The non-doing of any evil,
the performance of what's skillful,
the cleansing of one's own mind:
this is the teaching
of the Awakened.

So we all know that Christianity is cucked, with its Jewish taint, its denigration of man and nature as sinful, and its universalism. It's also dying all over White countries, except for a few, and exploding in Spic and Nigger territories.

What about Buddhism as the religion for the Zig Forumslack? It's Aryan, and it is less of a religion and more of a philosophy. Paganism seems foolish since none of the original folk cultures survive and no one really believes in Odin.

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I'm busy combating white genocide with propaganda and haven't the leisure time to pursue religion.

Based. Only came back Mahayana prevention of Aryan genocide. Just wanna see kalpas unfold tbh.

waiting for suffering and death is a shit philosophy

Buddhism is even worse than Christinsanity.

Is this a jew understanding , or troll?

Buddhism is the best preserved relic of ancient aryan spirituality, when combined with certain elements of Hinduism (and strip out the eastern influences) you get a quite complete picture.

There is no worse than where you are, nor better faggot. Btw, you are where you are, and still trying to get there without acknowledging your obligation to the present you're bound to.

Based advaita vedanta

Okay kike. Literally not a single Buddhist monk would ever suggest you do this. You’re either an anti-white shill or a dumbass motherfucker who talks shit about a subject he doesn’t understand.

Typical eastern babble. You're typing words and saying nothing. Buddhism in a nutshell right here.

Your mind hearing what it wants and reacting like the animal nature it seeks to seperate from.

Buddhism isn't Aryan.
Putting up with bullshit in order to get enough good boy points in order to achieve Nirvana is the same kind of herd compliance faggotry found in other religions designed to pacify populations.

Lets babble then niggrotey

Read a book

Checked. I'm always down to read about my ethnic gods doing based shit, but when you get down to the spiritual nitty gritty its all woffling word salad, especially the eastern variants. All that matters is here and now and the struggle started by the NSDAP, refined by the Waffen SS and continued by you and me for the European Reich.

the cry of /trannypol/

You’re being incapable of understanding does not make it babble.

Again, you completely misunderstand the teachings and have obviously never seriously studied a single page of Buddhist philosophy. It is sad that your tiny jew addled mind cannot comprehend concepts outside of that which you have been fed by (((approved sources))).

Your here and now may partake in the nasdap as ordained by your dharma, but it certainly not the end of means

I agree. I think there is probably a god of some sort, but religion is a waste of time at best and judaism at worst.

Thank you for typing more nothing

Tad rupam sa sunyata, tad rpum sa sunyata my nig

*ya sunyata tad rupam
Gf jammin hindubugaloos

what am I missing?

The wait part. Its full presence without attachments

Isn't buddhism the later degenerated and universalist version of the Vedic Hindu religion, the actual religion of the early Aryan kingdoms

I think I could get behind the leader of this religious movement (pic related)

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Our nature is beyond our limiting conceptions of it that seek to gullfill a limited version. God acts through us as vessels beyond and more so than our arbitrations.

Everything from and to our Creator (self) has been muddled and rep'd as form

you're a part of the world whether you like it or not
part of a nation, tribe and family

Based. Absolute rockstar in restive times

Yeah m8, but its not the begin or end of the you-ness that defines the thing you're limited by. The forms were progressing b4 and will after the you that thinks you are what it is will. The procession has no beginning or end. Take part as you must but the part you must take is your challenge to do it and see otherwise or naught.

Buddhism is hilarious misunderstood by westerners. First off, it's an incredibly violent, genocidal religion. Civilization is a garden and garden can only be maintained by murdering the dogshit out of interlopers and subversives. Anyone who thinks it's just philosophical, man, is fucking retarded. Buddhism has more gods and goddess than you can shake a stick at. You can't throw a rock in a pond without hitting a dozen invisible spirits, and fuck them too. Buddhism is compassionate but compassion is a synonym for ruthlessness. Buddhism actually IS an Aryan religion - Buddha was described as fair skin with sky-blue eyes, and Bodhidharma was called the "blue-eyed barbarian" by the Chinese. Buddhism is a hell of a lot closer to proto-Indoeuropean religious beliefs but it's also terribly misunderstood.

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Apparently everything, because that’s not what Buddhism teaches you at all. I come across people like you all the time, you have the typical perspective that every idiot who’s never studied a word of Buddhism has. It’s so primitive a take, it comes across like the equivalent of a boomer yelling about judos christian values and our greatest ally. You are so clueless about what you speak of, it’s barely even worth correcting.
As a lifetime student who has spent time with many top Buddhist teachers including the Dalai Lama, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you have completely misunderstood. But no serious person is going to bother to inform you better until you drop the ignorant know-it-all attitude.

what is this sophistry
oh wait
fucking kike

The same thing which is happening in Europe today happened in Tibet many years ago.

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Alexander the Great conquered much of India. Buddhism was a fusion of Greek paganism with degenerated Indus valley belief systems that were hold-overs carried on by the dotheads. Menander, the famous Buddhist king, was ethnically Greek.

Is this a copypasta? Because it seems like /trannypol/ went full poe.
You said nothing of value. You just wanted to express how smart you are and how stupid I am in order to get some self satisfaction.
You're probably a weeb, too.

These anti-christian threads are becoming quite tiresome, with the insipid claims that christianity has jewish taint and that some disorganised decentralised pagan religion is the way forward or even worse, what you are offering, that the aryan man should look east for salvation? for revelation and divination? We already have the ideas, the philosophy, the rules, we need not venture east to settle for some pathetic concept of karma and that inactivity and impotence is enlightenment, wrestle with yourself and discover how inane that is. Memento mori, memento vivere, stoicism, fascism, kinship, concepts of law and fairness, we aleady have it.
Athiesm is actually dyng, christianity and paanism is on the rise, however so is islam.
When people feel isolated and stressed we become more tribal and more religious, youtube.com/watch?v=InEHuF7Dj0c&t=1119s, dr. Edward Dutton explains this is ngreat detail.
I was an athiest my entire life, then i started to throw away degenaracy and try to become healthy in the typical blood and soil mentality, quit drugs, started to eat healthy and work out, started reading books and calling out sodomy and degeneracy, i came to the conclusion that acting with logos and in a western manner that we are supposed to act in, with the idea that there is objective morality and rules that are set forth to help us throghout life, we use archetypes and such to guide us also, i discovered that i acted like a catholic, and that i became one. I am a warrior of my people and of god, i do not turn the other cheek against grave harm, i do forgive those who are worthy of it, christianity needs reformation, not destruction.

I despise the church, i think it is corrupt, but we cannot discard the greatness that lies within catholicism simply because you have some insane disgust sensitivity towards anything remotley jewish, christinaity is not jewish, jews rejected christ and KILLED LOGOS! thats why the most perverted and selfish and greedy people are jews, their entire existed revolves around rejecting the message of jesus christ, they are a satanic, materialistic people.

Again, absord the old myths, the old stories, the story of troy and the 300, all of the glorious battles and the poetry spawn hence forth, the illiad, the reconquista, the philosopher emperors of rome. We need to reviive a strong mentality, it is such a betrayal of western culture to search eastward for a religion, it is cleaving the nose to spite the face when you abandon the one religion that held europe together for more than a millenia, without it we would still be at eachothers throats.

Come to your senses brother, dont let your hatred of the jew trick you into throwing away a possible tool to bring our people together.

Or respond with the typical abuse, insipid wit and snarky attitude that so characterises the chans.

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Imagine being as stupid as this guy.
No wonder the West is in decay.

Cant keep up, nor should I. Those who oppose do so rightfully and will win their world accordingly. I should just add that all is connected in every physical way or conceptual understanding beyond what we can ascertain. If you can draw a certainty beyond those facts as otherwise and act accordingly, by all means. I know my place.

Meaningless posturing.
So the embrace chink bastardization of pajeet bastardization of Vedic beliefs, in order to what? Protect Western culture?

You're kind of trash that will take itself out.

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Buddhism is European. That's not even a joke or a we wuz, look into the actual history and dispersion of it, it's far closer to traditional Western theology than christism is. Do you believe the Vedas were really written by poos? I sure don't. Who do you think it actually depicted in these hindoo pictures? Aryans look blue to dravidians.

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It's worth remembering that Buddhism is a Vedic heresy; a literal inversion of Aryan principles. (atman v. anatman). So hey yeah. If you want to be part of a world-denying anti-Aaryan heresy, go right ahead.

Catholicism is quite pagan, look at the archetecture of the old cathedrals, christmas lights and a tree symbolises Yol, the burning of the great log. Some of the staffs of the popes are clearly derived from paganistic iconography, even the fish hats are pagan.

Buddhism was adapted and used by non-aryans, it may be aryan derived but it did not grow with us, our people, we need something that is recognisable and familiar so to draw people to it.

Yeah Christianity is beyond tainted in the west. It's getting to a point where jews can suggest we take a few problematic verses out of new testament and Evangelicals will gladly accept. Judeo Christianity will then be complete.

Buddhism is derived from the Vedas and is mostly intact as it was in its conception thousands of years ago. So it will benefit anyone who follows it.

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Nobody in the west takes christianity seriously anymore, it's already dead letter. It failed to protect us and a religion only has to fail once to be entirely discredited. I wish you luck bringing white men back to Christianity, but I just don't think it's going to happen. White people are more likely to rediscover Ares and Hestia than YHWH, in my opinon.

Get fucked, wog. Zig Forums is a Thor board.

Not what Buddhism teaches. Buddhism is essentially an advanced religion which skips the God idol and just says get near the source of the universe to live a good and natural life. People need to realize praying to God is essentially a form of meditation where you quieten your mind and talk with your inner source. The therapeutic effects of this, religiousfags call a miracle and proof of God.

The more simple a religion is the better it is, the more ritualistic it is (like Abrahamic religions and Hinduism) the more backwards it is. At the end of the day you need to live a life which is good and virtuous. Virtuous meaning selfless and not living like a fucking degenerate. Whether you do this with the Christian God or just with a firm belief in yourself, or constant meditations, that doesn't matter.

This is exactly why it’s not even worth the time to correct you. Any message you might be given you would be too ignorant and closed off to receive. You have made your uneducated assumptions and are not open to any correction, therefore it is pointless to make such an effort.
You are so far off about buddhism, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. People like you are the ones who would benefit most from it’s teachings, but the ones who would benefit the most are often the ones who cannot and will not listen.
Enjoy your self inflicted suffering.

Every Buddhist teacher will tell you to take proactive action, live your best life, become wealthy, to be successful in business if you are capable, to not be stuck in victimhood. This idea that any one of them would suggest you ‘sit around and die’ is ridiculous. Only a clueless moron would make that assumption.

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Been waiting for a topic about this. Hope it doesn’t go to shit or get deleted by the time
I come back to make a post with some actual effort. Just go listen to some Alan Watts stuff if you need a clue and have no exposure to this.

OP is a faggot

All soldiers need to nurture their spirit and take a break every now and then.

Are you modelling your efforts after those of PTSD-ridden soldiers in Afghanistan or what?

I wonder who is behind this post.

Show me more examples of monks and their hypocrisy. You have confused sophistry for wisdom.
whatever meaningless gibberish you want to hear so long as you fill their begging bowl

This is the politics board.

I appreciate the scandanavians' pragmatic approach to things, including religion, though don't call myself a pagan. Maybe I should.
My problem with christianity is it is a "revealed" religion–the creator supposedly revealed truths to another man, and we're all expected to just take his word for it. Yeah fuck that bullshit.
With the Norse it is simply: emulate these figures if you seek wisdom, or to avoid certain traps, or to attain eternal glory in legends, called valhal. No idiotic garbage to swallow, just fight your giants, defend your blood, and keep moving forward making your own fate. The perfect opposite of the sick Paulianity I grew up in, and the closest to nature, brutal common sense.
I agree with serious user about eastern religion being more cucked population control. But he needs to get over the sky moses and stop posting Perseus to support his subservience to the Pope. Europeans thrived despite christianity, not because of it.


I suppose wearing a hammer pendant makes you pagan too amirite

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If you are going by reported physical appearance of a religion's founder, then Islam is Aryan as well. Mohammad had red hair and blue eyes according to the koran. Of course, Islam is not Aryan, but then again neither is Buddhism. But even that does not matter. You shouldn't be looking for a religion at all. It is all human attempts at knowing or explaining the unknowable. Just try not to be such a cunt in life

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Mohammed, son of Ishmael, son of Abraham the ultra jew
Lol okay
< Funny how every time a thread gets close to discussing real white spirituality, shite philosophy or white history it gets shit on by spastic trolls and disinfo shills

The West had upward growth due to the superiority of its racial stock. Not because of some Jew religion. The ingenuity of the ancient Greeks and Romans was the basis of the West's ascent.

You mean love your neighbor and render unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's and don't fight back against corrupt regimes?

t. Goldberg

No, t. Goldberg

Only jews give a shit about Christcuckery, Pissland and Jewism.

So you're saying white people magically appeared in Europe during the protestant revolution? Tell me more about your nigger IQ, young illiterate faggot.

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White people have existed before the jew cuckdolry known as Christianity.

no, it's just the average uninformed halfchan newfag. niggers won't even do the most basic research before opening their mouths

A lot of anons are stuck in some shitty funk. The saddest part is they are predictable, and so their actions are easily manipulated by spooks and kikes. Anger and aggression are healthy, but when they become habitual they will lead a person to ruin. It's like you become a bull, Chaim will gladly hold up a red cape and lead you off a cliff.

So you're like a Protestant version of E.Michael Jones?

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What your graph shows is result of white people having the opportunity to read books.

Rise of protestantism was also linked to the printing press.

Something about correlation & causation…

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No. Killing jews is a good thing, and the only true beliefs are the ones from the Aryan Men.

Yes sure it's fine. enjoy yourself.

Most religions have something of value TBH. Unless you're believing stupid shit like some guy was actually swallowed by a fucking fish by da magic of God, and not realizing that it's a SYMBOLIC STORY.

Esther = Ishtar. Mordechai = Marduk. Jesus = Jupiter-Zeus. Jehovah = Jove = Jupiter. El = Saturn.

Mostly, people just need to learn a ton of stuff & get off the don't-know-shit train. Life's a journey.

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Theravada only. Mahayana is a shit and has been infiltrated by Communists and Kikes.

It was said that the Buddha Shakyamuni had blue eyes, and that blue eyes were one of the many marks of a Buddha.