Democratic Socialist Party

The hate filled, extremist, radical left has now grown to a critical mass that will exponentially grow. The Socialists have exposed themselves. The republicans are confident that the Americans will make the smart choice, but sadly they are mistaken. For many decades now, the Socialists have been running the "Democratic" party from the shadows. This is evident in their voting pasterns and a consistent trend of change that has been masked as a natural progression.

The "Progressive" (Regressive) Leftists will tell you that they are in favor of "Progressive" taxation. Don't be fooled. "Progressive Taxation" is Marxist wealth redistribution. The Leftists will mock this notion because the majority of them are useful idiots who actually believe they are working for the betterment of Humanity, and the Minority of Leftists who are actually self aware of their flaws will mock this notion for sake of optics; they want to trick the more gullible Right wingers and useful idiots alike. Many "Conservatives" will also mock this notion because they are either in denial, or they were gullible enough to be tricked into thinking that "Progressive Taxation" doesn't mean "Marxist Wealth Redistribution".

The Conservatives who oppose Marxism are normies who haven't caught up with the changing times. They don't understand that the Socialists have already seized positions of power within the Education system and the Tech Oligopoly. Even though 80% of Americans are ADAMANTLY opposed to Marxism and totalitarian statism, most Americans are going to applaud its arrival without knowing it.

Remember, at the height of the USSR, the Democrats claimed that the Soviet Union was not a threat. The Conservatives "Conserved" Americanisms with the support of the Corrupt Military Industrial Complex. The promotion of American Patriotism was a lucky, positive, side effect spurred by the collusion between corrupt politicians and greedy corporations. In this corrupt clown world, we need to count our blessings; take everything with a pinch of salt. (Now that the USSR has collapsed, our military industrial complex simply exploits 911.) The Democrats took the negative connotation that the Russian faction had from the cold war and are using it for their anti-American/Socialist agenda.

According to the Democrats, the USSR was okay when they were Communists, but now that the USSR collapsed, Russia is 1/8th as powerful, and China is Communist…. The Democrats Demonize Russia as much as possible while DEMANDING good relations with literally all Communist nations. This is just an extremely brief abridgment of the full story.

The point I'm trying to make/what I want my readers to take from this is, don't be over confident about Trump's victory in 2020. The American Socialists/Communists still have many powerful assets in the United States, they have many tricks still up their sleeves, and 20% of Americans literally want America to become exactly like Venezuela.

Good luck everyone. Right now truly is the calm before the perfect storm. It doesn't seem like it if you haven't studies the prerequisites. Set aside your bias and look at the facts.

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Be careful OP, the leftist jew niggers are gonna swarm you and say:
- but USSR is baste and white
- but Marx called out da jews
- but leftists are anti-Israel
- but muh baste muslims fighting Israel though

And they will call you a kike if you disagree with them.


Nigger fuck off socialism isn't the biggest threat to America. America won't even be America in 20 years if you fuckers dont solve immigration.

Socialists like AOC and Bernie Sanders and jews in general ENCOURAGE immigration.

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And Democrats along with Republicans are encouraging immigration, this includes Trump. Which makes the whole Right VS. Left argument OP has made irrelevant and false.

Bro neither of them are socialists they just want free shit. That isn't what the USSR was, and I don't even like the USSR. At least call it what is, just gay niggas being gay.

Socialists didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation. That was the capitalists.
Capitalism means you don't have a Nation.
Crony Capitalism means the Kikes can have a Nation, but you can't.

The point remains that the socialists in question not only support that, they want to instantly legalize every undocumented.

That's literally what socialism is, in the USSR.

Muh welfare benefits.

Explain the niggers in Russia?
Did Germany in WW1 have a nation?
Did Japan?


The "socialists" in question are Communists.

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Yes, they are socialists in the marxist sense.

Nobody is arguing otherwise.

Every times the East ZOG says socialists didn't force integration with niggers, I post this picture.

Watch it get MAD.

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Socialists in the Marxist sense are Communists. Choosing to call them Socialists opens the door to false critiquing National Socialism.


No retard that's not how economics works, people who didn't work in the factories didn't eat. Communism is shit because there is no way for an honest man to gain wealth but Communism doesn't allow lazy people. often it kills them outright.

What the socdems want is free shit for layabout blacks and fags.

LOL, most socialists in the world are in the marxist sense.

"National socialists" are very little in that socialist crowd.

Actually, yeah they do.

They fucking do, all the factory managers and bureaucrat? Didn't work in factory, have more meals than the actual workers.
Surprise, SAME in the USSR! See

True which is why it's important to not allow National Socialists to be lumped in with Communists. So call them Communists.

There are hardly any niggers in Russia. There is nothing to explain. There never was any massive campaign to import millions and millions of niggers, to do work cheaper than the locals would, like what happened in that thing called "America."
No. That's why Germany was split up into a bunch of different states.
Who cares? I sure as hell don't, unless it means those gooks are willing to fight that homosexual interracial porno called "America."

The marxist socialists are gonna call themselves socialists regardless of what you call them.

You are trying to redefine socialism when the left owns the word, as Hitler even said it "marxian socialism".

I guess we should just let the enemy co-opt words for themselves until we're out of a vocabulary.


Explain this picture, ? And hardly? Was there any nigger in Russia in the middle ages?
Explain Imperial Germany started by Bismarck then?

Suddenly, capitalist nations can have nations and more strigent rules than "socialists", yet the response is "who cares?".

And America is a white nation, mutt.

Hey, retard, the enemies have referred themselves as socialists before you were born.

In fact, "national socialists" is Hitler trying to co-opt the word socialist.

So did Hitler issue a referendum then?

Socialism originates with Mazdak long before Marx was a sperm in his Jewish father's ballsack. It's the Enemy who co-opts words and ideas.

And it was co-opted by Marx loooong before it's co-opted by Hitler, sorry.

How to piss the east ZOG faggot:
1. You don't need referendum to absorb a group of people!
Point out to Hitler issuing referendum to austrians.
2. Say only capitalist nations import niggers.
Post niggers in Russia and China.
3. Say capitalist nations cannot have nations.
Point to Germany, Japan, and every european countries before WW1.

BAM, who cares, spam, and mad!

I love debating this faggot.

Engelbert Dollfuss is the type of guy that things the masses of the White Nation are absolutely retarded, and utterly incapable of stringing together a series of logical thoughts. He reasoning goes something like this:
"If there was even one nigger in the USSR, it's exactly the same as America."
Under this logic, it's pretty easy to find pictures of Nazis standing next to Kikes (including Hitler himself), therefore, Hitler was a puppet of the Kikes!
Engelbert Dollfuss is a Christfag, that believes in Kike DNA, because without it, the religious narrative he was programmed with by his ZOG-loving parents doesn't make sense of reality.
Engelbert Dollfuss thinks Austria and Prussia were different Nations, just like he believes "America" and "Canada" are different Nations. There is nothing to explain, to anyone who has the least bit of understanding of the state of the real German Nation, prior to the rise of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
Again, Engelbert Dollfuss doesn't actually believe in Nations. He has repeatedly said that thing called "America" is a Nation. The purpose of his question is to play on the fact most "Americans" are conditioned not to understand what a Nation even is, and just treat it as a synonym for 'country'.
Was/is Japan a country? Of course. Is "America" a country? Such a meaningless question. Is "America" a Nation? Not unless you believe niggers and Europeans can belong to the same Nation at the same time, and that English-speaking Europeans in "Canada" are somehow different from English-speaking Europeans in "America."
Just like with "Austria" and Germany.
My response means I don't care to investigate the particular historical details of feudal era Japan to say whether or not Japan during the Meiji restoration could qualify as a Nation-State (it most certainly wasn't capitalism, in any case). You're better off asking some weebos who care about that country enough to study it's historical minutia, which obviously you never have, nor ever will.
"America" is a homosexual interracial pornographic film, Engelbert Dollfuss.

Mazdakian Socialism was Hitler's Socialism. Please don't be uneducated.



Wow. Breaking news. Ty for the insight.

Lurk 2 years.

Exactly! Why does USSR force integration with niggers?
Christfag believes they are kikes spiritually, nothing to do with DNA>
Except we are talking about Imperial Germany in WW1, not Prussia.
Yes it is a nation for white.
Was Japan capitalist? Was Japan a nation?

BAM, this means capitalist nation can have nation.

And EAST ZOG faggot is BTFO.
It certainly is a nation state that is capitalism since it follows every definition of nation-state as well as private property..
Actually, it's a nation for white people, mutt.

East ZOG faggot BTFO EVERY TIMES when you mention Germany and Japan and every countries before WW1.


Hello mutt, so did Hitler issue a referendum or not?

Did he ask the austrians if they accept him as the leader?


In many ways Mazdak's teaching can be understood as a call for social revolution, and has been referred to as early "communism".[6] He and his followers were also advocates of free love.[8]
Where is this ethno nationalism found in this shit?


Screenshotted for future reference. But yes, this is exactly how Engelbert Dollfuss thinks. Or rather I should say, how they want other people to think.
Again, notice how Engelbert Dollfuss keeps insisting "Austria" is a different Nation from the rest of the German state-lets of the era. This is because Engelbert-Dollfuss doesn't even believe in the existence of Nations in the first place. That's why he plays these games.
Perhaps Engelbert Dollfuss thinks just because he says things, they must be true. No doubt the millions of spicks and niggers residing inside that borders of that thing called "America," and recognized by the regime ruling over it as citizens, mean nothing to Engelbert Dollfuss. They're just inside of "America" to help the white race! Just like the Kikes, no doubt. Thank the Sky-Kike for making them retards slaves (note: this is actually how the 'Right' wing of the ZOG thinks about niggers: they are still slaves of "America." What they can not justify rationally, they substitute with sheer fantasy).
Japan during the Meiji restoration was a feudal society, so obviously not.
I don't know. I do know there were various minorities under the rule of the state (the Ainu), but I don't really know. The Japanese Nation proper also consists of a bunch of people living off of islands near Japan, and I have no idea if they were all unified under a single regime or not. I don't study Japanese history, and I'm not picking it up for a meaningless discussion with a bot, whose only purpose in asking the question is to purposefully confuse a country with a Nation.
When the regime that rules over you is importing millions and millions of foreigners to do manual labor, you don't have a Nation. A Nation-State operates in the interest of its working class. Nothing could be further from this than that thing called "America," which first imported millions and millions of niggers to work the fields, because they didn't want to pay the wages it would take to get Europeans to do the work. And then, after the niggers were made citizens of "America," they started importing millions and millions of spicks, to do the job they imported the niggers in the first place to do. Such a situation is possible only because the regime caters to the interests of a capitalist class, and not a Nation.
"Capitalism means you don't have a Nation" means the rules regulating your society act as if Nations do not exist at all. This is exactly how the regime ruling that thing called "America" operates. “America” was founded on anti-nationalism, on a false separatism, from the very beginning. And this is how it has ‘’always’’ operated, and how it will ‘’always’’ operate.
Was this the case during the Meiji era in Japan? I don't know, ask a specialist. Though clearly in the case of all “Western” states, it is obviously the case they don’t operate in the interests of the Nation, as even a cursory reading of history will reveal to anyone the least bit curious about it.
Feudalism =! capitalism.
But notice what Engelbert Dollfuss is doing. It has pretty much dropped the pretense of being a National Socialist now, and is openly praising capitalism. I guess it doesn't take too much prodding to force the mask off the ZOG-faggots after all!
Tell it to the millions of spicks and niggers that are legal citizens of that thing called "America," Engelbert Dollfuss.
Engelbert Dollfuss can't even help himself from swapping the words "country" and "Nation" around like synonyms, showing he doesn't believe in the existence of Nations.

Yes, exactly, why do USSR force niggers into Russia when there was none before?
Austria is a separate country at the time, yes, what are you going to do about it?
Who's Engelberd whatever?
No, but the founders of the America say it to be so, and thus it will remain so.
Wrong, wrong, wrong, corporations are already a thing in Meiji Restoration, so it's not a feudal society.
Yes, they are, the various minorities of Japan number less than the NUMBER OF NIGGERS in USSR.
So the USSR is NOT a nation! Glad, we are clear on that.
Yet WW1 Germany existed and Japan exists, and there are capitalist nations, look at that.
Except Japan at the time of Meiji Restoration is a capitalist state, nice try, mutt.
America is being ruled by a jew, those millions of SPICS (not spicks) and niggers were not legal citizen in the old America.
Nation-state and country were synonymp before WW1.

Nice try, mutt. You DON'T actually believe in nations, you have no idea what a nation is.

One could just as easily ask why the Nazis forced integration with niggers on Germany, because there was a population of about 25,000 of them that lived throughout the entire period. Here is a picture of the Afrika Schau, a group of niggers that went around Germany during the Third Reich, teaching people about African culture.
Do you think Engelbert Dollfuss will now ask why Hitler forced integration with niggers on Germany? Of course he won't. He doesn't even believe any of this in the first place, he just thinks white people are so stupid and gullible, that they will believe anything he pulls out of his ass. He is a Christfag, operating under a fantasy version of reality.
Again, notice how Engelbert Dollfuss routinely switches the words "country" and Nation. This is because to him, there is no distinction. "Americans" are conditioned by the ZOG-schools not to understand this.
Notice the worship of the Founding Faggots.
Notice also how he thinks "capitalism" is simply the existence of businesses. So if one guy owned a store in Meiji era Japan, then it must be "capitalism." The is because the ZOG-faggot understanding of "capitalism" is akin to a natural law of the universe. Monkeys exchanging bananas for sexual favors a million years ago is "capitalism" to them, because "capitalism" is defined as the mere act of exchanging things.
Thankfully, Engelbert Dollfuss has gained the courage to start openly stating his real beliefs, and won't pretend to be a National Socialist any longer.
The number of Ainu at the beginning of the Meiji era in Japan was actually far greater (80,000 or so) than the number of niggers in the USSR ever, or even the number of niggers in National Socialist Germany (about 25,000). In fact, their numbers have only been ‘’decreasing’’ due to assimilation ever since.
The USSR was definitely not a Nation! In fact, they themselves would be the first ones to say such a thing, because they actually knew what a Nation was, and used it for their own political purposes. This is why Czarist Russia was carved up the way it was, and even for those Nations that remained inside the USSR, they were usually (though not always) given their own "Autonomous Regions" to represent themselves.
If the "American" government did this, this would be an improvement, because then they would be forced to say niggers belong to another Nation.
Again, Engelbert Dollfuss says this because he doesn't believe in the existence of Nations. To him, the word is a synonym for country, and nothing more. If a million niggers, a million Europeans, and a million gooks got together, and bought a piece of land in Antarctica and declared themselves a country, Engelbert Dollfuss would say "Of course it a nation!" Even if it had 250 official languages and barely anyone could talk to each other.
Again, Engelbert Dollfuss no doubt believes that monkeys exchanging bananas for sexual favors is "capitalism," and thus can't tell the difference between feudalist economic relationships and capitalism.
"America" is ruled by Christfags. It's called the Zionist Occupation Government, not the Kike Occupation Government. The Kikes couldn't rule without their millions of willing Christfag servants, people just like Engelbert Dollfuss.
"Once upon a time, niggers and spicks had no rights. Therefore, them being legal citizens now isn't real!"
Strange how the ZOG courts and police say otherwise. Tell us, Engelbert Dollfuss, when did this imaginary America you believe existed die, and when did the ZOG come to power?
Here is a clue for you: two different languages = two different Nations, and Nations don't cross the racial barrier.

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That's a bad thing and I do not SUPPORT it.
Again, country and nations were synonymps before WW1.
So who's Engleberd whatever?
Notice the lack of argument.
Notice also how he doesn't understand what capitalism is.
But I guess if a CORPORATION that hire workers en masse working in a factory is FEUDALISM ten?
There are only about 25 000 of them actually, comparing to the niggers in the USSR (over 50 000), nice try!
So we are clear on that! Spit on USSR, a jew scum federation that destroys Russia.
In other words, if you shove niggers in a spot of land, they NO LONGER BELONG TO YOUR NATION. And this is why USSR is a joke and jews run it.
Because it is and nothing more, say the mutt who doesn't know a pure nation to save his life!
But I guess an industry factory with a boss ruling over workers is feudalism then, eh mutt?
America is ruled by a jew, christfags are just their servants.
Notice the desecration of the past. The past EXISTED, and thus could be restored. And nothing you say can deny that.
My pleasure.
Actually a nation means people sharing the same race and culture, including language.

This is why Canada and America are not the same nation, because they do not share the same culture. And why Scotland and Ireland are not of the same either.

GET BTFO more, mutt. I love monkeys flinging shit and not sticking.

OP is a d&c kike. Neoliberals control the Democrats. Idpol is neoliberal.

Are you a Catholic?

Hey nigger, this country is already done. I'll still vote the kike lover Trump because more leftists will commit suicide and become unhinged, but let's not delude ourselves. The whole political bullshit is meaningless at this point. We're headed for a collapse. That's what we are prepared for, everything else is a fucking clown show in clown world.

Screenshotted. "Hitler forced integration with niggers on Germany!" - Engelbert Dollfuss
What a curious thing Engelbert Dollfuss has said! He essentially just said "The Founding Fathers said it, I believe it, that settles it!" and expects some kind of 'argument’ against that? Hilarious!
Notice the principle at work in Engelbert Dollfuss' (alleged) thinking: if one guy runs a business and hires 10 people, the country is "capitalist," even if millions of people work the land they don't own, under feudal lords. I say alleged, because it is hard for me to believe he is that stupid, so he must be just hoping his readers are dumb enough to be convinced by such thoughts.
Notice he doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between now ("are") and the past ("were"). Even some current day estimates put the number of Ainu at 200,000, which is much higher than even the highest estimates of the number of niggers in the USSR.
The USSR didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation. That thing called "America" did. "America" was the first country to split the English-speaking European Nation into two.
That's right; that means no more having to interact with niggers, no more nigger crime, no more open miscegenation, etc. Glad to know this infuriates Engelbert Dollfuss so much.
Engelbert Dollfuss seems to be under the impression the USSR is still around, nor can he explain why the ZOG hated the USSR so much. Here's a clue: the USSR said niggers in "America" belong to a different Nation, and that Kikes aren't a Nation. Nothing could possibly infuriate the Christfags and Kikes that run "America" more.
If we are going to "restore" the past, we should just get rid of that thing called "America" while we're at it. Because "America" is anti-nationalism, and the English-speaking European Nation will never be free as long as that homosexual interracial porno called “America” exists.
I'm pretty sure "Americans" and "Canadians" both indulge in the same Kike-produced Hollywood crap we call "culture."
Engelbert Dollfuss swears Austria and Germany are too different Nations as well!

Communism is White. Engels was white. Jews were employed in communism because of counter-revolution paranoia, idiot. Capitalism is anti-White.

Nice, and I don't support sending 25K niggers in Germany.
What argument, it's a claim.
Notice the mutt, basically, capitalism is NOT capitalism if I say so, and it's not one guy, it's VARIOUS CORPORATIONS that own HUNDRED THOUSANDS OF WORKERS.
Notice how we were talking about the Meiji period, and at the time it's 25 000 ainu compared to 50 000 niggers in the USSR.
So explain this picture here: what are those niggers doing in Russia?
The USSR is ZOG! Congrats, USA and USSR team up to destroy Germany.
Which explains why despite being shoved into a hole, niggers, tartars, jews are freely mixed in the USSR, so much for muh AUTONOMOUS REGION.
No, we are not. America is a white nation and will be again when americans wake up, meanwhile your USSR is dead and your China does not even recognize chinese.
America is found upon the concept of white nationalism i.e. free white european of GOOD character.
I'm pretty sure China also does, I guess China belongs to America then? And no, American and Canada do not share culture.
They are brother countries, and it depends if austrian want to join or not, Hitler believes so!

Once again, BTFO!

Communism is jewish invented by Marx. Engels is a shabbo goys who fund Marx so he can spread propaganda.

Capitalism is the mode of production used by Germany and Japan before WW1.

Well pol, it's about time to wrap this up.
I engage in these exchanges for the audience, not for the benefit of talking to whoever controls the bot I have dubbed Engelbert Dollfuss.
At one point in this conversation, the bot asked "Who's Engelberd whatever?" This is it playing rhetorical games, but it is tragic that more people, including self-described National Socialists, don't understand the importance of this person. The ZOG's "History" Channel will play a million documentaries about Nazis and Aliens, but to even broach the subject of Austria in any serious fashion is to invite ideological catastrophe onto itself for the ZOG. So this person is never mentioned. Austria, if it is mentioned at all in the Western web of lies about the the Third Reich, is passed over in the briefest of terms.
So every time we engage in this discussion, it's just another opportunity for the reader to search out his name, to discover why the National Socialist German Worker's Party hated "Austrofascism" so much. At the same time they were aiding the rest of the Euro-Catholic "fascists" in Spain, they had marched the troops right into Austria. Indeed, the murder of Engelbert Dollfuss almost turned relations hostile between Mussolini's Italy and National Socialist Germany, and clearly, Catholicism ran thicker than blood for Catholic "fascists."
So every time these discussions take place, it is a victory to enable a reader to understand why 'the Nazis' would attack a "Fascist" regime, long before they ever directly engaged in military hostilities with Western Europeans or the USSR.
The bot Engelbert Dollfuss, on the other hand, doesn't seem to understand this. It almost seems to write what it does with me in mind, already secure of its own belief in the infinite stupidity of the masses of the White Nation. This should, by itself, tell you all you need to know about this place. For the most part, this place isn't for radical National Socialists to plan revolutionary attacks on the ZOG. It is a place, for people to save souls, to win them over to loving the ZOG (and Kikes). Many people do it of their own free will, and I suspect the bot Engelbert Dollfuss does not receive any sort of paycheck for his activities. Nor should he, as he is terrible at them.
But let's look at a little bit more in depth at his last response
Notice how it is seemingly impervious to its own logic being turned against them. As I had already stated, this person isn't going to go around claiming Hitler forced integration with niggers on Germany, despite the situation with the USSR and Germany being nearly identical: a tiny amount of nigger foreigners residing there, largely for propaganda purposes of the regime, who could be deported at a moments notice if they got out of line, precisely because they are not recognized as citizens proper.
Why does the bot Engelbert Dollfuss say "I don't support that" and nothing else? Well, what could it say? It knows its logic has been exposed, it acknowledges it, but continues doing the same thing.
What the bot is really saying to you is something more like this:
"White people are so fucking retarded, they will never be able to organize against the ZOG. The average white person is just as stupid as a retarded nigger, and will believe anything purely on an emotional level."
This is the only possible underlying principles behind the controller of the bot Engelbert Dollfuss that would allow them to act in such a fashion. Every discussion with this bot is an exercise for them merely demonstrating the total stupidity of white people.
Again, such a belief could only come from a religious mind, one that sees the ZOG as the ultimate good in the world, and sees the masses of the White Nation as worthless trash, who deserve to be deceived at every opportunity, by people like him. This is how the 'Right' wing of the ZOG looks at you.

This goes back to what Engelbert Dollfuss has dubbed me, "East Zog." It's actually quite telling, even in the name he has chosen for me. It reveals how Engelbert Dollfuss wants other people to view reality: Everything is a conspiracy. The Cold War was a giant theater production. The ZOG actually has no enemies at all. The conflict in Syria is just a Hollywood production. So was Libya, Iraq, etc.
No doubt, if the Celebrity in Chief (Trump) started a war with Iran tomorrow, Engelbert Dollfuss could be found here, or others like him, saying everything was fake. The ZOG TV is lying to you, there are no bombs falling on Tehran! In fact, Press TV (the Iranian news) is also lying when they show the world pictures of their dead: the ZOG controls Iran. The ZOG controlled Iran before 1979, and after. The Iranian revolution was just more ZOG theater!
Of course, Engelbert Dollfuss doesn't actually believe any of that. Again, he is just signaling to everyone "Look how utterly fucking retarded whites are, they will believe the stupidest shit imaginable!" The ZOG cultivates this type of conspiracy-mongering. The stupider the conspiracy, the better.
This was predicted long again by William Luther Pierce. In the Turner Diaries, he noted that 'Right'-wingers in the ZOG made up a conspiracy that they were all being paid by the government to attack it, in order for the ZOG to crack down even more. It's a belief constructed to maximize idleness and compromise with the ZOG, and pretending the ZOG has no enemies on the entire planet is no different. Engelbert Dollfuss himself doesn't believe this, which is the whole point of attacking Russia and China to begin with. It knows these are ‘’real’’ enemies of the ZOG, and it knows the worst possible outcome for the ZOG would be these foreign powers incentivizing us to attack the ZOG. Under the cover of a White Nationalist guerrilla war, it would be trivially easy for Russia and China to throw millions of dollars in cryptocurrency our way, without even us being aware of it. In fact, the ZOG has just started openly discussing this possibility, as readers of this forum will no doubt already know.
Engelbert Dollfuss knows this too, but reverts back to his own magical idealist thinking, believing everyone ultimately thinks like the religious person he is. He doesn't seem to realize, revolutionary White Nationalists aren't pro-Russia (and even pro-China) because they like any particular aspect of those countries, or because the regimes in charge ideologically agree with us. No, we like them because they are enemies of the ZOG. We like them because they are the few political actors on a world stage capable of intervening on our behalf, in our quest to utterly wipe that thing called "America" and the Kikes from the face of the Earth!
Revolutionary White Nationalists must move away from the 'Right'-wing of the ZOG, the Christfag Kike-lovers, and towards any enemy of the ZOG. The more we are able to mobilize Lone Wolf style attacks on the ZOG, the greater will be perceived our military worth to anyone who wants to wage proxy war against the ZOG regime directly. This is what we offer to any country around the world hostile to the ZOG, and we will gladly step into this role.
One last point, that I want to make sure the reader did not skip over. Engelbert Dollfuss failed to reply to a question about when that thing called “America” went to shit, when “America” became the ZOG.
This may seem like a minor point, but it is not. The 'Right' wing of the ZOG will never attack the founding of that homosexual interracial porno called "America" directly. They worship the Founding Faggots, just like Engelbert Dollfuss does, and refuse to separate themselves from "American" mythology programmed into them at the ZOG-schools. But in their roles as liars and deceivers, they must pretend to agree "America" is terrible. So just ask these types, when did it go to shit? 99% of the time, they can not give you an answer, because they have never even once thought about it. They can never point to any particular period of time, and say "Before this, America was great. After this, America was controlled by the Zionists."
Why? Because the moment they do, they know they have given up the game, and have opened themselves up to exposure. The truth is, "America" was absolute shit from the get go. The only 'Founding Father' revolutionary White Nationalists should show any reverence for is Benedict Arnold, who actually came to his senses, and realized he was dragged into a war based on sheer lies against his real Nation.

Bernie Sanders is a kike and 100000x better than Trump for the people

OP is a Kushner kike whose terrified of Americans pushing for Socialism


You don't have readers, faggot. So where did you copy this high school tier bullshit from?

If you did not read it, then you're criticizing something that you know nothing about.

If you did read it, clearly there are readers.

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Dems have a plan for the Future to stay in power forever;
1) Add moAr gibsmedats Dem Voters via Illegals and Anchor Babies.
2) Socialism/Communism to take care of all the gibsmedats Dem voters.
Reps Plan for the Future with 25% of country already on a Dole?
More Jobs? Less automation? Stop trade? Close Border? Make USA self sufficient? What?
Not saying Dems are right, just why social/commie looks appealing to stupid college students and the gibsmeMOARdats.

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