Fuck Tim wise

Operation bring down Tiny Tim

Name: Timothy Jacob Wise

Age: 49
Phone Number: (615)-516-9538

Email address: [email protected]

Fuck this white hating progressive piece of trash. All he does is sit on twitter all day and spout his own racism against white people. And liberal twitter doesn't do hack shit about it. Fucking tired of this kike and his bullshit

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1/4 jew, but completely jewish behavior. proof that we need a 1 drop rule with these kikes.

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There are thousands of white loathing academics spewing their vitriol for the world to see on twitter daily. His only claim to fame is writing "white like me" (despite having a childhood synagogue) and ironically enough being hated by his colored allies. Aside from spamming his phone and sending copies of the Book of Mormon to his address what's the plan?

Killing him as he is an easy unprotected target?

he talks about being jewish. he was raised jewish. he's jew. those laws only apply to individuals not raised as kikes, retard

Violence is wrong. Especially when committed by white nationalist males, who are the greatest source of killing in the united states, far beyond african americans. No one should even think about harming that kind, selfless jewish man. Someone should contact him to warn him immediately.

Here is some contact info. Please hurry! Trump is probably the one behind all this hate. Trump and Iran! And russia!

Mr Timothy Jacob "White like me"-Wise Age 50

Current Address

4016 Nebraska Ave
Nashville, TN 37209-4913

Phone Numbers
(615) 516-9538 - Wireless
(615) 383-3722 - LandLine/Services
(615) 353-7081 - LandLine/Services
(615) 371-1945 - LandLine/Services
(615) 463-2689 - LandLine/Services

Email Addresses
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Tim Breaux
Timothy Wise
Tim J Wise
Tim Wise
Timothy J Wise
Tim Wise
Tim Cason

Previous Addresses

Map 4405 Westlawn Dr
Nashville, TN 37209-4923
(7/1/2006 - 7/1/2006)

Map 1372 Po Box
Brentwood, TN 37024-1372
(6/1/2006 - 6/1/2006)

716 Branch Creek Rd
Nashville, TN 37209-4502
(7/1/2000 - 7/1/2000)

Associative Individuals
Kristin Dawn Cason
Lucinda M Wise
Michael J Wise
Nicol J Breaux
Rose W Cason
A Montgomery

Fuck off putin kike. Never thought I’d say it, but this place was better when it was flooded by joos

How's the weather in Tel Aviv?

Wouldn’t know. But hows Moscow?

I love the jews. They are our greatest ally and deserve for us to defend their nation at all costs because we are committed in a united defense of israel and because people who dislike jews are racists because jews are our greatest ally and all the things theyve done for the country, all the things the nazis said about bleeding out children and creating pornography and homosexuality and communism and international banking and theocratic world government, those are all lies! They would never do that, they are our greatest ally! Use your brain!. Bottom line, I really hope that some good Samaritan is able to reach out and touch mr wise to warn him about people not liking his noble message of resisting racism and whiteness. And genociding the white race.

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This is an open letter this kike wrote to us nine years ago archive.fo/kmmbb anyone who doesn't think (((he))) deserves to suffer needs to read this.

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If you really want to ideologically fuck with Tim Wise, ask him position on Rwanda.
Tim Wise is a Kike, but he is most certainly white enough to pretend he identifies as one whenever it is convenient for him. That is his whole academic shtick after all.
Tell him this: "Blacks in America are Wakandans, they are neo-Tutsis. The ZOG-blacks would nuke all of Africa, if they government promised them they could use their EBT cards at KFC."

This exact thread gets reposted every 4 to 6 months but nothing ever happens. What’s so special about this guy compared to the millions of other cocksuckers doing the same thing? Is OP Tim?

The best way is to just make it about "Jewish privilege" not "White privilege". Ask him how come kikes are the richest group, has the most millionaires, dominates politics (most obviously foreign), academia, Ivy league admissions etc. It's clear that this kike is trying to undermine whites and strengthen his own.

I'm pretty sure Tim Wise would just say "Jews are white people" or at least, "Ashkenazi Jews are white people," and say they also benefit from white privilege, and just point to himself as an example.
No, the real ideological mindfuck for people like that is to spend time thinking about how ZOG-niggers are worthless trash, and nothing does this better to a nigger-defender than forcing them to pick a side on Rwanda.

Then go on and ask, how come such a particular group of "white" people is so over-represented everywhere. In which point he would probably pilpul about nahzees and "anti-semitism" at which point you point out that inability to criticize jews is a part of Jewish privilege etc. etc. and then suggest that this kike is trying to undermine whites and strengthen his own.

This is something you do to play to an audience, not something you would say to cause him as ideologically discomfort. Tim Wise simply isn't going to care about that.
Tim Wise will care about dead niggers though, and will eventually have to say something meaningful about Rwanda, if enough people ask him about it. This is the point where it is possible to break him.

cause him ideological discomfort

I dated a jew girl in hs last name of Wise. definitely yid.

The only reason why you would argue with him is to make him look stupid in front of an audience. He is a jew, he doesn't get ideological discomfort. He simply views whites as his enemy and he makes money by undermining us.
It's highly likely that he does not. All he does is shit on whites and make money off it. Kikes only use niggers as a baton against whites to delegitimize any sort of white collectivism by evoking white guilt. If he cared about niggers he would apologize for being a kike and for kikes sterilizing ethiopians in Pissreal, kikes still lobbying US to support this state, kike involvement in slavery, jew media portraying niggers in a bad way etc. etc. But he does not, since he is a kike and uses niggers as an ideological baton against whites.

Go to TN then OP and murder him and his family. If you can't kill that little weasel, your probably a limp wrist faggot. Or, kill just him while he's out of state doing his dog and pony show. Or, while he's out of town, go kill his family. You have options. Just get it done.


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If Moore wins Alabama, I'll go to that state for a vacation. Sounds like a nice road trip!

Tim sees this.
Tim doesn't care.
Tim loves the idea of being a victim.

Dox his entire family.

How do you fuckers DO this?! I understand some of the information can be bought but the daily schedules?

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Mossad, they're trying to get anti immigration whites to lose the one thing we need most. Freedom of speech.
If they get white nationalists classified as terrorists then we won't have rights. Anything of value can be seized. I don't know why mods allow these threads unless they're complicit.

Hey I'm totally cool with burning down his house in Minecraft and everything but I've seen his speeches and it really seems like he's doing is more good than harm atm. As I believe Weeve said about him if we could just have a bonafide white nationalist have an open debate with him without kike censorship it would go a massive distance in waking up normie and shifting the overton window further towards natsoc.

We already don't have rights bud. Cville is a perfect example of that and everything that's happened sense. Anyone with wrong think is already censored on every major social media outlet. Can't even find conspiracy videos on jewtube since the latest algorithm change. Banks are literally shutting down peoples accounts and thus your way to bring in income.

What more do you have to lose at this point but your life? It's good to know everything you can about your enemies, or friends. Public personalities have no right to privacy especially shitbags like Tim Wise. Mossad has nothing to do with shit like this its just information. Information is neutral, humans are not.

It's because of muh free speech our enemies are allowed to do these things to us. If you wear their tongues around your neck they can't do anything.

This guy goes from university to university bitching about people being white. No one contributes more to the brainwash than this guy, he's made a fucking career off of it. He deserves a horrible fate. Also that house doesn't look nice enough, I bet he's got a giant lake house or something.

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Yea right. One of the best kept jew secrets is they all pack heat. They carry and have guns in their cars and houses. Even in NYC where it’s virtually impossible to obtain a carry permit, they are likely to have one.
Do you really expect any different from the world’s most paranoid people?

I know Jared Taylor is bluepilled on jews and heimbach is a wigger nationalist, but that's pretty much been done already. Video related.

Great video. You can see how the black, the jew and the whites argue.
I would guess Heibach and Taylor only convince whites they are under siege, and don't convince jews or blacks to behave.


This Tim Wise idiot is almost entirely irrelevant!
I just typed his name on jewtube, and the most views he has for a video is a little over 100k in a news interview on MSNBC. Most of his other videos have very few views. This guy is probably just scraping by trying to make a living selling books about racism (an unpopular subject) and probably getting paid a few hundred bucks a pop to lecture at community colleges. If this guy was making any real money from being a race huckster, he'd be living in a nicer house in a gated community.

Reported for being Tim Wise.

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a guy said a thing I don't like

cry more

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Can you possibly downplay your role in the anti-white movement some more, Tim?

That only work on Kurt Eichenwald

I would love nothing more than to read about him getting turned into a smear on a highway, underneath a few stories about some federal judges meeting various types of gruesome ends, every employee of the ADL/SPLC catching AIDS, and all of our precious propaganda pieces at CNN, Buzzfeed, Vice and so many others getting turned to mush in widespread wood chipper accidents.

Fucking Tim up is as easy as fucking with his speaking engagements. No engagements, no shekels for Tim. The schools that book him are timid and risk averse. Think about it.

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repeatedly demand his government (ZOG is his, not ours) coercively (((vaccinate))) white babies.

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sometimes I get the feeling that jews want to genocide whites but I just can't understand where that satire could be coming from

Let me see if I can see this from the way that you are looking at this for a moment.

"Tim" Wise only makes enough money to get by, but is always well groomed and BOTH of his offspring go to university which he paid for.

Can't agree with how much you say that he makes because all that money had to come from somewhere.

Okay, officer.

…he said, whilst not killing Tim Wise and his jew-family.
That makes you a limp wristed faggot. Don't worry, you're in good company.

The IDF is also armed, yet they all wear diapers
But they will probably still use their firearms more than you 2Afags who always talk big and do nothing when your rights get progressively shaved down to nothing

The MSM is constantly trying to prop this guy up, but going by his book sales and jewtube views, the public isn't buying it. He sounds like a used car salesman in his lectures on youtube. A typical weasel, but a low tier weasel at that. There are bigger fish to fry.

You're not getting paid today ;^)

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