Tulsi Gabbard sues Google for $50 million

Ok this is huge, this is how Jews and their corporate front group rig elections.
"Gabbard's clash over the war in Afghanistan with fellow candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio) helped shoot her to the top of Google search rankings after the first debates. Her campaign is alleging that Google suspended her account for 6 hours on June 27 and June 28, stifling her ability to capitalize on the attention spike and raise money."

Dirty bastards, remember they tried to make it seem like Kamala Harris was all the buzz when in fact nobody can stand her or Biden.

If it was a jew suing for some sort of infringement or discrimination, winning a huge judgement would be a sure thing.
It don't work the other way around.

Lets all be good Goy and pretend Jews don't dominate almost all news and entertainment platforms. If it was the other way around there'd be so many lawsuits it'd make your head spin.

We need to bring back the fairness doctrine.

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Is it moarpheus again?

I thought moarpheus backs out of Tulsi when it found out she respects Trump?

I think she's a closet war hawk but breaking Jewish/corporate control of the media supersedes all other current considerations.

If trump told us that he would be sending that sperg into the sun I would ensure trump had a second term

Oh IT IS moarpheus.

Good to know. The jewish media is hugely democrat so you will have a hard time convincing your baste leftists about muh israeli control.

Trump will win 2020.

I'm looking forward to him and his fat face leading anti-Zionist march in California and gets punched by a tranny.

In the second line I mean moarpheus.

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If she wins, Alphabet corporation will have to cancel one of their employee retreats next month.

Smoka dat ICE brah, yah?
But she sets a good example and now ALL candidates will be tracking and suing…

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Morpheus, never heard of him.

Check Ann Coulter's twitter there's new immigration rules that is sponsored by big tech. It already passed one chamber, the bill is about giving Pajeets all future tech jobs.

It's a political stunt, poojeet. Fuck off.

A jew sperg trying to make a fucking name for himself attention whoring on hate/pol/.

Yeah you faggots can have fun voting for ZOGnald to own the libs, the minute a woman had bigger balls than the entire right-wing combined was the minute I got out of this shit

Go back to reddit, please.

kikes mad

BUMPED. Google Should be dragged down the Street

About what? The democrats? No, they own them. The republicans? No, they own them. Are you just retarded?

That is quite a stretch. No.

Well, good luck to her. I doubt anything will come of it, but it's her campaign.


March 18th 2019 Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has sued Twitter and three of its users for $250 million in damages, alleging that he was defamed and that the social media juggernaut engages in the "shadow-banning … your mom has bigger balls faggot spreading lies like a liberal shill

kikes mad

Yeah, once you clean the cum out of your ears, it might stop leaking into your brain so you can start to clearly think about the difference between some Republikike suing people for mean things and Gabbard suing Jewgle for literally censoring her

Get those big balls mommy Gabbard has, out of your lying mouth and face.
The only difference is the shill kike media is actually backing your mommy and making it seem like she's some victim.
In the end we all lose you dumb fucking cuck. So sick on my little Chinese balls

Google has an obligation to earn profits for its shareholders.

except your Republikike didn't get banned you negro, some queers said mean things about him and the faggot couldnt handle it. of course some crybaby would be your go-to hero

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