Trump's explicitly jewish tyranny marches on

(((Anne Neuberger))), a Bais Yaakov Graduate, Appointed As NSA Cybersecurity Directorate

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Nobody cares, fuckwad.

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Trump inability to find white people should be a lesson to Europe.

One of his best friends is White: Larry Silverstein

Trump intends to massacre Europeans with the assistance of the nigger hordes the US has helped invade. All for the crime of purchasing Russian hydrocarbons.

Hi Schlomo!


Yes, terrific. BDS is welcome in this thread.



Im so tired of winning

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New kampfy bot to replace old kampfy bot.

Another jew! What a shock.
Pics related. When the anti-russian bot didn't work it was switched to make obnoxious posts about BDS to turn anons off.

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Cadre is gearing up for 2020.

Yet White Nationalism is quite the fucking winner..for the Jews




Trivia fact: Neuberger’s parents, Rivki and Mendel Yitzhak (George), were on the Air France flight that was hijacked to Entebbe in 1976. Despite their American citizenship, they were kept with the Israeli hostages because of her father’s kipa. They were rescued by the IDF and brought to Israel.

MOSSAD doesn't even need to subvert the U.S. with Trump giving them positions of power openly.

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She must be a credit to her race.

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I agree user. Putin is a fag

OP it's great you pointed out that Neuberger is a Jew but you shouldn't also pointed out she was an ORTHODOX jew. This guarantees she will make sure that footage of Mezitzah will never EVER be considered CP, except perhaps to prosecute those possessing/distributing it, but never the original offenders.

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On one hand she's a jew. That's bad
On the other hand she's a woman. That's good. Her cuntish incompetence will vastly outweigh any other factors at play here.

Trump's compromised big time. The scope of the current espionage against the USA is breathtaking. Just remember the defense budget is being used top establish Global Jewish Hegemony.

Why not just put Jonathon Pollard in charge? Seriously, same thing.

Judicial watch just filed an ethics complaint against Omar for tax fraud and immigration issues. No critics of Israel allowed esp now that it's absolutely clear that jews can plunder anything and everything with zero chance of getting prosecuted.

The Soviet Union collapsed with an external debt of $66 billion, we are at $22 trillion

Sooo the NSA is going to double down on undermining the trust basis of society. Sigh. Ain’t lookin’ forward to more years of talking down dumbfuck bigots because narcissistic spies think their lies never hurt anyone, but if that’s how things have to be, we all fulfill our responsibilities as best we can.

They're damn sure going to try to steer us into war w Russia. Now this bimbo is in charge, wow.

It's just crazy how at this urgent time the overwhelming majority of whites are worried about one thing, being called racist or antisemitic.

Maybe I’m being too bitter, but I haven’t seen enough people dumping national security breaches into the open to feel comfortable about that. Snowden was a patriotic hero. We need more people willing to protect their country like that.

I can tell you they aren’t. I don’t think Russia wants wars either. We’re coming up on serious international challenges in economics and environmentalism, not to mention the dawn of the flesh-sculpting era where nerves and computers start integrating. People are going to start potentially living forever, but it requires high-level honesty.

I understand we don’t live in a world where we can get away with shutting down all the whitehats, but what really stands in the way isn’t the whitehats so much as it is the “predatory” losers who think it’s clever to erode society’s trust and die mortal. Learn to want to live forever and quit obeying criminality.

I can tell you “they” aren’t in another sense, too. That Puerto Rican governor got taken down for private bigotry. That doesn’t happen to “whites” because most of them are too honest to identify by a dumbfuck tribalism like skin color.

Racism is big in Africa, in the Middle East, in Asia, and in South/Central America. Everywhere it’s big fucking sucks. Lot of people in those places are desperate to have the developed world be just as shit as they are, so they pretend that the first world is racist, too.

Secret power of “whites” is, most won’t rip off strangers of any skin color. That’s a cultural trait, not a racial one, that people are smart enough not to be criminal. Dumb people can be that smart, too.

I feel our generation is going to miss the cut. Imagine if all the money spent on the cold war and the war on terror and interest on our national debt was spent on improving length and quality of life. Things would be amazing.

As it stands I don't think they're doing that at all. All R & D in healthcare has a goal of profit not longevity. has

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Whatever jew. the downfall of white communities is our lack of racism and artificially induced feelings of guilt. Watch at the 3 min mark to learn more about how white guilt is used to destroy us.

the thing that would really be in charge of all this shit by now wouldn't be human

Trump just hired her so she would be terrified to death when he tried to give the real thing that runs the NSA orders

it's 5d chess and this is imkampy posting

If you were ever wondering who shills against Russia on Zig Forums …

bet she's real good at the art of digital attribution

The Jews still feel incredibly slighted by their latest Russian expulsion. After all that hard work murdering white Christians, even the communism they glowingly embraced turned on them. The nerve. It-was-like-an-nud-ah-show-uh.

Now they're shuffling themselves into position to exact their revenge. There's no race-people-church-nation-state on Earth more Hell-bent on getting their vengeance than the Jews.

And their greatest weapon is White Nationalism.

Yep and the fact Putin prevented regime change in Syria, they're pissed about Assad still being in power.

Trust the plan.

And it's always some diversity hire Woman in charge now lmao

Wtf I am a Zionist now

Keep killing jews.

Good documentation of yet another jewish subversion of our government; the faggot spicspam shill and his head mates are letting you know you're over target.


All this trouble because kids wanted to be masterminds, and now the Trump is scared to stop getting jew funds.
Who will win: the jewNSA vs a bunch of autists in a basket weaving forum that are doing all of this for free

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nothing related to computer skills mentioned. yipes. :(

you'd think there would be at least at BS or MS techie degree.

It ain't like she'd be a non-degree but talented wiz-kid like Snowden.

She's like some basic-bitch local bank "VP of community lending" or something at best.

Direct orate

Therein lies the problem. Just how many real Americans are working in intelligence agencies, compared to kikes and evangelikikes?