Ethnostate Supersoldiers

im currently working on creating the foundation for creating supersoldiers for the ethnostate. I made a 3200 word document entailing the approximate genetic and metabolic changes required in order to create der ubermensch.

here is the paste bin :

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bump, interesting doc

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thankyou i plan on pasting together a approximate whole genome of the the artificial organelle

you should outline the perfect conditons for turning Chinas seventy million surplus boys into submissive traps fit for the aryan bvll

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No failed man is worthy of tasting aryan cum. Only our women are worthy, and even then, only a select few.

i love sci-fi
good thread

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i mean i can do you one better, how about modifying toxoplasmosis to be be thermostable at 70 celcius ( the internal temp of a well done steak) and at -30 celcius ( the temp meat is frozen at) and to stimulate the production of oxytocin ( Research published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) suggested that ethnocentrism may be mediated by the oxytocin hormone. It was found that in randomized controlled trials "oxytocin creates intergroup bias because oxytocin motivates in-group favoritism and, to a lesser extent, out-group derogation.") accompanied by a gene drive as toxolasmosis undegoes sexual reproduction, 100 % of the planet could be made ethnocentric within a year

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They are not grey, they just got a greenish-gray tan from cosmic radiation and warp exposure.

*not black

because the supersoldiers will have skin with small pyrite scales and osteoderms like the scally footed gastropod, the scales are for heatsinks and to dissipate thermal energy making them heat resistant. they will block UV completely dont worry though vitamin d will be made in the endothelium using cherenkov radiation from strontium 90, read the whole document

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if i wanted to post a resnating image i would have chosen sanguinis or the emperor of mankind instead, but the truth is we will likely look more like vulkan than either of those and thats ok

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lol everyone laugh at the brainlet

I am not that smart about war hammer or w/e and it shows, but i guess this is legit.

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nigger what are you doing here?

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this, worship of the modern man as some kind of pinnacle of evolution with no room for improvement is Ludditeism of the highest order

Cro-Magnon types are the pinnacle of evolution, we just need to remove the Neanderkike and homo nigericus admixture through eugenic breeding and selection.

Then we can further refine them for enhanced beauty, intellect, senses etc.

Inb4 let's make people grow horns, fangs and toxic skin as "improvement" despite the modern man not needing any.

crispr makes breeding pointless and there is no such thing as the pinnacle of evolution. fireproof skin would absolutely be a improvemnt as would being cold proof radiation proof, oxygen independent and bullet resistant, all of which are needed for the upcoming race war

as well as the dozens of other traits i outline and the genes responsible for them

Go shill your golem science somewhere else, crispr is a jewish lie meant to convince people to give up natural selection so they can be even more degenerated and turned into something completely artificial (that would be disgusting and nonfunctional if it survives, which is a big if)

CRISPR is nu-Christianity for nu-Christians (SJW fedorafags), promising them eternal life if they give up everything natural, just on earth. In reality, we will just get even worse abominations than racemixed mongrels. A kike won't stop there when it comes to creating the ultimate subhuman (the perfect Jew)

None of which are needed as superior weapons are far more efficient. Hypothetically (none of this shit will happen in reality), it would be much better (and easier) to create a bioweapon targeting all nonwhites (and white-looking kikes) and then let the nature run it's course as intended. A fully developed and non-degenerated white man doesn't need any (((improvement))) , it's just your own projection.

Yes, let's turn everyone into an overgrown extremophile. A bigger boomstick always wins from the efficiency standpoint, it's far better to develop weapons for exterminating the ugly, than to destroy the beautiful for the sake of biological survival.

singe when did i say they would look like reptiles? they would look like very tall very toned humans with graphite coloured skin.

crispr is not a lie i personally have used crispr.

news flash nigger most selective pressures acting on humans are completely unnatural, agriculture, clothing, technology, weaponry, machinery. all of it is completely unnatural and is modifying our physiology over the generations. if we are going to play god we may as well get good at it.

what the fuck are you on nigger? are you implying a 8 foot tall indestructable soldier who is physically more powerful than a charging rhino isnt a fucking weapon? holy fuck are you one double digit iq nigglet

if your boomstick doesnt damage the soldiers then that doesn't mean shit, what you are suggesting is effectively we should never have developed body armour because we can just use a bigger gun which doesnt make sense at all


i wrote a 3200 word document outlining how to genetically modify a man to be the perfect soldier, and what u took away from the the thread that i only wrote 2 lines as a brief description of the document? im not larping i only used the 40k image because it parallels the idea of super soldiers establishing a fascist empire. i threw in no german words i said der ubermensch is a widely understood phrase by ethnonationalists and philosophers alike not MUH NAZIS, kill urself kike shill u are terrified and u WILL get the rope

Your document is meaningless spam. Your thread doesn’t belong here. Fascism is civic nationalist; we don’t support it. You can’t even write English.

no it is not, it outline every gene upregulated and downregulated or introduced, needed to be modified to confer beneficial traits in a super soldier the fact u cant read the document correctly means u are likely not white or what a iq higher than 85.

*have and iq

what specifically in the document is spam and be specific u kike shill, also fascism is NOT civic nationalist where the flying fuck did u get that cunt?

Spam confirmed. Fuck off with your meaningless thread. It doesn’t belong here.

no, how about you fucking defend ur words specifically cunt ? ur avoidance is obvious to everyone in this thread

tell me an exact gene or trait outlined in the document which is scientifically impossible and i will show u a fucking liar. the fact ur criticisms are vague and when asked repeatedly to underline a single sentence in the document, u resort to an ad hominem and deflect, shows that u are one of four things ; a glow nigger, a kike shill, a nigger, or a retard double digit iq faggot.

I’ll keep this short and sweet.
Daily doses of Anavar for increased muscle mass, bone mineral density and wound/collagen healing/strengthening/optimization.
Daily doses of Toremifene Citrate for supraphysiological Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone levels, decreased estrogen levels and bone mineral density.
Daily hard physical labor disassembling and reassembling - automotive, aeroplane, seaship and gunnery for functional strength of body and mind, not only of benefit to self but for purposes of war and society.
Daily sun and red light therapy, while reaping and sowing the land and river.

But it was real in my larping Stormfag mind

mine are much more powerful

however i did skip over psychological conditioning and military training. but that isnt my job, im just making the performance enhancements

Your priorities are backwards, idiot.

>>>Zig Forums


No you're just a spamming faggot looking to slide the god damned board. Post proof of these changes to yourself or fuck right off.


That's how you know you can safely filter a faggot.

no goethite is in the limpet teeth, scaly foot gastropod is iron sulphide which is pyrite

That's them.

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Didn't Erich Hartmann shoot down 352 of them by his little lonesome?

Could have, at least they fought for their people even if they were party members, their contribution helped stop the nazi reign of terror.

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Posting to the internet from mom's basement

No. You're just a LARPing, self promoting newfaggot. I'm not even going to read your shit because you so obviously don't belong here.

Oh and btw, you are using German words because you are a worthless, shallow individual trying to sound like a Nazi. The English language has dozens of words that you could have used instead but you used German ones because the depth of your philosophical understanding of National Socialism is
German helmets cool! Me want be German! :DDDDDDD
Fuck off you worthless wigger. Go pollute some other ideology with your gay role playing.

Kill yourself kike, reported

Also, these were likely the military aged males of a village that protected partisans. They didn't deserve to live anyways, using civilians as human shields to kill the German soldiers trying to free them of jewish bolshevism.

Facts don't care about your feelings. Neither did they care about the feelings of 1000 cry baby neo nazis who whined about reality being too harsh on them because the nazis massacred eastern european civilians en mass which utterly demolishes any notion of "white fraternity" of german national socialism. A cowardly, wretched and debunked to death a billion times ideology it is.

They were victims of German atrocities as they were leaving Ukraine so they randomly killed people.

You're nobody to say who deserves to live and who does not. You have no authority nor speak with authority.

Yeah I know your game nazi, your chutzpah doesn't pass here, your buddies never have been able to disprove that the nazis were genocidal against the Slavs. German atrocities fueled Russian reprisals.

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So like an improved version of BT ?

Fuck off communist jew
Its called war, which the poles provoked. The death toll during the actual German invasion of Poland which put an end to the polish slaughters of ethnic Germans in the Danzig corridors took 18 days, there were comparatively few deaths.

The German soldiers were the most humane and just soldiers of the war, as confirmed by men and civilians of all sides. They quite literally saved Ukrainians from being deported to the gulags. There were vast amounts of baltic and slavic volunteers among the soldiers of the Reich, some of which were the most decorated soldiers of the war. Polish, Latvian, Ukrainian and even Russian men. Look up red terror. The bolshevik jews were barbaric subhumans, and they were the ones agitating their soldiers against the Germans with gruel propaganda, allowing and even commanding them to commit despicable war crimes against innocent civilians, not just in Germany, but also in Poland and the balticum. Wherever someone resisted the red terror, women and children were tortured and viciously slaughtered. See the jew Ilya Ehrenburgs war propaganda.
There were civilians which were killed by German soldiers, but these were exclusively punitive / preemptive actions against military aged males of those places that protected partisans. Thats what happens when partisans break the geneva convention and hide among civilians.

Since i have a functioning brain and am aware of the facts, i can for sure say that the cowardly red partisans, many of which were jews, deserved to die. And you, dear Shlomo, deserve to die as well.

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Please tell me you're not just a fa/tg/uy LARPer so I can laugh even harder!!

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I disagree with OP, stop trying to be a kike, trying to create an artificial human which will end up in a man made disaster, that's EXACTLY what the kikes want, we need to evolve naturally.

On that note, fuck you op, your idea is horrible, hell the fuck no.

reported, "terror" you have seen nothing yet kike

Citation needed.

Cat got your tongue?
With 4chan his debunking your retarded nazi apologist version.
They were arguably more worse than the mongols and you can't prove otherwise as it would imply whitewashing purposeful premeditated national socialist crimes although not all soldiers were bad people by society's standards.
Anecdotal nonsense. They starved and killed Ukrainian nationalists even in June/July 1941 they had blood on their hands.
Red army soldiers came across nazi brutalities little ignorant boy.
One sided view is discharged. Why don't you want to admit he said to kill Germans after German depopulated Rzhev? Because it would destroy the filthy natsoc lie.
You don't know eastern european ww2 history.
But you don't know more than half the things you're talking about here, why should I die? Does the truth scar you that much?

Take your vile anti white/slavic chutzpah vomit outta here. You just showed like many before you that you can't disprove what virtually every eastern european today knows is true.

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If you want to create a biological fighting machine that can somewhat handle big boomsticks, you'll end up with something like Tyranids. Why sacrifice beauty when you can just make better weapons/armor etc? Sure, you can make some enhancements for the solider caste, but pure, naturally evolved species must be preserved and improved through selective breeding and designer environments. Both would heavily facilitate development of certain desirable traits.

And dysgenic. And Jewish. Which is synonymous.
Anything you could realistically create would still be shrek'd by WW2 tier artillery, let alone more modern weapons. Learn a thing or two about actual warfare.

Which is precisely what has happened over the course of history

Don't let me discourage you though (vid related).


Thank you for your contribution, your loyalty will be rewarded. Heil Hitler.
We’re back.

Do i smell an argumentum ad populum? You kikes truly are all the same vile parasites.
The fact that slavs have been indoctrinated with holohoax-tier post-war anti-German gruel propaganda is not an argument for the truthfulness of said propaganda. The jewish bolsheviks were the ones committing war crimes against the Ukrainians among other peoples, namely the Holodomor. The Germans freed the Ukrainians of the shackle of bolshevism. The red troops were used to break the last resistance against the jew world order, the German Reich, so of course the jewish parasites would invent gruel propaganda to legitimize their own bloodlust.
Next you're getting the ol' holohoax out of the closet. Yawn.

Pic related are the Ukrainian volunteers which the Germans appearantly wanted to genocide. Their own division, the galician 1st, was one of the best divisions of the war. It is still remembered and honored by Ukrainian fascists today.

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You wrote a 3200 word document.

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Go back to leftypol


Kill yourself, subhuman.

Kill. Yourself. No one is going to support your autistic retardation. You openly call for white genocide.

That's what you're doing, you're lying and acting self righteous. It wasn't the Jews that ran extermination camps murdering Germans but rather german national socialists and their accomplishes. Really shows who's the insane one.
Since you're that ignorant I'll spill the beans. Many accounts of premeditated national socialist atrocities were passed down by eye witnessed and confirmed by other people who did things such as
My previous post blows you out of the water completely into earth's orbit.
They starved around 40,000 Ukrainians to death in Kharkov. Liberators my ass, more like conquerors, more like mongols. Are the national socialist German the mongols of the white race or were Genghis Khan's soldiers the germans of the asiatic race?
You speak from a false narrative which is used to also condone nazi savagery and whitewash their crimes.

My other post blows you and the whole think tank of natsoc apologists out of the water. You can't hide from the truth. I literally dismantled your stance, and for the record people didn't have the internet in those times, not all Ukrainians knew of all of the nazi atrocities. Nazi savages killed children, killed the elderly, killed POWs and raped girls. No other army in the history of humanity probably was as filled with rage and vengeance as was the red army and they broke the jaw of the national socialist war machine in the attrition and ground war.

Attached: a nazi apologist's slavophobia.jpg (925x629 2.61 MB, 132.93K)

I think the faggot Nietzsche goons need to read Schopenhauer and desist with this infantile Over-man garbage. You must focus on slaying your demons and returning to lost glory!

He got it from the ideological underpinnings of Italian Fascism you little f fashie cunt. See pic related and do away with your transhuman kikery and misuse of my language. Even the BUF, described themselves as National Socialist and held explicitly Racial views.

We just going to ignore that the Soviet archives show evidence of the NKVD putting on German uniforms and committing atrocities to stir up anti-German sentiments? We gonna pretend that the Bolsheviks wouldn't do this when everyone complained more about Allied behavior than the Germans?

God you people are literally subhuman.

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I wonder how many armies had Ilya Ehrenberg as their chief propagandist.

You see yourself in me as I demolished your chutzpah deception so you're raging mad, and btw I posted an image debunking the " NKVD putting on German uniforms and committing atrocities to stir up anti-German sentiments."

You effeminate subhumans cry and whine and squeal like the prostitute pindos whores you are and I don't have to explain myself anymore than I want to fucking retard. I debunked your stance so you can't push the anti slavic narrative that the nazis were the good guys, or are you mentally retarded and can't read what I just posted?

wew. fuck off outsider

Yeah I bet this place is gay too. And remember I debunked the stance that nazism isn't anti Slavic. What are you going to do now? Cry like a twinkie eating 60x a week manchild?

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take yur risperidol shlomo

Get glassed niggerlover

You didn't debunk anything maggot, you just hand-picked a couple of hard to verify, out of context quotes. Slavs were mostly considered subhuman due to their choice to side with the Jews. Those who didn't, didn't have much issues with Germans.

This is not halfchan Moshe, you gotta try harder than that.

Hitler said himself he didn't hate Slavic people, only the jewish controlled government

butthurt holhols, chetniks, asiatic-turko mutts in this thread oh my!

Or what? You threatening me with chutzpah-posting?

In table talks? Where he said Ukrainians should only know how to read road signs to not be run over?

Here's what he said.
In setting up the educational system, the same principles apply to both Eastern territories and any other colonies. We do not want any of this enlightenment nonsense propagated by an advance guard of parsons ! What is the use of talking about progress to people like that? Jodl is quite right when he
says that notices in the Ukrainian language "Beware of the Trains" are superfluous; what on earth does it matter if one or two more locals get run over by the trains?

I am in favour of teaching a little German in the schools simply because this will facilitate our administration. Other- wise every time some German instruction is disobeyed, the local inhabitant will come along with the excuse that he "didn't understand". For the same reason, the Russian script must be replaced by the Latin. The greatest possible mistake we could make would be to take the local population too much under the wing of the State ; and to avoid all danger of our own people becoming too soft-hearted and too humane towards them, we must keep the German colonies strictly separated from the local inhabitants.

Germans will in no circumstances live in a Ukrainian town. If essential, it will be better to put Germans in barracks outside a town than to allow them to live inside it. Otherwise, sooner or later, the process of cleaning up and improving the town will inevitably start; and Russian and Ukrainian towns are not in any circumstances to be improved or made more habitable. It is not our mission to lead the local inhabitants to a higher standard of life; and our ultimate object must be to build towns and villages exclusively for Germans and absolutely separate from Russian or Ukrainian towns. The houses to be constructed for the Germans must in no respect resemble those of the Russians, and lime-plaster and thatched roofs will not be used.
Page 589 - KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS Table talks

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But they did. Ever heard of the Rheinwiesen Camps, kike?
Are you saying the holohoax happened?

Slav genocide can be disproven with the population census of Ukraine and Russian territories, with the fact that several slavic SS divisions existed, and with eye witness accounts of Ukrainians who called the Wehrmacht "the grey angels" as they stopped deportations to the gulags, where they had to work themselves to death for the communist war machine.

Do you know what a siege is? The red army was defending that city and the Germans sieged it. Since the red army was run by parasitic jews, they held it until their own people starved to death. They did much worse to their own soldiers, throwing them into the German lines like their lives weren't worth anything. 40.000 might be a little too high of a death toll claim as well though, looking at the census of the city.

If its real in your mind, Shlomo…

You misspelled "Communist savages". The German soldiers were the most discipline and humane soldiers of the war, and they enforced high disciplinary standards for all of their allies as well. Whoever commited crimes against the people in an occupied territory faced the death penalty or the penal battalion.


Ahahahahha it keeps getting better… you are aware that in the "Ariernachweis" it literally fucking said that Poles are a related race to the Germans, i.e. Aryans? That picture is probably from a page of "the holocausts greatest hits" by Shlomo Diamondsteinberg.

Thank you Moishe, very cool! Only sad thing is that there is zero proof for table talks being real. Try again! Although even if this quote was real, its not even close to a proof for Hitler wanting to genocide slavs, in fact it disproves it. He (supposedly) talks here about not building fancy houses for Ukrainians, but obviously plans to keep Ukrainians around. I personally think Hitler wasn't the kind of guy to let his brave ukrainian SS men live in tin shacks, though. But thats just my opinion… kek

Its a jew. Expect a high amount of sophistry. He's getting paid to post here, but the anti-white enthusiasm in his posts will wear off soon.

Except it wasn't, it was national socialist policy.

That's easily disprovable, all disproved in the pics I posted.
Why are you bringing in your opinion or either unproven claim, chutzpah posting your hobby it seems.
Not an argument, prove it.

Are you admitting you aren't sophisticated

No evidence, why are you making an argument from a false presupposition? Your chutzpah smells like manure.

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Also I don't have to or am entitled to provide you with any arguments, when your brain goes into shutdown mode from a taste of reality the anti slavic rape fantasy child porn watching self proclaimed natsoc spouts out "ad hom ad hom ad hom."

Too many words = too many iq?

Why are you spoiled manchildren raised on your fathers porn magazines also squealing to me your petty insults like you're seriously constipated? Are you german troglodytes?

So you are pro White but not NatSoc ?

empty words = trash

I am against the NatSoc degeneracy and I not anti white or anti any other race for that matter. In fact I may come off like a germanophobe but I don't want to hate you or any nation of people. My hand is forced to respond when I see the vehemently vicious hatred of Slavs on the internet.

What I posted explains Ilya's hate filled poem to kill Germans. If you dare then read it.

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have a real sniper, he killed 500 reds

read my other image "if you dare"
nazis actually punished the rape of women by soldiers with death, unlike the slavs who raped women and children

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Can someone delete this shitty thread, waste of time

Sure I should take your word over the words of a veteran who witnessed the nazi paradise firsthand.

And some red army soldiers received the death penalty for rape or pillaging (but probably just rape) in Berlin as well because the socialists didn't want their German counterparts to hate them and the red army for their behavior.

Also reading your image is nothing surprising after the German war crimes it fueled vengeance of the red army, I can read Russian and can confirm the mostly Slav army gave the national socialist supporters the same medicine their brothers and husbands gave Jews and Slavs in eastern europe.

Ah antisemitic dribble which makes no mention of why the Russians fought so hard or why Ehrenburg made his inflammatory, just russophobic and antisemitic drivel towards the end. Nothing radical, nothing surprising that nazi lovers act dishonest everywhere and all the time. Spineless cowards.

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Why are you here if you hate everyone here so much? No one cares what you say and they aren't gonna change their worldview because of you. Kill yourself.

Fuck of vodka nigger

this is dumb. if you're going to make up magic new technology, then what if we all upload into indestructible solar-powered computers that last a billion years where we can all live in ecstasy forever? I mean, why not? Elon's halfway there already.

Can you explain why nobody would care about the content which I posted? I uploaded an explanation as to why Ilya Ehrenburg created his infamous hate filled poem. Are people interested in history on here? Don't people want to see the other side and not the "fuck the kikes they're the sole cause of all the world's problems" side? Because the continual whitewashing of the nazi empire breeds hurt and resentment from Slavs and Jews alike.

Attached: murdered civilians in crimea or southern ukraine.jpg (440x337 88.72 KB, 101.36K)

Which post was that, again? I can't seem to find it.

Only because they made the first move. Had the soviets made the first move, Germany wouldn't be able to survive long enough to get anything out.

here the first one from the right

Attached: tomas.png (1920x1920, 3M)

nothign i mentioned was new technology

I've read it all, but why defend jews? They've been just as mean to your people as fascists have, from those stories.

Am I defending the Jews? I consider that most Jews living a typical life in eastern europe back then as people who were no bigger villains than their next door neighbor. Do I know in thorough detail how many conspiracies are valid about the Jews? No, but even if some Jews clearly behave evil, what connection do they have to common Jews. If some atheist Jews support abortion, you have Jews like Ben Shapiro who are vehemently against it and even said he wouldn't have had killed Hitler or something when Hitler was a child, but rather that he should have been raised properly I think.