And then one day, for no reason at all

…. people voted for Adolf Hitler.

44 minute documentary called "Sin City" looks at Berlin during the Weimar Republic and unironically details the degeneracy in that city with a longing and pining that made me sick to my stomach. All the way through while watching this I just felt so bad for those poor Germans and the hell-hole they were forced to live in. But it's OK, the video has a happy ending - this based Alpha legend comes in and cleans up the whole town and restores their dignity. (Hint: it's Hitler)

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woah, powerful and brave

tfw no pregnant general's daughter gangbang whore

While I'm sure the jews are burrowed deep into any dunghill heaped with filth like blinking impudent rats, I'm not always sure that the elite German aristocracy wasn't stage managing the entire 20th century nightmare like some deranged psychodrama.

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Remember, Lenin travelled from Zurich to Russia to seize control of the revolution in a sealed train car that didn't have to stop for inspection at frontiers. Who permitted this? At the very least (according to Solzinitsen) Crown Prince Von Falkenhayn. Stage managed history.

The documentary covers the fact that Germany lost a war (much like we'velost in Iraq and Afghanistan) before the following happens:

any of this shit sounding familiar?

Hitler turned it around with 200 people. A city of 4 million and he won it over with just 200 hardcore supporters. That's all it took, everyone else jumped on board.

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History may never reveal what spurred people to vote for a man spewing such vitriolic love for his own race.

If it weren’t for the fact you mentioned that was about Germany pre Hitler, you could easily pass that as a rant about today.

Find a new meme to force tbh.

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What a stupid image. Should we just lay down and bare our throats in hopes that we might be spared extinction because fighting back is too hard? You might stub a toe on your way out your door and that is just too great a risk to take, better to just sit back, turn on the TV and accept genocide. At least then nobody can call you a larper as much sense as that makes applied to the Third Reich itself or any other mean words like rayciss.

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And Hitler managed to turn it around with less men than the Spartans had at Thermopylae. Guys that were willing to rough up anyone who stood up against them. They called Hitler a caveman.

But he reminded the people of their strength and what they stood for and they loved him for it.

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If history repeats itself then the years are perfect right now

Look at the state of Germany in 1919 over ww1 and say, Britain in 2019 and Brexit sabotage.

If history is any indicator we’ll see someone in Europe rise like Hitler within the next few years

Could it be one of us….. ? Hitler was jailed at one point by the powers that be, until he became the powers. We need someone willing to go to jail for their belief in their country and their people. The conditions are perfect.

You could’ve already met him, or you might personally have a life changing moment that makes you realise your purpose, it could be anybody, but I do believe that the next One is out there, alive right now as we speak.

The years and political climate are lined up perfectly for a massive shitstorm, just like 100 years ago. And this time the right side will win.

Whoever he is chances are good that one of your shitposts has made him laugh or inspired him at some point. Think about that when life gets you down.

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I’ve always thought that if some of us go political but fail, maybe that could be the spark that inspires someone more capable to rise up. At least, in my failure, to inspire someone who can succeed where I didn’t, would be good enough for me. I could go to sleep with a smile.

Ballpoint pens were invented in the 19th century, dumbfuck. Hitler himself wrote with one often. Is this some kind of joke?

A huge amount of that is the silent majority. Most people know that degeneracy of this nature is horrible and wrong, but they are afraid to speak out against it because they will be attacked by the same authorities who are supposed to be upholding the law and society. If just a few hundred /fit/ fags get together and start taking out the trash the majority of society who feel the same way will jump on it, and it then becomes extremely difficult for those same (((authorities))) to shut it down. That's also part of why shit like occupy wall street and yellow bests in France ultimately went nowhere, there was no Fuhrer to seize hold of the movement and take it to the next level, so they just fizzled.

Lie and lie.

Hitler has been a popular politician before he was elected.

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Not one, but many.

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Otto frank wrote that diary, you absolute nigger.

You already posted this
Fuck they are not sending their best.

You must not rely on any single "One" because it's like a single point of failure when he's assassinated. Everyone must work as a collective without any single leader that can be assassinated.

Assassinations didn’t stop Hitler.

what we need to do is signal that we're willing to recognize anyone who signals that they're willing to recognize anyone who recognizes Jesus as Lord. Reject the false gospel of works salvation and any other strange and diverse doctrines, that's how we promote virtue without having destructive virtue signaling. We also get to have churches, and kick people out of them for sexual immorality.

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SA pls go

Youtube wont let me download it. Do you have a mirror anywhere else?

What does that have to do with my question? The implication made is that the diary is fake not because of Jewish lies, but because of a fucking pen. I know it's fake. Now answer me in good faith, are you ignorant enough to deny the invention of a writing utensil that existed for decades beforehand as some kind of 'proof'? All that does is make us look like retards who don't do our research.


You're starting dipshit arguments to derail the thread based on the content of the tangentially related picture I posted and not what I actually wrote in my post. And you talk about "good faith". Nigger please. Fuck off with this amateur hour bullshit.

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Germans had it coming.



>Now, that brings us to another very interesting point. When the Germans realized this, they naturally resented it. Up to that time, the Jews had never been better off in any country in the world than they had been in Germany.

>You had Mr. Rathenau there, who was maybe 100 times as important in industry and finance as is Bernard Baruch in this country. You had Mr. Balin, who owned the two big steamship lines, the North German Lloyd's and the Hamburg-American Lines. You had Mr. Bleichroder, who was the banker for the Hohenzollern family. You had the Warburgs in Hamburg, who were the big merchant bankers – the biggest in the world. The Jews were doing very well in Germany. No question about that. Now, the Germans felt: “Well, that was quite a sellout.”

>Well, that's how the Germans felt towards these Jews. "We've been so nice to them"; and from 1905 on, when the first Communist revolution in Russia failed, and the Jews had to scramble out of Russia, they all went to Germany. And Germany gave them refuge. And they were treated very nicely. And here they sold Germany down the river for no reason at all other than they wanted Palestine as a so-called “Jewish commonwealth.”

>Now, Nahum Sokolow – all the great leaders, the big names that you read about in connection with Zionism today – they, in 1919, 1920, '21, '22, and '23, they wrote in all their papers – and the press was filled with their statements – that "the feeling against the Jews in Germany is due to the fact that they realized that this great defeat was brought about by our intercession and bringing the United States into the war against them."

>The Jews themselves admitted that. It wasn't that the Germans in 1919 discovered that a glass of Jewish blood tasted better than Coca-Cola or Muenschner Beer. There was no religious feeling. There was no sentiment against those people merely on account of their religious belief. It was all political. It was economic. It was anything but religious. '

There's that Supreme Court again. I wonder how much longer America would have lasted without that fuckup branch. I hope Chinese historians don't let the current corruption of the legislative and executive branches to overshadow the damage that shithole branch has done.

>Nobody cared in Germany whether a Jew went home and pulled down the shades and said “Shema' Yisrael” or “Our Father.” No one cared in Germany any more than they do in the United States. Now this feeling that developed later in Germany was due to one thing: that the Germans held the Jews responsible for their crushing defeat, for no reason at all, because World War One was started against Germany for no reason for which they [Germans] were responsible. They were guilty of nothing. Only of being successful. They built up a big navy. They built up world trade.

>When Germany realized that the Jews were responsible for her defeat, they naturally resented it. But not a hair on the head of any Jew was harmed. Not a single hair. Professor Tansill, of Georgetown University, who had access to all the secret papers of the State Department, wrote in his book, and quoted from a State Department document written by Hugo Schoenfelt, a Jew who Cordell Hull sent to Europe in 1933 to investigate the so-called camps of political prisoners. And he wrote back that he found them in very fine condition.

>They were in excellent shape; everybody treated well. And they were filled with Communists. Well, a lot of them were Jews, because the Jews happened to be maybe 98 per cent of the Communists in Europe at that time. And there were some priests there, and ministers, and labor leaders, Masons, and others who had international affiliations.

>Now, the Jews sort of tried to keep the lid on this fact. They didn't want the world to really understand that they had sold out Germany, and that the Germans resented that.

Germans did the worst possible sin Jesus warned against, treating jews well aka aiding the synagogue of Satan. Same as the Poles, the French, the Muslims, countless others including the soon to be Americans (as if jews do not backstab them already everyday, how many more times will the jews sell US secrets to China and Russia?) who were "backstabbed" by the Satan's children (jews), it was simply a punishment from God for daring to aid fucking jews. Meanwhile God blessed the Spanish Empire to rule the world immediately after they murderised their muslim and jewish filth from their lands and only lost it the moment they began to entertain the idea either of these heretical cultists could be considered worthy or saved in the eyes of the Lord. If you had listened to Jesus' warnings or even Martin Luther's final sermon warning about the jews, nobody would be in this fucking mess. Never give aid or kindness or anything resembling good to evil/jews. God will destroy you.

Can you list source please? I’ll need it to convince a friend of mine

Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you. on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet

His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.


Arthur James Balfour

But here are with European nations gathering forces to fight Iran for uh Israel's security from rock throwing children in Palestine. Not for Rothschild though.

Kill yourself.

This turns my stomach, what an eye opener. Hitler did his very best to rid Europe of this evil and look how he is remembered today. Truly the wrong people won world war 2.

alright boys let's get 200 of us together


download button on

The method that worked last time should work again. Hitler didn't try to work within or change established political parties - he knew they were corrupt and had lost the faith of the people.
But the people had no other option
What he did was to provide them with that new option. The formula is simple:
1. Develop a policy platform.
2. Develop a symbol that stands for this new policy. People react to symbols on a subliminal level. Symbols that have been demonized or have other uses (swastika or cross) should be avoided.
3. Stand for the new movement regardless of the opposition, regardless of the media, regardless of the threat of ridicule, bankruptcy or prison. It is that strength that will draw in the people.

The degenerate "experts" they featured was the thing that really made me sick to my stomach. These scumbags pine for the days when you could rent out desperate mothers and daughters.

what was he 'larping' as?

Fuck off mason

Really good read. And note also how Britain, once it had helped the Jews, saw its Empire destroyed in totality by the Jews who funded, armed and trained revolutionaries in every part of their Empire.

There's an old saying that we should remember, because the jews will not hesitate to use us, as nationalists, in the same way that they used nationalists like Ghandi and the IRA.

Don't make a deal with the devil. … And not with his children the jews either!

No matter what they offer us, it will come back to bite us just as it bit the Germans, the British, and it is now biting the Americans. Just as it bit the Babylonians and the Romans, the Christian Spanish and Ottoman Turks. Just don't do it.

This is so true.

Count me in. That's 1. I know at least 5 other red pilled National Socialists in real life. That's 6. There are several National Socialists on Zig Forums. About how many are we up to now?

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NSDAP started with less than 200. Count me in.

I wonder how many of those particular expressions of horrible despair, hunger and lack of money would have found other channels, if it wasn't for jews? I mean, Berlin wasn't the first time in history a people found itself in such dire straights and they didn't always resort to becoming family brothels, pregnant hookers and child prostitutes….

Checked and heiled.
You know the fact with the jews is that they always feel the need to profit from such degeneracies.
That's what drives them, that's what they do: exploit and profit.

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And that's why we won't have one. All the good blood is gone from this world.

You hope too much.

If that worked, then we'd already be in the Happening by now. Stand Alone Complex isn't good enough.

Monotheism is globalist poison.

and you are demoralizing.
look, both extreme optimism or pessimism are bad, but don't underestimate the chance that a massive economic crisis can bring: once the goyim in Europe or USA is no longer pacified with bread and circus because can't afford it anymore, what do you think will happen?

I think you hope too much. Plebs cannot be inspired or lionized. Such a movement doesn't have the general populace despair required to overcome NPC programming.

Not Enough.

I think that it will create Zimbabwe. Germany didn't have a shitload of niggers and other races living in it at the time of the NSDAP.

Can confirm.

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dude, niggers are literally living walking redpills for white people: anyone that has to either live or stay in contact with them ends up hating them and wanting them out of their sight.
imagine having niggers taking advantage of a moment of anarchy because of economic crisis: they would end up be the ones starting the effective race war with thier chimpouts, not le ebil white natsees.

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I love the enthusiasm and the balls on you guys. Count me in as well. This is a global board, so we might not be in the same country, but we're on the same page.

This is a global problem in any event - the United States, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe are all suffering from the same globalist policies that destroy the Western way of life. This is not a coincidence. The resistance must be a global one also, a movement in all Western countries. We may be separated by oceans or borders, but we can each do our part.

The first thing we need is a name that hasn't already been demonized. With a name can come political parties for people to support, symbols to identify with and a reason to claim political oppression when the media tries to vilify us (and they will). "Nationalism", "Socialism" and "National Socialism" are all unsuitable after decades of programming. I suggest "Anti-Globalism Worker's Party" (AWP) (if there's anyone with a better name for this movement, make it known). This name implies strong national borders without the baggage that has been attributed to that cause by the media, and makes it clear that we stand with the little guy.

As for symbols, I'd suggest some outline or other form of a Roman torch. It has a connection to a once great civilization, has a connection to America through the statue of liberty and has established meanings of enlightenment, liberty and fighting darkness.

Don't be so defeatist. If you're unwilling to fight, then you've already lost. If you're unwilling to risk your neck at the front, then for the sake of your own future stand behind those who are willing. Remember what Sun Tzu warned - an army is most dangerous when fighting with their backs to the ocean. With nowhere to run, all that's left is to fight or to lay down and die. Our backs are against the ocean now - look yourself in the mirror - what choice will you make?

Please, it's because Occupy was bonded by artificial ties, not blood.

Can double confirm it's happening again today

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messed up when trying to fix a browser extension. disregard.

I disagree. Do not avoid the powerful imagery which the Swastika conjures in a man only to appeal to people who would not devote themselves either way. In hoc signo vinces.

found it!
this is an extract from a speech from Benjamin H. Freedman in 1961
extremely interesting

so interesting that I made a pic

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Is the hive mind thing real?
I've been thinking the exact same thing about pic related a lot lately.

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When Hitler used the swastika it was new to the audience. Hitler's methods worked and to replicate that success we should replicate the methods, meaning we use a new name and a new symbol the audience hasn't seen yet. But if it's familiar enough, something they've seen a version of previously, then they bring those subliminal associations with them.

this guy gets it.

Awful. Do not identify yourself as anti-something. A name should promote what you love, not what you hate.

That was my thought too, espousing a negative point of view turns people away… still seeking better names…. any suggestions?

I'm thinking.

a sign you say?
it's the peaceniks death symbol, except the right way up

American Libertine Workers Party?

I like runes, their aesthethics is great but they are not very "universal", people in USA or south Europe could feel less attracted or represented by them.

user, do you know what that word means?

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Strong symbol, but same reasoning as above, I think a new symbol would be more effective than one which already has connections to the Nazi party.

If the universe ever blesses us with another Hitler-like figure, he must be in good health, both mentally and physically. He also must eat meat. I know Hitler was vegetarian because he loved animals, but it's mostly because he also had digestive issues, and modern scientific biomedical research is beginning to show that mental issues begin in the gut rather than in the brain. Fecal transplantation and an absolutely healthy gut microbiome is definitely a must.

Hitler used socialist, without being communist. My liberty is liberty from jewish influence user.

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Holy fuck I am using it wrong. Disregard, i suck cocks.

fo a yuropean, "Libertine" is way too strongly marked by the worst degeneracy you can think of

You're probably right, but sun symbolism is strong in every culture across the globe and that emblem is simply beautiful.

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Just change it to "liberty", and switch places with "workers".

No. If you want success in this day and age of propaganda and Cultural Marxism, you must learn the tricks. By labeling ourself "anti", we then define whoever we choose to go after as whatever it is we are "against".
Yeah, they do. That's the point. It fucking works. People STILL don't call "ANTIFA" Communists! Most don't even know they are died in the wool Commie shit stains! They full well believe that whoever Antifa is aimed at are "RACIST, FASCIST, WHITE SUPREMACIST, NAZIS!" though without even having to utter these accusations.
Neat trick, eh?

The Anti-Communist League

Utter bullshit. EVERYTHING is based of the geometry of Runes. (like everything else of ours) The entire world has stolen Runic aesthetics for their designs. It's simple Sacred Geometry, and you strike me as a demoralizing shill.

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lucky führer dubs chk'd

Fuck i wanted to have something liberty in the name without libertarian. Although i guess libertarian could work. I think algiz is a fine rune but I cant think of great symbols off the top of my head.

Agreed. We shouldn't underestimate what we're talking about here, we're discussing taking the reigns of power - not overthrowing or replacing the government because even just discussing that is a criminal offense (hi FBI) - but taking over the established government. Any defect in a leader or defect in their history WILL be seized upon to destroy the movement.

But Hitler didn't act alone. He had Goebbels writing his speeches and helping to shape his message. He had Drexler finding him supporters. This is not a one man job.

be very careful when chosing a name, every anterior reference will be used as a comparison by enemies,_1840)

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You're all thinking too much. In this day and age keep it simple and straight.
We are
there is only one way to fuck with this, and we invite that challenge.

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A similar camoflauge as national socialism, it should have a name that sparks certain emotions, or has that potential.

Holy fuck, that's one sensationalist tl;dr. Good thing I actually read effortposts or I would have waived you off as a kike. But you are correct, pic related will kill us all if we don't wise up.

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What about keeping the name simple… what about just…
Liberty Party
Has connections to established western values and the slogans damn near write themselves…
"Liberty from Globalism"
"Liberty from Oppression"
"Liberty to determine your own fate"
…. seriously I could go on all day.

Know who else was a propaganda/PR fag?
Hitler (pic related)

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user I love you.

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Propaganda and PR isn't the same and doesn't mean handing out sweet lollipops to attract as many lemmings as possible, nigger.

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