Cuck-chan Invasion Shifting Right

The Reddit invasion of Zig Forums on half-chan seems to be sorting itself out. Starting to see these guys shifting rightward. Take a short break from this hurtbox and chip in and help move the overton window. That is if you want to actually redpill some normies with minimal effort.

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How exactly do you see this? Anytime I bring up the fact that Drumpf is a zionist shill I get bombarded with angry NPC reactions

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Back up your argument with deeper sources, faggot. You're lazy, and no one can take you seriously.
Do better, whiny faggot.

Well you can't run away anytime an NPC hurts your fee-fees. There are hundreds if not more other NPCs who will see what you say and some of them are coming around. They won't be all 14/88 right off the bat, but neither were most people here.

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Also, why waste your time going on about Trump? Better to lay the foundation. Bitching or praising about trump is cheap gossip shit either way and doesn't accomplish much in the longterm. Redpills friendo, redpills.

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Youre telling me Trump isnt a zionist shill? Wtf are you doing on Zig Forums if I might ask?

Keep the discussion about a controversy lightning rod like Trump so that you can divide and conquer. Easy response to these tactics are to respond with redpill images and not engage. Stay mad Schlomo.

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Cuckchan needs to be raided, and shifted.

As long as people think Trump is based they will never be redpilled.

Now is a good time to do that while there is already some momentum.

How many stars on the American flag?

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Too bad they'll still be stuck with Reddit mentality and make the whole site even more zombified in the long run.

If only Jews would greentext their tactic just prior to implementing it in every post.

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Not an argument dude. You can call me a jew all you want but maybe you shouldnt be so paranoid of everyone that critizes Drumpf

Some of them yeah, but their mentality will still be pushed rightward which is good for us in the longterm. Push right.

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oh boy

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t. Boomer civnat homosexual

Can't leave Zig Forums because the shills want to debate whether or not Trump is a zionist.

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You must really be braindead. Tell me what is wrong with what I am saying? My argument against Drumpf that is


Are you implying these memes dont cover truth?

Its cool bro. I'm all full 1488 like you and I totally hate Orange cheeto Drumpf

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Then why waste my time with those shitty memes?

Orange drumph just gets my blood boiling so much.

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Best way to respond is to continue on with the original subject. Let them take their debate to their own thread. Oh yeah, and don't forget redpill images.

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Stop being so fucking gay. I was being on-topic, I simply asked OP why he thinks cuckchan is getting more rightwing when they all still think Drumpf is on their side. That IS important to ask. I didnt expect people to reply so much on it because I thought it was consensus here that Drumpf is a shill but apparently it wasnt so I replied to people. I dont mind to stop talking about Drumpf but dont you fucking tell me Im intentionally sliding this thread. Now, what do you think of cuckchan? I see it only getting worse and worse tbh, feel free to tell me how I am in the wrong.


I think their is 2 key places that we need to raid.
That's r/Hapas, and r/AznIdentity and demoralize them completely, they're the key reasons that Cuckchan is filled with (((blacked))), and other pornography-demoralization.
I think those 2 subreddits need to be raided so hard with Asian Demoralization they commit suicide.

Cuckchan is already full of lefty shills complaining about "Drumpf" (usually using the word Drumf is a dead giveaway) Everyone knows Trump is kike sucker. Just "Orange man bad" routine instead of dropping actual redpills doesn't work.

Great examples of current running threads:

No, moron. Using "Drumf" unironically makes you a glowing faggot.
You've always been a commie shit smear, liar. Go put your pussy hat and screech autistically at an airport or something.
Your "reeeeeing" isn't landing here. Oh, and Fuck Trump, but he will remain as our Hammer until you are crushed to dust. We will then deal with him ourselves.
Don't you worry, slug. We have it all figured out already. Now, go the fuck away.

No one cares about half you stupid fucking cunt.

Why are you here? Fear?