of disposal. That it is known to make people more docile when ingested is just a bonus.

Everyone here should know this by now, and should have known for years. This is beyond old news and has been discussed to death and this is why you are supposed to lurk for two years before posting, you filthy cocksucker of an OP. Rules don't apply to you; you're not like those 'other' girls.

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Im pretty blackpilled right now myself, sort of wondering why I even bother but trying to keep my defeatist thoughts to myself.

Well good day to you too ya fuck.
^ this

fed posting

Yea I heard that it would be a terrible thing if someone placed easily produced thermite on railroad tracks, there being however many thousands of miles of them unguarded

Im 100% blackpilled mainly because of pic related.

But sometimes, just sometimes I get the urge to fucking talk about things. Im sure its a waste of time though.

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Also, the original doesnt say "altright idiots" but I cant find the original, just replace alright idiots with "You"

Well, let me give you a couple gifts then

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almost none of oregon has fluoride in the water and they're just as retarded as everyone else, perhaps worse

sage for retardation


Sorry I do not open pdfs. But I appreciate that.

based retard

There are rules for a reason, and by ignoring them you are single-handedly bringing down the quality of our board. You are the cancer that is killing this place, and you have the nerve to fancy yourself among the top 20% of people. You are shit.

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Keep posting, I've known and studied fluoride for almost a decade and still learned a new tidbit from your image.
Its nice even with knowledge to be reminded that our own government is poisoning the water well.

t. newfag telling me the rules

fuckface, i was posting dialsoap and telling your fucking grandpa to clean the internet up eons ago while i watched stickdeath.

fucking newfags, you truly never learn do you?

Thats fine, you can find the book elsewhere by googling it. Its ecodefense, and its about economic sabotage.

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Im not interested in committing crimes. This thread is merely to talk about the poison in the water,

I guess thats why the lemmings meme blackpills you instead of filling you with hope for potential.

Interesting picture, wasted on a newfag post.

Direct Action is a must, but this is too blackpilled about "the lemmings" and the "control" over them exerted by "the system." its not quite so hierarchical and all-powerful. there are always paths of resistance, and you can often get lemmings to do things that are super-destructive to "the system" without them even knowing it

One of sin. You're already a slave and will die when ripe so your children or lack thereof can replace you the same. You will take it and do nothing because you're a fear ridden incompetent source of perpeutual dellusion to your kin. You whine and complain for the answers to the imposed questions you've taken for granted. You will die an eternally incarnated slave as you always have goy. Chew your cud and quiet down, you're disturbing the other cattle.

Bullshit are you an oldfag. Liar. I am calling you out, faggot. No oldfag posts like such a reddit faggot. Oldfags follow the rules because we made the rules and we believe in them. You post like a high schooler. You probably don't even remember 911, and at this point I suspect that you are a nigger.

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I disavow this post and do not condone it.
You just went full neckbeard fedora tipper over something that captain obvious would spout. no shit we are all slaves, no shit retard.

Amerisharts literally get their water FLUORIDED and do nothing. Why do you have guns? Are they just playtoys to you? Or highly advanced killing tools?


And here you sit, wishing the it you made was otherwise. That's the beauty, hammer time.

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Niggers you dipshit



And what do yo have niggers for?

On one hand those niggers must die
On the other hand those girls are Chavs that is Council House Averages and if you've ever been around Council Houses you know those daughters of single drunken mothers are getting gang banged by the gangs of Council house rats by the time they're 11 or 12 years old. Each gang takes the name of it's Council House park. Gang bangs of 30 or so guys fuckign one 12 year old are not at all unusual. That's without any niggers or rug riders around at all.

Some of these 1 MILLION girls were as young as 6-8 years old. Gasoline was poured over them and a lighter held next to their heads, their tongues were nailed to tables, they were threatened with the death of their family members if they didn't let the racially foreign subhumans rape them dozens, sometimes hundreds of times. One father was arrested when he tried to save his abducted daughter after the police did nothing.
Blow your fucking brains out for relativizing these despicable crimes with your apologetic bullshit rhetoric.

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Be sure to swallow every drop, public utility cuck.

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Reverse osmosis to your mainline and fluoride free toothpaste, frens

Also drink only mineral water in glass bottles

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Also we used sodium fluoride to kill astrocytes in undergrad

I mean, what else am I supposed to do right now? I'm not trying to lone wolf it. At the least its well within my means and why would I continue exposure if I can avoid it

Appreciate the PIC info.

To add further, distillation with an activated charcoal stage at the end if the best way to filter the poison from your local tap™ you will be aghast at the shit left in the tank once the process is done. Just make sure to add some good salt, magnesium potassium etc into the final product so you dont fuck with electrolyte balance.

Also look at Boron for its ability to chelate flouride from your body, can also be used in baths as it binds to the fluoride and renders it inert. Borax is a boron salt that is the cheapest and most effective way to get it, just make sure its not fucked with in anyway ie with scents and shit as it is commonly used in the laundry.

thread is for the discussion of fluoride in tap water, your actions are yours alone and Im not here to discuss that.

Excuse me for a moment. I will go to my town hall and politely ask them to stop putting fluoride in the water. I'll let you know how it goes.

i never said that. i just pointed out your useless fortification against people poisoning you with impunity.

Hol' up hol' up!
*inhales dmt and blows the smoke in your face.
Yeah, I'm like totally woke an sheit my nigger.

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The post I'm replying to implies a lot otherwise

No one wants to join their gay honeypots anymore so now they're reduced to trolling for autistic wanna-be lone wolves

this is a post.

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Why don't you clarify what you mean instead of being obtuse?
Like what does this imply other than DOING SOMETHING?

We're all sick of it but for whatever reason mods don't do shit.
It's probably a problem/solution ploy to take over shit or some other kikery afoot.

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Can you give some more evidence besides a fucking infographic that was made with what looks like fucking Microsoft paint.

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I could but I wont, if you gave a shit about things, you would seek out the information to become informed by all means necessary.





saged for unimaginable faggotry

Mods are faggots

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It can only be stopped by killing all jews and all leftists.


I've lived in countries with unflouridated water and the people there are just as, if not more docile.
I'm sure there's actually a nefarious reason the government is putting it in the water, but it's not to make people docile or easily controlled.

My theory is that it fucks with your immune system somehow and is being used to make you more susceptible to all the cancerous shit they have in the food. You can make people docile with porno and shiny objects, which is a lot cheaper than pumping shit into the water.

also i think it has something to do with making people more attuned to radiation / radio signals, EMF/ELF waves or whatever. when I lived in country that didn't have flouride in the water my apartment was right under a cell tower and I never felt a thing whereas in the US I would get weird and paranoid + generally malaise whenever I was in close range to one for an extended period. that's just a random unfounded theory though

brown people are naturally slow

as for your theory on it affecting the immune system, great thanks for sharing.

bottom line it doesnt matter to me, even if it gave you special super powers, why would you want shit added to you water that you never agreed on? cuck mentality.

also your EMF theory just makes the fluoride topic appear ridiculous, but carry on



"Does Fluoride Affect Serum Testosterone and Androgen Binding Protein with Age-Specificity? A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study in Chinese Male Farmers."


"Effect of duration of fluoride exposure on the reproductive system in male rabbits"


EMR will fuck you up, though.



Has anyone looked into soy studies? There's something shady going on…

"Clinical studies show no effects of soy protein or isoflavones on reproductive hormones in men: results of a meta-analysis."


"Hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction associated with soy product consumption."


"Soy and Health Update: Evaluation of the Clinical and Epidemiologic Literature"


Because essentially any food can lead to smaller nads, according to (((Mark Messina))).



For some reason, the meta-analysis didn't include this study:

"Clinical and biological activity of soy protein powder supplementation in healthy male volunteers."


go back to cuckchan you niggers

you must be over 18 to post in this thread.

– > door

they dump it in into US orange juice too, you never noticed how fucking chalky the shit is compared to fresh squeezed?

Germany has AAA level drinking water. US has fluoridated zombifying death juice coming out of the tap.

And yet there's tons of redpilled AF burgers, and political discourse in the US is socially acceptable within an opinion-margin of 4N. Meanwhile redpilled germans are one in a million, and political discourse is socially acceptable within an opinion-margin of 0.5N

Somebody please explain.

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Poisoning the well.

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I live in an area that ended fluoridation well over a decade ago.

Being white is an illegal idea.

You realize the prisons are completely full and they can't even find places for people that have murdered and committed arson and other such things in some places? Like they turn you away or only house you a short while. Depending on your area, there's usually a minimum on how much value worth of stuff you have to steal before police even bother to investigate, and there's usually conditions like the place has to be broken into if they just walk in and steal they won't bother to investigate.


Man just you wait until the Tor onion is back, you going to see some shit, faggot.

This whole thread is unneccessary to read just do this:

1. Find out if water is fluoridated in your area (or any nearby cities/areas).
2. Find out where it's done.
3. Stage protests if you're a cowardly faggot and that's all you can do.
4. Sabotage the fluoridation plants if you have balls.

If you can do neither 3 or 4, apply to your local human trafficker to be a slave, because that's all you're good for you.

Compare unfluoridated parts of the US to fluoridated parts.

Also genetics is still stronger than environment. A certain kind of European populated America in the early days and a certain other kind of European stayed behind.

Yea Pruit at the EPA has been un banning some hardcore pesticides.
The CEO of Dow gives trump victory deal a million dollars and a year or two later the EPA starts un banning dangerous pesticides.

Just yesterday they un banned a pesticide that gives kids brain damage and much more. They use it on fruit. Dumbing down America

You realize of course that your comparison means nothing since Germany has been subjected to scientific brainwashing experiments since 1945 by the Allied nations which was expanded to the rest of Europe to the point where Sweden might as well be renamed Nordi Arabia. If you want a good comparison find a group of unmixed Germans that live outside the internationalist non-nation state known as the "germany" and use them in your comparisons.

They are saving room for whites, you bag of potatoes.


Maybe it has to do with the extremely oppressive US installed post war government

This nigger's spam was left to fester.


mods are pozzed bro
bump for visibility of pozzment

Lol, OP equates cuckoldry to dlavery. That’s completely retarded, and I’ll tell you why:
Men who don’t fear cheating are rarely cheated on.

The cuckold meme is being spread to destroy the relationships of hateslaves.

You people submit yourselves to hatred with no concern for the truth. You are perfect, flawless slaves. You break into tardrages at people more honest than yourselves.

That’s why the cuckold meme can be used to destroy your relationships.

There's an activist called Deborah Tavares who redpilled me on this shit, our supply of water is infinite. This whole "water war" meme is bullshit, pure drinkable water origins from the mantle. This is why Volcanoes release water vapor into the atmosphere. Isn't this crazy? This is where pure water from springs and oasis comes from.

All one has to do is to drill a hole around 200+ meters down and you can find all the water your family needs!

Glowing so bright.