Left tards arming themselves

Left tards arming themselves and trying to form militias to combat "fascism" and force their beliefs onto others. Discuss.

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They wouldn't last a day in a Civil War environment.

Everyone should be armed, just about. It’s good for pacifism.

what's there to discuss? Watch them 'train'

The people most eager to form militias are fucked in the head. That’s a bona fide nonpartisan judgment. Right militias? Fucked. Left militias? Fucked. The militia types are the same warrior shits who rape privacy, because conflict needs intel.


Im cringing.

Imagine showing up to fight in a race war and your opponents show up wearing converse.

good. let them arm up. cant wait till its boomerwaffen vs redneck revolt at a Drumpf 2020 rally. let the games begin!

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wait; I have more

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The way everyone holds that goddam rifle is cringe.

Cuckold pride world wide.

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hehe alt right niggers vs antifa bruh moment this shit is going to be great.Wait sense more are being paided by soros does that mean he will be charged or does he only pay antifags in europe?

The funny thing about leftist ideology is that it requires government enforcement, where as right wing ideology thrives through self-enforcement.

The left is fighting for a future that will never exist and they seem to be incapable of realizing it.

lol they already have their police state and liberal utopia now what do they want?

Talk is cheap. The world revolves around men of action, so if I can inflate their cocks large enough to try and do shit before I die of boredom listening to their incessant whining the better.

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They have a bankrupt police state heading towards collapse. What do they want? They want the impossible.

Same question with libertarians, but they started to wake up. The majority of the non-intellectuals have everything. Absolute pure individual freedom or the nearest thing to it. The economic fags only want everything reset so they can have a power to be the ones running the monopolies.

Yeah, they are shit. But so is everyone when they start training. What matters is how much you improve over time. And you can't say they don't have a competent instructor (judging from how he handles his weapon). That said I doubt the instructor could turn that group of lefties into much.

Smashin' the fashion

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This is the truth of everyone dissenting from any status quo. Anarchists are fucking liars. The only struggle in life is that for power.

Here's a non-brainlet take: It's being pushed by press because they want to get potential gun owners to vote for potential 2020 and 2024 left-wing candidates. Ian of Forgotten Weapons is a leftist gun owner who has a good platform, he's playing it safe now though.

Anti-gun is a really unpopular position.

Let's hope anti-gun's unpopularity spreads throughout the world! We could use some of that here where I live…


It should be. I think the right should do the same and try to obtain of the left's voters. I think it would do damage to big tech if they endorsed unions and better working conditions. Be civic conservatives/republicans instead of corporate ones.

Josh Hawley is one such example.

Not all countries in the world are USA. Republicans in Australia are single issue - they want to make us a republic and little else.

So with leftists forming militias and ready to kill you Zig Forumstards at the drop of a hat, you morons are definitely doing the same, right? Right?

I'm not one or a "militia" however people will only allow themselves to be attacked for so long. The majority of both sides are closed to dialogue however it seems that the state of the union has reached the point of no return so dialogue wouldn't do much. Either it'll explode in everyone's face or the "right" will continue to be rolled over by increasing regulations and threats of violence.

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There are plenty of [unadvertised militias] and I reckon most of them don't take kindly to the absurd leftist-think. We're talking about idiots who have been neo-liberal their entire life like the transexual pigmanwoman that created Zig Forums who have finally decided that "maybe those ebil scary icky gunz might be of some use after alll YAAAAASSSSSS!"
In any case, you don't need to be a part of a militia when you live among neighbors who would gladly help you bury the zombies that came to attack you in the garden.

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Being somewhere where you can own/acquire semi-auto rifles helps! All some of us can reasonably expect to get are bolt actions and lever actions. :/

That said, some commie said a good source of arms was from dead soldiers/LEOs or something.


They want to be able to murder the working class directly when the working class takes a stand against their beloved third-world scabs.


Are you insane?


What's good for the goose is for the gander. If it's good enough for left tards to to arm themselves and force their beliefs on others, then the right tards can do the same.

Simply put, if the nation-state doesn't have a monopoly on violence then no one does - in which case any group can choose to use violence to advance their own ends.


Red beard and sunglasses on the right glowing brighter than Chernobyl.

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As far as discussion goes, I'm torn.
Part of me wants to see more of them marching around and flexing their most intimidating angles for the sake of my fascination with extremist aesthetics.

Another part of me wants them to try something so I can sit at home and watch them get torn up on liveleak.

And another, smaller part of me is thinking; These people are nothing now, but what if they should start receiving foreign aid from China or the like?

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As long as leftists are tortured to death and beheaded by everyone who kicks them the fuck down, then we don't really have a problem. Murder All Leftists.

This is a recycled thread from two years ago


How observant of you.

nothing wrong with that. We need to kill democratic republics, if the lefties are willing to do it, it's fine by me.


Lefties would purge all dissenters (i.e. you) if they came to power post reeeeeeeeee-volution

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At least democratic republic would be dead.


Leftists utterly despise the working class. Look at how they consistently support the mass immigration of scabs to undercut us and destroy our bargaining power. Are you retarded? Leftists hate the working class, they would happily murder us if they could and replace us directly with third world scabs that work for a pittance.

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This is the most frustrating shit currently. Anyone remember Ruby Ridge? Waco? They've been railing to shoot up conservatives for decades now. Yet here we have single digit brain cell communist roleplayer's forming militias and openly advertising them. This has been DHS and etc's wet dream for so long, yet because they're not 'right-wing' they're totally oblivious. What a fucking joke.

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Id say the only thing the left has going for them is they are realitively organized. The “right” (including 3rd positionists in this) tend to be a bit more atomized. Could be a collectivist vs individualist mindset.
It’s not so much that your average lefty to scary in any way. Most are subhumans. But having those channels in place pre collapse/conflict is most certainly useful.
I think the problem is the feds don’t take them seriously though as they are mostly LARPing in place of their “working class” revolution. Feds seem actually intimidated by pro-white militias on the contrary, and it’s why the news media and politicians constantly spout off about them, and why Feds are a lot more of a serious problem on the right. They haven’t seemed to give a shit about the left since the Weather Underground.

"The Reasonabilists named themselves because they believe if people criticize them, it'll seem like they are attacking something reasonable."

right wing militas have been training for YEARS and these lefties think they're somehow going to win a civil war. LMAO

Damn son.

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Is even cuckchan this bad these days? This is atrocious.

Report them as domestic terrorists to your local fed.

These kikes are deliberately shitting up the report queue so they can keep pushing their slides that failed throughout the week.
Every week the shabbat ramp-up.

Akbar beard looks depressed

Let them. Give them enough to hang themselves.

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If they kill WN dirtbags it would be a win win for Whites.

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike kikestian schizo niggerloving mutt ban evading shill.

It's all fun and games till the shit actually hits. When it does, it will be unreal, and they will want to immediately bargain for any sense of some security or flat out flee. They don't understand anything war related even if they get themselves into a functioning battle group. The left will immediately break and flee. They think it's some kind of zombieland movie right now and are to far removed from reality. They aren't even the real threats in a civil war situation. Once just in time supplies get interrupted in left cities it's a death trap. If it starts, legit nation states will immediately begin to get involved as advisors and calls of soldiers in a US civil war before they formally do once things finally settle after an ugly period. Russia backing Texas, China Communists will be cleaning out the west coast of the leftist filth, forcing the shocked left to flee to the east into another kill zone since no one will want them in their camp and they will be kill on sight. The US Gov will be probably work to broker an alliance with Russia and elements of Northern military industrial China and probably be trying to keep UN, DC deep state, and gladio pmc faggots in check which are the real enemy element. The only real combat commitment at first will be the systemic elimination of leftists and angry roaming bands of welfare queens to basically feel out the ground positions and see where there are real backed resistance.

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What the fuck did I just watch

You’re not on reddit.

Why are you posting a photo of some anti-white, pro-homo actor?

What are you so afraid of?

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A bunch of larping faggots who are a baby step ahead of most people as in being aware, but would still get their shit pushed in by any chad without a day of training and leagues behind even the most basically trained recruits.


larping in the woods and posing for 'war face' pictures does not bash the fash

thinking too hard

saw this the other night while flipping channels, pic immediately reminded me

Kill all leftists. Their very existence must be forbidden, and all still alive must be purged from the world.

Kek, shotguns are primarily used as breaching or other tool usages. Only good for cqb aka inside a building.

Fucking jews will gonna get it now, left+right united and strong in arms.

Yeah it's filled with anti-leftist propaganda everywhere and also pro-establishment one. Almost everywhere there's pro-Jewish propaganda, Jews being an archetype for corrupt politicians and corporates.


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What if you don't have anything else? Shotguns are multi-purpose tools.

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I tried looking for one of these online and it took me down a weird historical Halloween rabbit hole

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The race war would be over in a day

Who do you think ends up starving whenever communists take over a country?

Good, then they will have to support the 2A. And the kikes lose on that one.

Just like attempts to stop BDS will force them to support the 1A.

Everything goes in cycles user.

Leftist faggots killing Stormtard traitors. Win win for all Whites.

Liberals, Communists, and Socialists are only anti-gun for as long as they think they have a chance of talking their enemies out of theirs. The instant that window closes, they do an immediate 180 and want full auto salt baby killers to bash the fash. You are literally watching the flip-flop happen right now.

Prediction: in the next 3 years we will hear a push for white men specifically and only white men to be disarmed, and they will use video games or another mass shooting to justify it

Thanks for your input mr government deradicalization shill.

Reminder that this is what all votecucks and inaction shills believe. They use communist proxies to murder you. Reminder that wall street funded the bolshevik revolution.

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I cannot believe how poor the accuracy of these people are. I saw targets with sub 20 bullet holes in them, and the white effigy was shot at for almost 30 seconds until someone hit it. Holy shit.

It’s a great video: it has plenty of comedy, and is a great reminder to go out and practice so you won’t end up as pathetic as them.
Remember, prepwork before anything.

I would love to gym crash these assholes.

I barely get the chance to shoot because faggot blue state cuckhold, but i shoot a pattern about the width of a coke can. These people are an absolute joke and i hope im still alive by the time shit pops off.

Saging because shit thread.

Everyone who uses a verb as an adjective is an embarrassment.

Capitalism AND Communism is on the chopping block you pinko faggot.

A shotgun can still put a tennis ball sized hole through someone's chest at a considerable distance. It's also piss easy to make one like the 4 winds shotty the Filipinos used. Dead enemy, free loot maybe if you have nothing better.

they dont even respect themselves. they call themselves rednecks and hillbillies. what's the end game for them? what are they fighting for? a low trust, multicultural future? who's favor are they trying to earn? some kike or shitskin screeching NATZI? compare this to white nationalists and it's not even a competition

Plays SCA and fancies himself Che Guevera

3 weapons visible
2 israeli
shocked == me

They're niggers. Niggers have guns but they never practise shooting. They get them as a status symbol. So for wannabe commie fags it's the accessory to match their iwidget. Soyboys who want to look tough even though, we know, that they feel like little bitches. Once the first shot gets fired these queers are running for the hills.

Checked. Here's a build video from the late 70's by Kurt Saxon