American Democracy

What a fucking cesspool of shit and feces.

The morons destroyed the US and Europe and now they want to turn every single country in a negro guetto like the "West".

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looks like a bird stuck in a pile of shit

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That's what I find funny.

Pedofascists want to drag society back into an earlier era AND FUCKING STARVE, because if racists weren’t too stupid to pick vegetables Africa wouldn’t starve. Africa is getting better, so don’t fall behind!

The picture in OP is awesome btw, I love that tattoo.


Buy your own, you jealous sot. Hahaha!


No, JEWS run it.

Opposing racism is actually really easy. You just have to tell people the truth. You have to not be doing shit you can never admit to, and build a smart society, which is to say a society people can trust. The better the trust basis in society the less likely people are to be primitive tribal paranoiacs. Keep things moving forward, lovelies! Start owning your sins, apologizing for them, we’ll all live in peace forever.


pick one

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People who violate trust feel clever, but they erode the trust of EVERYONE.

A society with no trust is a paleolithic society - abusive, violent, and dumb.

Francis Fukuyama wrote a book on Trust. I think I liked it, once. It’s been gathering dust on my shelf in reread mode, because I don’t remember it for beans.

"I hate the Americans. They are democrazy".


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He ripped that off of Von Thronstahl. What a loser.

Roidwhales break in their hormonal fluxes, lol. Humans can’t really emotional handle the hormones they get from working out. It makes them bitchy and dumb.


Europe lasted centuries under Monarchy. Only to collapse very quickly under Democracy. A Monarchy didn't allow Sadiq Khan to become mayor of London, it was Democracy that did that. A Monarchy didn't allow the welfare state to get out of control. A monarchy costs a lot less money to run than a democracy does. It costs a lot less money to support one royal family than thousands of beurocrats.

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Lad, the UK is a Monarchy

A well-made tattoo that looks like it's covered in Schmidt. It should been painted in white(like skeet) like how black paper works, but unfortunately tattoos work better on whites

What's an American? I'm unfamiliar with this term.

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I know you're a shill but damn. Calm your tits rabbi

What do Americans even look like?

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You realize that the Royal family allowed some joke democracy take over tid bits of shit right? The vote doesn't matter in the United States either. Magic ballot boxes are at the ready for politicians who can pull it off. The Arizona election for Senate in 2018 was a enormous joke. Sinema was 2% behind and the vote was 99.8% counted. Magically they found ballot boxes in Maricopa county and flipped it blue for the first time.

Being this retarded so many people have been killed and you say why so many people have started trying to kill mussies

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More democracy guys

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We're all in pretty bad shape. It's not about who's worse, it's about how we're going to fix things. We're all in this fight together.

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Based Tojo.

Good quote, but doesn't seem to be from Voltaire.

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He's still right though


A literal nigger posted

You realize that this is the entire point, right? Democracy provides a veneer of legitimacy to idiot prole "leaders" who are elected (often fraudulently) by the idiot prole mob. The entire thing is a sham. Whether fraudulent or not, democratically elected leaders are bottom-of-the-barrel sociopaths who are only in the game to benefit themselves. "Leaders" have no incentive to lead well. They only want to cash out.

We need a king who respects the order of existence/God.

we know, his meme arrows imply thats what normalfags think

voting rights were originally limited to those who served in the military and owned land, they had a stake in americas prosperity
now we have mudblood mongrels voting for their own self interests, with jews willing to give (or say they'll give) anything they want
unrelated, vote bernie/andrew yang goys

If I would've post such niggerishness as this my post would've been deleted on the same day as usual

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as long as she suffers i guess

There's no place to hide anymore. They control porn, movies, ads, big sites, etc.

That idea of "stop using that and it's fine" doesn't work anymore. You're only losing ground.

who coudl have guessed?

For fuck's sake.
This is Will Smith levels of summertime.

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