Trump has not built a single mile of new border fence after 30 months in office

Trump has not built a single mile of new border fence after 30 months in office.


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Trump has not deported a single illegal after 30 months in office. HE HAS IMPORTED OVER 2 MILLION NEW NONWHITES ON TOP OF OUR EXISTING ILLEGALS.


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just chill my duuuuudddeee… "the wall is coming"……… :///////

Already a thread

I'm voting for Trump. He's gonna win 2020 anyway



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Ironic of you to mention identical spam.
I wasn't even gonna vote but watching you shills freak out everyday and spam the same shit convinced me to vote for Trump.

This is now a Mueller time thread

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These didn't age well

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Just filter the mod poster.


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She will never be President. Sad

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Bet this guy killed himself

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Just keep making this legitimate thread until the kushnerbot mods give up like they did with the legitimate article about the ice raids doing nothing.
If the mods have time to ban and delete legitimate threads with sources, they have time to delete the spam and off topic trash that receives thousands of reports.


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The more permanent solution is an agreed upon migration point.

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Very good, Mexicans are awesome! I'm eating a burrito right now!

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It's kampfy running his derail bots.

[email protected]

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Fucking Lol

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My favorite

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Aged like fine wine

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2deep4me please explain.

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Any day now….oh wait

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This is a Mueller time thread. If you're not here for Mueller time then GTFO

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This entire thread is just liberal boomers vs conservative boomers posting shitty image macros.

No it's literally a mod spamming because he's pissed he got in troubled yesterday for deleting threads and now he's having a shitfit.

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The meltdown when trump wins in 2020 is gonna be beautiful

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That's why no one likes him.


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Womp Womp

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That means you ran out of images.

Or someone just got reeled in again.

Half of those PPH on here are just this spam.

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We haven't finished making Israel greatest yet


Fucking finally. Remember, anons. Don’t bother reporting posts. Link to the post in the meta thread and demand its removal. That’s the only way mods ever do anything.

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See you later, bot.

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He's just covering his tracks. See below.

This is now a crying leftist thread

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No, it’s a you’re banned thread.

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Its I have infinite Ips thread

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Wouldn't be surprised if it was a mod posting it

It is.

Thousands of photos of crying leftists. I'm gonna make you relive the agony you suffered in 2016

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But dat black unemployment yo

Basically how it works it the mod spams the shit out of threads he doesn't want. When enough reports show up he deletes his own posts, attaches a short ban to make it look like he's doing his job, and then goes back to spamming from another ip.

No wonder the entire site is dying lol

If only whites in the US went to Bolivia

Actually 8/pol/ died when mods threw out the diversity we once had.

It's all thanks to one mod.

And the mod evades their own ban again.

Maybe he will commit suicide when trump gets blown out in 2020

why did mod just delete pics of hillary supporters crying?

Ban evasion and spam.

Kill yourself

Nah, you’ll just be banned. Bye, yid.

Ban evading bot spammer can't change the fact there is no wall and Trump has done nothing but betray his supporters.

It must be nice to shield yourself behind so much cope. He'll probably win after all he kissed the juden ring and is setting up his kike daughter and son-in-law to come after him but you'll get nothing out of it once again. This is all circus anyway. There is only one way anything in this shithole gets fixed and it doesn't involve voting for controlled cucks.

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Archive of the additional thread with spam:

Sir! If you do not restrain yourself you are at risk of offending my delicate sensibilities.

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Maybe it's hard for you to believe but you don't have to be a mod to banevade and spam. I'm currently reading manga and only check the que in between chapters.

I don't specifically care which variety of jew your machines decide you voted for. Considering the state of the board however I do hope he fails, 2016 was a nightmare for the site as a whole.