Good night sweet prince

Good night sweet prince
>(((elites))) traffic and exploit children
Why do fucking kikes and normalniggers have to ruin everything.

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Maybe they shut down because they havent gotten any traffic since 2003

This thread again

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If being a "normalnigger" means you want this banned off the face of the earth you can call me Tyrone

the japanese have the highest average iq on earth. It is simply a matter of you being too stupid to appreciate intellectual content.


Have you ever considered it might just be the most degenerate among them that enjoy cartoons depicting children having sex and it has nothing to do with i.q. but some response to sexual abuse they have suffered?

you will never be more than an imitation of a japanese image board. the root origin of Zig Forums Zig Forums will always be japanese anime

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You're just a side-effect of their social engineering, and you were allowed to exist, because you fell into the category of a taboo that could be used to undermine morals. Now they don't need you anymore, which is why they discard you like a piece of trash. They see the entire human civilization as numbers to manipulate, as odds to play, as cattle to farm. You never mattered to them.

Time to learn Japanese and cut out the middleman

My hate of kikes stems from reality not you cuckime subversion


have you ever considered that anime is the exact opposite of subversion? You forget simple history

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I know thank god we have anti racist anime like UchiMusume to wake up those alt righters

Yeah, thank god for cuckime

Yeah, Ive really been sympathizing with the elves and majin lately. Its too bad I don live in middle earth so I could let them fuck my wife. Get in touch with reality ffs. Point out one nigeger in that show. Literally everyone in every anime looks japanese

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its a cartoon lmao
theres a reason there are such complicated liscencing issues regarding media coming from japan. Its because it has the potential to disrupt the programming unless its presented in a certain way. Anime is the only based form of media.

Anime was a mistake for Japan.

But I I literally everyone in every anime looks japanese?

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yes, literally everyone. To compare a japanese anime to a western imitation of anime please look at Gen Lock. You will notice that it is the complete opposite of anime.

Have you even watched the series its about a multicultural colony on mars?

Sounds like trash and Im not an indiscriminate pleb, so no. Generally multicultural to a japanese means including white people anyway. List one nigger exchange student who everyone praises as beautiful, now list 1000 europeans. Japanese are our greatest ally.

Post Umiko from NEW GAME

Yer mum

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You probably should expound on a series you know nothing about

more like a series that doesnt exist lmao

it got a second season…

there are simply no black people in anime