Iranian cargo ship sinks in Caspian Sea

Whatchya doing rabbi?


an accident.

btw, did we mention that this was an accident yet?

This is interesting since it happened in the Caspian Sea. After Iran retaliated against British piracy by seizing two British cargo ships, I expected retaliation. I envisioned the UK either seizing more ships from Iran or at the very worst, damaging or sinking an Iranian vessel in the Persian Gulf as a strong Fuck You! to Iran.
But sinking a ship in the Caspian Sea? Now that's bold.
I mean, maybe this really is an accident and I'm making a false assumption and I admit, I have no concrete evidence that this was an Anglo-Zionist operation against Iran. However, their record of behavior is enough for me to seriously entertain the idea.
And if this is British retaliation against Iran, the fact that it takes place in the Caspian Sea is worrisome. The Caspian Sea is considered by all in the know to be a Russian Lake. They are responsible for protecting that trade zone. So if this is an Anglo-American retaliatory attack against Iran, they're doing it in a way to provoke Russia.


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Azerbaijan is an israeli satellite, something that goes unreported and unnoticed often.

Interesting OP but tiles do not seem to be a high value asset to destroy. But as you surmised it could be a retaliatory strike against Iran. The ship itself has to be worth a few million.

What you say is true, however the tiles are not what is important. What matters is sending a message. And of course the ship could be used for other things.

Tehran Times also hinting it might be an accident.

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What effect could 3m waves have on a ship that size?

Guess it depends on how seaworthy the ship was but something that size should be able to handle it. The Iranians aren't crying foul though.

While I appreciate the effort, you will still never be white.

What a coincidental timing

Indians were on board last time this happened.

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Ships just sink sometimes, Mr. God. You hafta be careful about the world you create.

The eternal Anglo strikes again!

little water shouldn't hurt the tiles.


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PS-once "fired" in a kiln, even primitive ceramics last literally FOREVER.

There are so many ancient clay pots etc that they aren't valuable unless unbroken, even if several thousand years BC old.

Since clay is "plastic" EVERY little group will naturally create their own slightly diff styles, and this is the basis for real archeology. You can ALWAYS tell who was where and moving at what time due to massive amounts of DISTINCTIVE broken clay pottery they will always leave behind.

No Jewish or "Hebrew" pottery exists prior to 200BC. In Israel today "scholars" try to pull obvious hoaxes like "Well, I guess the Israelites copied the style of low quality Phoenician pottery." I'm not making that up.

And "Jews had religious laws against marking or decorating pottery, or buildings, in any way".

I'm not making that up either. lol.

Actually there's literally no epigraphy left by the jews at all. The only piece we have is a pebble extracted from the site of Jericho. It's the size and shape of your little toe and it's got three parallel scratches gouged into it. That's it.
And there's no mention of any Kingdom of Israel in the extensive epigraphy of Babylon or Assyria or Egypt whatsoever. Odd, no?

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seems like injuns are always mixed up with israels shit
why that be?

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Jews stole literally everything about their identity. It's as if a monkey put human pants on it's head and started poorly mimicking human behavior.

kazaks cant triforce

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i dare say, i do believe the cause of this incident to be the clandestine contrivances of a certain tribe of peoples often referred to as hebrews


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Really? That's fascinating though I'm a little skeptical considering that there was some sort of jewish polity in the area. Unless my history of the region is incorrect.

I’m sorry to be a total brainlet, have been baking in the sun all day. What is the implication of this? That they didn’t exist in the land we call Israel today prior to 200 B.C.?

Total (((cohencidence))) with many more to come.

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uhh it was uranium tiles yes i would call this a (((cohencidence))) to say the least

Jews didn't control Palestine until around that time (a little earlier, but not by much) when they came in as satraps of the Persian empire. All of the Old Testament is backdated; their second Temple was their first, and there never was a King Solomon. Their Temple was paid for by the Persians under a fraudulent pretext: the Jews told them Yahweh was a local synonym for the universal god Ahura Mazda, not a tribal deity loyal only to them. The Mt. Sinai of the Bible most likely refers to a dormant volcano in Arabia, not the currently named mountain near Egypt. The Hebrews, or Habiru, most likely were a confederation of thieves, swindlers, and priest/magicians drawn from the dregs and outskirts of the Babylonian empire, and their first major mark on history was from opening the gates of Babylon to the Persian conquerers, a trait that has defined them until the present day.

It cannot steal our MAGA spirit.