What is nationalism like in your country?

Here in the US, we have a plethora of different groups in the white right. It’s currently split up into various different fractions, but it mainly boils down to three types:

You also have lower level nationalists (namely the alt-lite), but that’s mainly it. But there’s also a category that I’d like to refer to as “borderline white nationalists” that you often see here. People who are on the fence but leaning towards our side. That includes

America seems tp be split up among various different camps in terms of nationalism. I don’t know hardly anything about Canada’s right (other than the fact that you have Soldiers of Odin operating there), Spain’s right, Portugal’s right or even Ireland’s right. Anyone from those countries can feel free to chime in.

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Patriot Prayer is not on the fence about anything. 200% war for israel/white genocide.

Couldn’t think of anything else other than UCP. They’ve done a lot of work detaining illegals at the border, but sadly they’re MAGApede Qoomers, so their operations are misdirected.

Nothing sad or misdirected about it. Don't get weepy over announced enemies.

Test. Internet is being a nigger.

We've got Antipodean Resistance who's basically atomwaffen tier, Lad's society who are like a non-gay stormer book club/TRS pool party IRL thing and the united patriot front. The last one might be kiked but not really sure.

Antipodean society and UPF are the most active, Lad's society is pretty much just BBQ with *actual* fellow whites.


wait, what was the syntax for italics again?

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Fuck this fucking gook internet I'm changing my fucking node.

Here in germany, we've got two kinds of rightwingers:

1. Conservatives, who love israel and sometimes suggest, that we could help at least some of the sandniggers in their own countries, before letting them in. But if they come, nothing can be done, because violence against foreigners is immoral. Sometimes those conservatives may even suggest, that we may leave the state as large as it is now (e.g. huge), instead of enlarging it further. But this doesn't happen too often. Most of the time, those conservatives are unhappy with the internal security, and just want more police and more laws similar to the patriot act, and the british knife legislation.

2. Rage-Socialists, e.g. low-IQ lefties that want the state to be as large as possible, and let it handle everything, but they hate those fucking sandniggers, because a small portion of their taxes goes to those sandniggers, and they'd like to pay more taxes for other things, like for our (totally overfunded and crappy nontheless) schools (e.g. leftist indoctrination camps) for children. Oh, and guns must be forbidden for everyone, except the police and military. More power to the state! We only have problems, because out state hadn't had enough power in the past!

Once upon a time, we also had real nazis. But they're all dead by now, and shouldn't be overestimated. I knew a former SS-officer, and he basically was like a neocon from the bush era. "Yeah, jews are evil, but we have to support our allies, and the news say, that all those foreigners must be here, because the economy demands them. Now go to school, and let yourself be indoctrinated by marxists, you little shit.". Most nazis were more like the rage-socialists.

Something like the alt-light doesn't even exist. To my knowledge the only "german" rightwinger with a audience, which is giving out redpills, is a turk. And he's constantly sued for hatespeech. And so are his followers. That's the extreme right in germany. I don't count skinheads, because they either don't exist, or belong into group 2.

Honestly, without the decent US-style rightwingers on the internet I'd lose hope in humanity and either kill myself or convert to some radical branch of islam. Thank you, Zig Forums. You're a lifesaver.

Ireland is fucked in every direction. I live in the north but visit southern counties regularly. The south is turning into Sweden with niggers and dune-hoppers eveywhere, getting dole and housing while the Homeless are all white.
The north is fucked. We have no real government. All we have are so-called Irish nationalist/republican parties who are communist filth and want the brits out and the niggers in. On the other hand, we have the British loyalist/unionist parties who think they're god's gift and love Israel.
I hate them all. I must be the only natsoc in the country.
The best we have in the National Party but only have about 500 members and Aon-Tu, an Irish Republican party who are anti-abortion. The sole reason I voted for them. Did of those parties make any progress? Fuck no. Just Sinn Feign and the Jew U.P

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Here in my country the most active form of nationalism is the variety which is currently in power: Hindutva.

It's an ideology tailored for the low IQ masses, with sections of hardcore supporters occasionally chimping out in the form of lynching Muslims on flimsy accusations of "cattle smuggling" to butcher shops. Of course, I have no problems with the kebab removal aspect of this, but our right wing is basically a dead end because it's entirely based on religion.

t. Indian.

I'm from Sweden. The only thing that grows here as far as nationalism goes is civic nationalism, and they think it works.

There is one party called Alternative for Sweden who want to deport *some* immigrants and asylum seekers. They believe in the Swedish ethnic group, but they only got 0.3% of votes in the parliamentary election, you need 4% to get into parliament.
Our civic nationalists, the Sweden democrats, got 17% of votes in the election last year, but even they can't do anything in parliament because all the other cucked-to-shit parties refuse to work with them.

Our journalists are feral as fuck. It's why our country is so fucked. Even though the majority of voters in the country want to decrease immigration, they continue to vote for the social democrats because of the (((journalists))) framing any and all parties who might decrease it as fascists, nazis and racists (those labels really scare your average swede). Civic nationalists are apparently natsoc in Sweden, isn't it wonderful.

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Name him so people can support him.

Supporting a right wing turk in your country, ultimate cuck

(((They))) have been whining about "the rise of the right" in Australia for a while now but I'm not sure that its legit.

Our mainstream "right" party are the liberals- libertarians for the americans. They are in a coalition with the Nationals, who are just typical conservatives who split from the libs like 50 years ago to focus more on farmers and country people like myself. Both are basically neo-cons, and the libs especially have a bad habit of importing cheap labour and sucking Chinese trade cock. Then again, so does the Labour party.

There's Pauline Hanson's One Nation, run by based ranga who's been at it since the 90's, bless her. They're mostly anti-muslim reactionaries, with pretty nationalist overtones and thrive mostly in Queensland. Not perfect but a pretty good place to put your votes, and they're getting bigger witg each election it seems.

Of note is Fraser Anning's Conservative Nationals, who seem to be pretty great, and even plan on nationalising the central bank. They didn't get anyone in the parliament in their first election but there's always next time

There are a few assorted minor Nationalist-ish parties that don't achieve any success at all too.

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I'm in the US and completely isolated from IRL nationalism and I'm choosing to keep mine quiet for now. All I know for sure is what I see on here despite it being a filthy jew pit. However I have come across hints that we're somewhat widespread but just quiet about things. I saw a girl on tinder wearing a Mürdoch Mürdoch tee shirt. I've spotted a couple Iron Crosses on people in public that seemed more /ourguy/ than it was typical edgy branding (independent truck co, etc..) There are a ton of Trump supporters that I think could easily align with us enough to provide quiet support if provided the right information in the right way. I played a game of Secret Hitler with a group of people and everyone wanted to be Hitler lol. The very liberal guy who brought the game was pretty confused at this and decided to leave early and take the game with him. I've overheard someone surprising say "damn right I'm a White supremacist" in public. I've occasionally overhead 1 or two other conversation that were pretty close to this. Our actual enemies are vocal and few, and most people are indifferent and just don't want to look like assholes.

In truth I don't think we have cohesion, but we all know something is wrong and that truth is coming.

We all know the Hitler quote that ends

But I also really like what he says immediately after

The whitepill I felt while reading this was profound. The thought of, "nobody is on your side" was the same thing Hitler had to deal with, and he was successful in completely turning that around. It can be done.

Britfag here.
Nationalism is not good in the UK.
Authentically white nationalist groups such as the NF and BNP both shrank into insignificance about ten years back, the latter race-cucked, too.
Since then, there is no white nationalist political party active.
For Britain is an interesting party, as is Britain First. One is led by an Irish dyke who hates Islam, the other by Paul Golding, who is pretty based and keeps getting imprisoned. Both are growing at the moment.
There are a few interesting smaller groups, such as the (now illegal) National Action. NA was small, but its demonstrations prior to being banned were quite effective. Since one of their members topped an MP, they have basically disappeared.
There are a few anti-Islamic street movements as well, the largest of which is Tommy Robinson's lot, which despite having a number of pro-Israel types influencing things is largely made up of good people.
Brexit is the main issue of the 'right' at this moment, as we have spent the last three years in limbo. Until we get out the EU, we cannot control immigration, so it's an important first step.
The original party for leaving the EU is UKIP, originally led by Nigel Farage then, after some awful successors, Gerard Batten. It was quite promising under the latter, becoming more frank in its nationalism and attacks on Islam. Lots of people from the right were unifying round it, so the membership nearly doubled in one year. Unfortunately, Nigel then quit the party because of muh optics and started the shilltastic 'Brexit Party' which has no manifesto, no policies and so cannot be accused of being racist. The media threw their lot behind it during the European elections while painting UKIP as 'Nazis', the British public being incredibly scared of wrongthink, UKIP was destroyed and lost every single MEP.
Since then, the executive committee of UKIP have decided to blame Gerard Batten's good policies rather than Farage and the media for the loss, they have banned Gerard from standing for reelection and opposing his policies. Members are up in arms, but they won't listen. One of the candidates for election, Richard Braine, has the same policies and wishes to take Gerard on as deputy, so that might be the best bet. If not the party is dead and the Overton window continues its migration towards the Left.
Perhaps Boris Jonhson our new 'Conservative' PM will deliver on Brexit, but I have no hopes of him sorting anything else out.
Doctrinal purity is my only relief in this decadent age. Influence the best you can and put not your trust in princes.
tl;dr UK has too many parties because of muh optics and they are scared of being called nationalists.

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Never let anyone tell you being a nationalist is wrong, be proud of your forefathers, do what you can to ruin those who try to destory and deny your heritige. Propaganda to forceful actions all help.

Only retards care about brexit at this point.

also, anti-Islam movements aren't just a dead end, they are actively part of the problem.

Honestly a little but this but also a little not.

They are gateways more than anything, and its the choice of the leaderships of those groups whether it becomes a nationalist group, civnats, or simply fades into nothing when Islam fades from the news.

Here in Sweden the most prominent are the Sweden democrats, cucked zionists. Alternative for Sweden, irrelevant party born from SD's youth wing. Nordic Resistance Movement, pretty based from what i can tell. But most of their public actions are mostly just handing out flyers with red pills, disrupt pride parades and march on significant dates.
Behind the scenes they fuck with the commies, of witch there are plenty over here.

Polish Nationalism is based on the idea of a Polish state. It also involves a lot of romanticism as well as help for other people to help them regain their independence.
This is the core idea, and also an idea the current government very much follows. No ethnic nationalism.

There are some other parties, like Konfederacja which are a collection of different factions. One is in support of Monarchy, other one strongly supports Ethnonationalism, a Poland only for ethnically Polish people.

I think that Polish nationalism itself is quite something special.


basically what said. nationalism in the UK is fucking shit tier.
if you don't like muslims you can vote for or support all the anti muslim pro israel people and parties or if you dislike jews you can vote for the anti israel pro muslim parties. it's sick. divide and conquer. tommy supporters have their hearts in the right places and it's fun watching them BTFO police but tommy is such a kike loving shill.

I don't like foreigners in my land and i hate israel, there's basically fuck all i can do about it

Exactly. It's taken them 20 bloody years to accept anti-muslim arguments, but it'll be 20 more before we can speak against the rest, and by then it's too late. UKIP stole the BNPs votes, and I think that party was probably our last hope of a political solution.

I don't think our parties have managed to separate the 'wheat from the chaff' either: they usually have a few good members and a huge body of white niggers who aren;t good for much.

Ask any working class fella and he'll want the niggers and pakis gone, but he wouldn't stop his daughter going out with Muhammad bin coon 'coz he's sound innit?' Our population is rotten to the core.

There are less countries than I thought…
Come on other nations, you must have something to say.

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Loving your country and your people. You see, it's easy in Europe. It's been as it is for centuries, and it will be. In the US, you're fucked beyond repair. You can try to form a new people, build a new nation. But before that, you'll need to get rid of the chaff, and likely you'll need to cut off your own piece of land because you're certainly not getting the whole of it. Good luck in any case.

I've noticed that the majority of non-leftists here in the U.S. are internally feeling very 1488, but they can't break themselves free of the liberal-neocon mind poison that warps their heads. I genuinely think that the majority of our population, even many non-Whites, would vote for literally Hitler if he had a political machine strong enough to spread his message. I'm starting to understand why Dr. Pierce seemed so fixated on the media.

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Lol not for long

This is true but only to a certain degree. Most people consider Iceland a european country but it’s colonization by the Norse is relatively recent in the grand scheme of things.
The truth is we hold the Indo-European spirit of ever-expansion. Perhaps the US is bound to fall, but a scattered group of tiny tribes from the steppes of Russia managed to take and dominate most of Europe, it conquered much of Asia (until it racemixed itself out of existence there). We will prevail unless our genes are physically eradicated from the earth, which I doubt will happen.

Could’ve been me. Could have been any of us. I’ve caught myself getting heated with my wife in public over this topic (I have a tendency to get worked up and preach sometimes). Lucky that she isn’t a race traitor, but I worry about getting flanked by some Marxist trash for speaking the wrong think too much.
But main point is you can only keep the genie in the bottle for so long before this shit erupts and this conversation is an every day thing. Maybe some shitskin sand kikes will wise up and flee. Those that don’t, well, best of luck

wasn't half of the west german government filled with nazis? how did none of their leanings pass down?

Yep, it's still a social calculus for most.
On this corner, we have opening your mouth and critiquing the politics and culture of the day.
On the other corner, we have the large chance of complete social suicide by doing so.

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A bunch of retards supporting jewish-backed fraudsters and politicos.

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That's sorta impressive considering Sweden weaponized peer-pressure into their voting system.
See those ballots? Swedes have to pick the one with their party's name on it. You wouldn't be a bad goy and choose the bad natsoc party paper in full view of everyone, now would you?

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Kek, yeah. Norway does everything better than us, their voting system is way better.
Another interesting thing to note is that their immigration rate has actually been on the decline since 2011 (wonder what happened in Norway in 2011, hm).
When I visited Norway, I went to see the government building in Oslo, much bigger than I imagined, Fucking hilarious to note was that they had the bits of the bomb car on display in the middle of it all, sparing no one the sight.
Then when I walked to the center of the city, to Stortinget there was a group of about 200 sandniggers assembling and doing some retarded protest or prayer. Thought that was funny given my earlier visit.
If we're going to be realistic, there's really no need to be surprised or excited about 17%. The reason is that first off, our media gets more bizarre with every day, and lastly, the Sweden democrats aren't going to do jack shit.
They're Zionists like all the other civic nationalists pretending they're going to solve anything, and don't believe in the existence of our ethnic group.

I almost envy them, that they would give a shit.
It makes no sense to me whatsoever as an American. I'd enjoy pissing people off that I chose the most triggering party available.

Sounds like Poland.

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Regional nationalist parties:
English Nationalists, right wing, small party with few voters in the East of England.
Scottish Nationalists, left wing, get the majority of votes in Scotland and likely to win another independence referendum if it gets called.
Welsh Nationalists, left wing, recently stood down to allow the LibDems(globalists) to win a byelection in Brecon, get a decent amount of votes in Wales.
Irish Nationalists, left wing, republicans that refuse to send MPs to Westminster, they get a majority in the south and west of Ulster.

Nationwide nationalist parties:
Nigel Farage's political vehicle since UKIP's credibility became utterly tarnished, won a majority in the EU elections despite only coming into existence 7 weeks before the election, single-issue but represents the collective frustration of Britons against our fraudulent and treasonous political class.
Right wing, formerly a heavy-weight party but vote-share has fallen back down to dormant levels, was the vehicle for bringing about the Brexit referendum but a series of mistakes and sabotages have tarnished their reputation and electoral success.
Largest party in the House of Commons and forms the government, is merely a vehicle for ensuring the status quo and providing ministerial posts and careers for the political class and the children of the elite (Eton ===> Oxbridge), will generally only take the form that appears most palatable to voters and aligns with the globalist agenda, currently lead by Boris Johnson who is on a mission to deliver what was promised three years ago for fear of total obliteration by a fed-up general public in a general election. "Nationalist" more or less in name only. Would not trust them as far as you could throw them as at least our left wing parties are open about not caring about the British race.

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Brutal. This morning alone I foraged some home grown carrots and lettuce for my wake up juice, afterwards I spend 5 minutes talking with my mayor, while we were standing in line at the local bakery, and later I plan to go fly a kite with my kids. Nationalism is serious business, lads.

Are ANY of them anti-Israel?

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Of course not. Ironically, the only anti-israel party I can think of is Labour (the largest left-wing party and usually forms the opposition) because Corbyn is a Hamas supporter. That's the main reason that the principalities of darkness won't let him get elected, as banterous as it would be. His party is also responsible for the Rotherham rape gangs and mass immigration.

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putting Patriot Front with NPI and AIM is wrong IMO. Id lean more towards them belonging in the first category, but tbh they walk a unique line somewhere inbetween all of them. They have good optics while being non-compromising on ideology and action.

That image is nu/pol/ af

in poland we have some radical national socialism right wingers like "Falanga" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Radical_Camp
they are supported by russia, some fight in donbas against ukrainians, they prepare big rally every year, 90% of them are foodball fans and other thugs, sometimes they fight police and antifa

main ruling party is conservative socialism right wingers "PiS"
they are extremally cucked by jews and trump (they get a lot of founding from usa), they win election by promising to not allowing shitskins to come to poland and after elections they do opposite. they spending money in greek style, trying to win next elections

we also have meme'd party of Janusz korwin mikke and other foilcap nuts called "Konfederacja"
they are liberal conservatists mainly known from janusz korwin mikke and they never get more than 4,9%

we also have larping nazis and some pagan national socialists like "Zadruga" and others

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What's their stance on Jew/Degenerate hating non-whites

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4755 Anonymous server with self-harm, traps, steam giveaways, premium snaps and minimal rules! gg/Xq2uYaa

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8942 Leaked live nudes (all 18+ guaranteed) gg/Xq2uYaa

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Why does Sweden do nothing about the Muslim thugs patrolling parts of Malmö and shit? Surely they realise that being brown doesn't mean they're not criminals harming civilians? I saw a video of an Afghan spazzing out on a Swedish bus about how he wants to kill the passengers children and nobody even responded and the guy wasn't arrested. It just seemed insane as if he had some protected caste status for being a brown muslime

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(((Civic nationalist)))

This is why democracy (and every scheme of decentralized organization) is a joke that's doomed to fail. No decentralized group of anonymous strangers will ever be any match for a cohesive, well-funded, hierarchically organized opponent.

Could you imagine a corporation, or a military ever being run by some chan-board, or by twitter hashtag campaigns?? You live online. And you think you're accomplishing something here with all of your agitations. But you're just a bunch of isolated people staring powerlessly into your phone screens, and posing no threat to anybody.

People need to get off of their computers and form small communities that are self-sufficient enough to be effectively insulated from all the pressures that are normally brought to bear on individual dissenters. This has to happen all across the country until a new culture springs out of it (along witu new political demands).

But you can kiss the whole fucking race goodbye if everybody keeps cowering behind their screens on anonymous internet boards.

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