The Homeless epidemic is the fault of whites

Homelessness in the US is the fault of whites. You almost never see homeless Arabics, Asians or Hispanics in the US because we take care of our own. We don't believe in this ridiculous "out at 18, be independent, and rent your own apartment" idea. When you see homeless people in the US- it is usually whites or blacks.

Whites are the ones who refuse to allow high rise apartments to be built in cities. It is always middle class property owning whites who believe in this idea of "what about muh view? What about muh character of the city?"

A lot of whites are just going to have to get used to different standards of living as the US loses global power. They may need to practice the extended family instead of the nuclear family or independent solo living. They may need to legalize high rises in the city. Poor people may need to live in a communal apartment and share a bathroom, living room, and kitchen with others.

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People are homeless because they let jews steal the country and build giant cities, which are the source of the loss of the constitution.

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There are those in the US.

And there are those in their home countries as well.

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Dude I know you're upset since Mueller time never happened and the "Muh Russia" shit blew up in your face but this is just pathetic. Get over it.

No. It is mostly whites and blacks in the US. If you go on that "invisible people" channel that interviews the homeless, it is almost always whites and blacks.

If you actually go and see them, they are most hispanics and blacks and some indians.

Nice fucking try.

"You almost never see homeless Arabics, Asians or Hispanics in the US"
Because you stack burning tires on them, strap on suicide vests, or in the case of Asians, you eat them, because you shitskins are all subhuman monsters.
Also the japs have a serious homeless problem, because they don't eat each other like gooks and chinks do.

White people are homeless because the government and corporations actively conspire to force and keep them out of the work force.

No, its the fault of the kikes at the fed who keep printing money and our (((government))) that keeps borrowing it.

russia is just a bunch of inbred jews

You are wrong. It is whites and blacks who are the biggest 2 homeless groups. It isn't Hispanics and it definitely isn't Asians.

Whites have done terrible things to encourage homelessness. They are the ones taking heroin and opioids. they are the ones who refuse to build things. They are the ones who believe in "out at 18 and give all your money to Jewish landlords."

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Interesting, the column does not separate hispanic.

Black together with hispanics would be the biggest otherwise.

In any case, EVERY niggers, white, spics in the US pay taxes and all those taxes go towards Israel.

And spics can't wait to move to the US.

Shitskins: 20% of the population, 50% of the homeless.

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Agreeed. Inbread joos+ mongoloid blood=russkie

I see homeless Hispanics all the time lol

Whites should pimp out their 14yo daughters like their BASED hispanic counterparts amirite.

Excuse me kike?
The US did that.
Each like 4 times each. With multiple leadership changes in that 4 per.

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You mean murder, right?
Or perhaps you mean you beat them until they run away from your violent countries to be homeless (or get free home gibs) in a white nation?
Who do you think pushed that? It was the Jews.

Or they have the perspective to see that they will just shove immigrants into those buildings, and that the solution to creating more space for the population is simply to halt immigration and deport non-citizens.

Of course, you also have other cucks who push for mass immigration to allow them to sell their property for higher prices.

Or we can do something to compel non-whites to leave and take over the depreciating homes non-whites were previously occupying.

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What's with all of the incredibly transparent and low-effort HURR DURR RUSSIA shilling today? It's simultaneously popping up across multiple threads. It's glaringly obvious to anyone with even the most rudimentary pattern recognition skills.

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The problem is whites trusted government to handle the problem. It's like cancer research. If you got a billion dollars to find a cure for cancer, would you cure cancer and look for another job as a professor or accept another billion dollars next year to find a cure for cancer? All the money goes to jews or devoutly loyal top goyim like Trump.

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Commies are butthurt about the fbi faggot being revealed as a retard and fraud.

So people whos families were not really in the US through the 50's when the meme arose.
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No it's the fault of Jews, and Jews are not white.
It's almost like those groups are minorities or something.
Neither do whites. The entire "move out at 18" thing is top down social planning pushed and idealized by television and mass media

So what? How the fuck are high rise appartments going to fix constant propaganda and suicidal economic and immigration problems?
Yes. We whites care about our environment. What a tragedy.
I agree.
Gotta shut down the propaganda machine first. Otherwise we are probably just going to watch our own children starve on the streets while we smugly ridicule them for not being to compete with cohesive communities.
But why?
We should adopt the policies of the third Riech so it doesn't come to that, but unfortunately dirty communes full of useless men and whores are probably the future.


There is nothing environmentally friendly about suburban sprawl. It is highly dependent on oil, water, energy, and fertilizer. High-rise apartments are more energy and space efficient than suburban sprawl. The Soviet style communal apartments had central heating for everyone in that apartment instead of individual heaters spread across suburbia.

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Better than expected OP, I’m laffin’ inside at that.

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There are many homeless spic cockroaches around in cities. Most homeless are niggers though.
t. Southwest.

Typical Lefty- all about being anti-anything beautiful. Suburbia is just a way of escaping the Concrete Jungle. A little bit of GREEN makes one relax a bit.
Filthy Commies want everyone imprisoned in Concrete Boxes.

lol what? is this schizo posting's final form?

Found the jewish landlord.

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You're correct, but more specifically it is boomer golems. Same as all the other problems.