RCMP investigating photos of B.C. murder suspects, Nazi paraphernalia

>The suspect’s father continued: “He wants his hurt to end. They’re going to go out in a blaze of glory. Trust me on this. That’s what they’re going to do.”


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They killed a white backpacker couple though… It doesn't make any sense…

Maybe it was a race traitor?

An aussie guy and a yankee girl. It isn't good.

Pic 1 and 2 circa 1990s
Check out the cathode ray tube and total lack of anything modern.

It's probably a set up. We can expect a dozen false flags in the coming year, all pointing blame at the "EBIL NOTZEES!".
I hope you all are properly prepared for what's coming? The targeted hunt for each of us with a brain will commence as our opposition continues to lose, expose themselves, and get increasingly desperate. Good luck, lads.

What proof is there that they did it?

Maybe they were communists

Possible jew?

What's the rule? -ski is Polish and -sky is jewish?

post proofs.

Yes. Other differences in Polish names are -ska -ski to defer female and male (the latter) -sky is kike.

Of what? I don't think there is proof they did it these two guys are wanted in connection for the murder of the couple.


The site says 3 people the couple and one leaf.

Communist backpackers?

Insane jews on a rampage:
pretend they are white nazis, anything but admit they are jews and blame white people.

No they didn't the RCMP are just using them as a scape goat to "solve" cases they'd never be able to solve. They actually have a notorious history of false accusation and imprisonment especially in regards to murder here.

No proof that they were traitors or communists. They're most likely kikes murdering for fun and blaming it on "neo-nazis".

Those Hitler Youth knives are rather common for ww2-era collectibles, especially fakes made to take advantage of amateur collectors.
Sage for offtopic.

tbh, there are far too many ways in which Slavic surnames are Anglicised for it to be a reliable determiner if who is and who is not a jew.
>t. Slav
Something about the surname ‘Schmegelsky’ just seems off to me.

Confirmed Gamers

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You guys are really looking to throw support behind outcasts and incels who go on killing sprees. Wow you guys really are retarded.



Where did the other thread on this topic with more information go?


You guys stop
I don't want to laugh at your deception.

Will these fucking retards never learn?

Yeah it's baals butt boys having a joke.
Smeg is slang for the disgusting stinky leftovers of intercourse.
This is what would be in the whore of babylons cup. "The filth of her fornication" That's why the jews depict this kind of thing in their hardcore porn or xxx which is 666 in their gematria, with such choice names as evil angel and burning angel etc.
Their master beelzebub baal is the lord of the flies because he is attracted to filth. Which is where the term cleanliness is next to godliness comes from.

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The other 34% are probably bots.

smeg is dick cheese

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And dick cheese is the result of not washing after intercourse or masturbation.

I've started seeing this around. Is this what we can now expect on top of the endless shills, and kiked commies shitting up every thread?

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Woo looks like we got ourselves our own spambot.

No it's not idiot. It just accumulates over time if you don't clean under the foreskin once in awhile. Nothing to do with intercourse or masturbation.

You obviously have never had sex, fallen asleep and then awoken with extra smegma that is totally nothing to do with bodily secretions.
Not sure why you would question such an obvious and repeatable thing even stooping to the ad hom.

I'm a virgin, never had sex, and yet had smegma on my dick before I learned to pull back the foreskin in the shower and clean it.

If you are able to produce semen it comes out whether you have sex or not. Sweat is also a bodily secretion and urine, they would all be classed as filth (in biblical terms)because they attract flies. Are you an atheist?

i had smeg on my dick frequently when I was like 4 years old and then never again

Bamping to find the heroes. If they head south to the US,I'll take an email

[email protected]

False flag or not, never help anyone trying to punish someone labeled a national socialist. Always kill the modern authorities. They are the enemies of white men.

These two psychopathic idiots murdered an innocent white couple who's car broke down. – That white couple was a pretty good looking white couple too, looked like they had good genetics. The two virgin morons who killed that couple are piles of shit – beta male garbage race-traitors that will hopefully meet their end in a hail of police gunfire!

Weird. When I dont wash my exercised junk for a few days it doesn't get cheezy at all, it just smells really sweet. I must be pure Aryan

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It's spam personally protected and endorsed by the mods who would rather ban and delete trump criticism.

Same fucking duplicate spam. Fuck your jews, nigger.

[email protected] also I got friends who are all armed who can help out