Neo-Nazi SWATters Target Dozens of Journalists

Neo-Nazi SWATters Target Dozens of Journalists

Nearly three dozen journalists at a broad range of major publications have been targeted by a far-right group that maintains a Deep Web database listing the personal information of people who threaten their views. This group specializes in encouraging others to harass those targeted by their ire, and has claimed responsibility for dozens of bomb threats and “swatting” incidents, where police are tricked into visiting potentially deadly force on the target’s address.

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“They said they were going to send me three grams of cocaine,” Holzman told KrebsOnSecurity.

Sure enough, earlier this month a small vial of white powder arrived via the U.S. Postal Service. Holzman said he didn’t open the vial, but instead handed it over to the local police for testing.

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Why would we care?


Threads were posted here before the swats happened so brian krebs is claiming it was nazis


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Trips say post database here.


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Post who you want swatted next.

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checks out

He was told a deepweb hitman was coming to kill him

very nice work. although journalists and known antifa would be more high value targets than some degenerate boomer

can you do that "blockhead joe" guy A. Wyatt Mann talked about? and maybe Eichenwald as well.

Joe "kill white people" Bernstein?

I'll need the dox.
Plenty of journalists on the list haven't been swatted yet.

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So the government will suddenly break down your doors and rush into your house with automatic weapons and wearing armour? They will shoot your dogs, and anyone armed that reacts surprised gets shot too?
And an anonymous phone call is enough to make this happen for any one?
When did the US stop being a free country? Reagan?
Any pride americans have in their country is completely invalidated by this. You need to fix it or shut the fuck up about how great it is.

You mean they dox themselves for victimbux.

Yes, this is Amerika now. Only solution is to KILL any Goobermint Agent who kicks in your door. And have friends/family kill those who had you SWATTED.

Seconding Joe Bernstein. That Blockhead needs it

I hope they have some targets in my own area.

Swat the SPLC or the Canadian equivalent.

This board is woefully slow, but might be a start >>>/thelist/


Time for the SWATstika to shine again

Watch and learn, /boomerpol/. This is how it's done.
This place is a joke. Kill yourselves, cucks.

It would be hilarious if they busted him for possession after turning it in.

lol look at this innocent little newfag all full of ambition…indeed…show us "how it's done"

DEADNET striked again.

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Not killed

Feel free.

Tranny Today Magazine is not notable. (See how that works wikikikes?)

It only works if your jurisdiction has shitty old 911 software. Newer ones (places where this happened and in some case police were sued) have an upgrade. All SWATting is is caller ID spoofing. 911 is actually negligent for not verifying if calls are real.

Zoe and Anita have more lucrative scams now, tranny.

A good start. Every single journalist must be killed. They are all tools of the jews. They are all leftists. And the majority of journalists are pedophiles that have already raped children.

People do this because they’re too weak and hormonally destabilized to survive in an honest world. They have to operate deep web bastions and darkside plots because too much truth would destroy them.

Repent! Be not primitive! Betray in principle the unprincipled!

Who would trust a surgeon who did such things? How could any liar ever advance science? The whole edifice of modern medicine is founded on our construction of a voluntarily honest society.

African strongmen govern that way while their people starve. Racists are too dumb to pick vegetables. Without free flowing information in society, truth fades, and the strength of all is reduced to the shivering weakness of fucking cavemen.

Hello buzzfeed kike, prepare for a slow and pai ful death

did he dead? did cops killed him?

They're required to treat everything is real because if they dont take a dramatic call seriously and shit goes down they are fucked and liable for it. It's just taking advantage of the psycho ZOGbot mentality of wanton use of deadly force even with no actual evidence it's necessary other than a single phone call

why do you think they're going after average boomer maga types? if this truly is le nazis then all hope truly is lost

Are they honestly implying they don't create similar lists?

NSA has gorillabytes of lists

Reminder that White Nationalists are traitors who promote the propaganda for the enemies of Whites

this post deserves a bump to show all people who remain that mods allow these kinds of posts and posters to remain and shit up the board, this is what they want.

Yes indeed.

If you go after discordfags as well, Nomen#5876 might be a good start.

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That's all you faggots care about is your "board". Fucking losers.

Why won't the fucking Onion work? I'm forced to post now through a tor + virtual browser combo that sucks dick and won't even let me start threads since it fails to load certain elements on the page and only lets me reply in threads that don't have too many posts (otherwise it fails to load the thread). REEEEE


I'm just going to drop this here. If another user can repost it in the stickers thread please do so.

Krebs the cuck wants his daughter to marry a dune coon and be tied up while a train his run on his wife. He'd rather have his throat slit by a spic then stand up for his race. Remember, this piece of shit rat used to blog for WAPO. DoTR he's top of the list if some Russian gangsters don't kill him first.


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Reminder he is literally paid to post here.

I have never seen the media being doxxed on Zig Forums here on Zig Forums. However if it happened I wouldn't care as the anti America types who have actively looked to harm the country deserve every bit of shit they get for what they have done to others. Either way though, not our problem, not our operation here, sounds more like something from half chan as our recent operations in regards to the media had nothing to do with doxxing and, frankly, wouldn't as we usually never do that and only have recently in regards to when we created the masterlist for ANTIFA.

You might wanna start with doxing and swatting prominent jewish journalists and prominent proponents of degeneracy. Remember to maintain opsec, and persec.

If their dox is out there, they're fair game.

Michael, calm down. That isn't the way we talk to suspects.

Everybody (((they))) don´t like is a "nazi".

No reproductions when you order this from russia, right Vlad?

they seem based though

idiot neo-nazis are always Jews.
natsoc wouldn't do something so petty that has no upside other than the laugh.


Who, unironic discord trap9k confederates?

doesn't really matter if they're trannies or not, still based

funnily enough, he is still in better condition than most lefties, who don't even have the excuse of old age, as they are in their 20's.


If we win the LAW rocket, can we get it delivered as is instead of ordinance first?

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That's a funny looking flashlight, shouldn't point that thing around carelessly, might blind someone you know.

Wait, what an M72 LAW? I thought that was one of them ted kazinsky devices.

Trannies who're into BLACKED and kill animals/commit arson like edgelord faggots aren't based

They're still a blast to have.

incoherent much?

Want to know how I can tell you're of a leftist slant?


Its a form of psychological terror. These fags fear for their life, in the immidiate moment that the SWAT arrives, but also constantly, since it was demonstrated to them that their enemies know where they live and are willing to act upon that knowledge. So it has a gigantic upside worth far more than the laugh.

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what would theoretically happened if someone made an equivalent list with the same information and labelled the individuals as evil white supremacists. not like lefties would check twice before accidentally swatting their own rats

In the words of Chad Warden: "That looks like a dildo!"

Now this is an interesting idea

Should have bigger lists of targets, IMO.

F for all the burger doggos caught up in this.

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War never changes

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bette midler. madona

I somehow strongly suspect that is the casing of a spent M72 LAW. It looks just like an unspent one but without the rocket inside.

how do i become nazi swatter

fucking newfag never heard of the term "do it for the lulz" ?

So MOSSAD? Neo-Nazis are kikes who shit on National Socialism.

that sounds like a really good idea actually

I seek to remind ye that more than 50% of all terrorism (when you add up the jew and jew/semitic groups; aka you look at it through an 'anti-semitic' lens) in the USA is done by jews and their jewish ideologies.

Spicniggers take up the other 42% which leaves the bugs, mongrels like hapas, all Whites, niggers and everyone who just goes postal at their boss in the remaining 8% of 'terrorism'.


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