Holy shit


What they did to him is the literal legal definition of slander. And they revealed the identity of a minor. Also a crime. Why the fuck aren't these people at least paying a fine for it?

I'd like to pray to the hacker gods to yeet wapo into the stoneage. I'll trade you one of my extra chromosomes.

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These fucking kikes. If that were a nigger (((they))) would incite rioting. This is a fucking disgrace to our legal system. Someone better bring cyber justice if legal justice isn’t

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So you suggest we let Washington Post get away with this and set the precedence for others just because the kid was a jew? Fuck I get it man I do jews bad but dont shoot your dick to spite your cheating wife.

Yup. I don't care about this Right VS. Left false dichotomy and I have no interest in watching the life-action roleplay on TV. Fuck Jews. Fuck Trump. Fuck the Washington Post.

yeah you let the one jew go so you can kill his whole family later silly nazi

It is incredibly satisfying watching whiny, pissant, weak, and slavish conservatives get crushed by the system with real power as they moan about technicalities. Can't wait for the next round of essays.

This is great for us. This will send the boomers and conservacucks into histrionics and push them further into our camp.

United in this cause, we are.

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It won't and we don't want them.

Who cares they are the most useless limp wristed faggots on planet Earth. I'd rather 100 of us to 1 million of them - it'd give us better odds.

Did you seriously think that the rules still applied? Or, more accurately, that the rules applied to them? No. This is what happens when you adopt the terms of your enemy, and allow them to keep their own terms as well.

Nice one, shill.

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not this shit again


piss off (((anglin)))

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Fuck off you dumb nigger.

I refer you to:

Do you have any actual evidence or is this another well poisoning attempt a la fields?

Oh, my mistake, corruption is okay now.

Prove you're not a bot/glownigger and filter them.

When it's directed against Jews, of course. It's time kikes get a little taste of their own medicine.

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So you're a well poisoning faggot spamming disinfo.
Her nose doesn't even match the other picture you posted and since I KNOW you didn't archive shit I'm going to assume you photoshopped it.

I know you leftypol shitheads have been spitting noise on here so you're going to have to call backup in order to fake a consensus you little shit.

Interesting, so the government is controlled by jews, apparently, but he's a jew, so I should support jews controlling the government and using its power to act outside of the law to oppress us. Very interesting. Sounds pro-jew. You're a good goy. You're super protective of jewish power.

Zionists control our Government. Most of them are Jews, some are shabbos goys. Anti-Israel Jews have very little power. That's a real distinction but it doesn't mean there are any good Jews. There are no good Jews and that includes the (((Magakid))).

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Stop going with the lie that he's a jew. There has been no "evidence" posted other than blurry unarchived several year old facebook posts.


Even if Sandmann was a jew, all that means is that it's jews jewing other jews, which we should also still be in favor of. Regardless, the fact that these fucking media psychos defamed and slandered this kid with blatant yellow journalism, get caught red handed, and yet get protected by the (((judicial system))) while the victim gets death threats from SJW lunatics is outrageous. It's shit like this that converts people, make sure to get this info out there along with the video of proof.

How do you figure Jews have all of this control and yet they just happen to be Jewing one another? Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps controlled opposition is controlled?


I don't care if he's a jew or not. That's irrelevant. I'm just mocking this dumb nigger.



the real answer hopefully ?

The whole thing was an infowars meme but now that epstein is actually in jail there's no need for these kinds of LARP team distractions ? I mean you gotta have some hope right ?

Your post was responded to. Jews control all sides of the conflict while painting one side, the side they want to succeed, as the "good side." Hence it's always based Trump VS. evil liberals, when in reality, both sides are evil.

And yet at the end of it all you're defending blatant corruption, collusion, and rogue judging.

And yet at the end of it all you're attacking is blatant corruption, collusion, and rogue judging coming from the Left while defending the Right despite it's equally as corrupt.

Oh. So Bobby Fischer wasn't a jew. Got it.


Bobby Fischer supported neither Communism nor Zionism. Show me one Republican that doesn't support Zionism, or one Democrat who isn't a crypto-Communist.

Wait, you don't believe in the false "right and left dichotomy." You just outed yourself, Zig Forums. This isn't about left or right, by the way, this is about a judge acting above and beyond his powers to the benefit of major financial and media powers. This judge should be sent to prison. This judge has no right to do what he did. His position is not meant to be used to skirt the law as he wishes.

And just like that I can derail entire threads.

No, at the end of the day you're attacking the Leftist corporations while supporting (((Nick Sandmann))), a pro-Trump propagandist. You are still playing the Left VS. Right game whereas I am saying let it all be destroyed.

And you're defending them. Nigger, you're in the wrong place. Go back to Zig Forums.

You lose, Moshe.

You're too fucking dumb for your own good.

But it's not all being destroyed. There seems to be only one side unfairly doing all the "destroying" in these cases.

Somehow the wrong one was tagged.

And he's attacking anyone going after it, while screaming "duh dews" as weaponized rhetoric to shut down discussion. Who does this? Who uses weaponized rhetoric to shut down discussion? He's a little faggot from Zig Forums who thinks he's smarter than he is.

Think about it man:

The Left promotes pedophilia, immigration, and NWO. The Right promotes the exact opposite. So which side do you think the sheep will follow? But here's the thing: the Right says they oppose pedophilia, immigration, and NWO but their actual policies and actions are in support of those things! The Right is no different from the Left but the PSYOP convinces you otherwise and you follow like a little lamb to the slaughter. So work to destroy both sides.

No, I think the right one was tagged :^)

Meanwhile you're on Zig Forums being a whore for daddy government and media corporations.

I'm on Zig Forums telling the truth to anons who may be deceived by the Jews.


Where? I'm exposing the Hegelian PSYOP to lure anons to the Right. By doing this I show how the Right and Left are both controlled by Jews, despite their apparent conflicts, which harms both sides.

It would be to our benefit to have an anti-white judge unseated. What justification do you have for defending him?

If the judge is painted as an evil leftist liberal, and if the hero is the (((Trump))) movement, then no it doesn't work in our favor. It works in (((their))) favor. We should be removing every anti-white politician and judge from both sides of the aisle, yet I haven't heard you call for Trump's dismissal once. Why is that?

Again, how does it not benefit us to remove a person from power if they are anti-white and against us?

Like Trump?

Why are you defending this judge when he's anti-white and against?

Do you support Trump? If so then I can ask you the same question. Why are you defending this President when he's anti-white and against?

Why are you trying to deflect from an anti-white judge in your effort to defend him? Why are you talking about Trump on a thread about an anti-white judge as a means of defending said anti-white judge? You're doing a whole lot of misdirection and defense of this judge. Hmm…

Trump is relevant because the MAGAkid is a Trump shill. So I'll ask you one last time: Do you support Trump?
inb4 you cant answer because it means you lose


Your defeat has been accepted.

How is the judge anti-white when the trump hat kid is a jew?

Yeah I'm pretty sure that was his intent. Whenever something happens to threaten or dampen the government's legitimacy is when these faggots come out of the woodwork.


My mistake, I meant abused his power to defend.

lmao imagine thinking the corporate state and the administrative state arent one and the same

Nice, so you agree this judge needs to be unseated for corruption and abuse of power.

It's only slander if Jews are the one being slandered. Learn US law

The law is against good people. Don't wait for the law. Kill jews and their protected cattle.

No because the law is whatever the jews make of it.

Are you a masochist. Arguing with shills for that long is very bad for your mental health.

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Just fucking admit that you want an anti-white judge removed or that you're anti-white.


Because there's no threat of violence (or literal violence) as consequence for them not to do what they should.


If this brat's jew lawyer was as good as everyone says, she or he would have made a solid case. It's all jew dog and pony show. The Right vs. Left dichotomy only results in White Genocide.

Good old pilpul.

Explain picrel judge. What's the Judge's name, by the way? William Bertelsman? Which U.S. district?

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Don't care yid.

Nope. Libshits set the precedent, your meals are fair game.

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if we had a kike, IF. i think smirking sandman is "our" kike.

This thread is still up and being bumped.

It's called the jewdicial system for a reason.

that nose, that mouth. come on dude, she's a jew


That's not a jew nose you newfag piece of shit. A jew nose is a HOOK. It's a BEAK. It's defined by significant curvature. Kikebook dude doesn't have a jew nose either, many of them don't; because many of them are NOT from Palestine. It is that region that gives people jew noses. Notably many Armenians can be mistaken for jews because they are from a similar region and have the same nose type. The yids of Germany and those that mixed with white people often do not have semitic features. They did this on purpose to blend in and to corrupt us; they marry into Gentile families and change their names, so that no one would suspect their children of plotting the downfall of those around them.

Also, you better believe that even if he was a jew; Zig Forums would happily side with him if it meant inflicting significant financial damage to large scale threats like media outlets.

This needs to be milked for all the attention that it is worth. These clear acts of injustice REALLY piss white people off. Whenever unfair legal practices take place, or an animal gets hurt; it needs to be amplified. They are the two things that are MOST dear to whites.

It's been a long time but OP we've been over this. It's a clown world. Through and through. Not to mention Sandmann isn't good to us anyway.

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If only there was some Third Position beyond the Left vs Right dichotomy you're stuck in.

Relax user, they aren't convincing anyone. Zig Forums is being raided by pretty much everything right now, all trying trying to derail everyone. It's useless of course, all it does is give everyone more experience in shill spotting.

That nose, smooth area between nose and lip, tiny upper lip, hmmmmmmmmm

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If only someone would doxx the kike judge, it's apparently perfectly legal right?

Part and parcel.

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Spoil that shit.

jej all kikes are enemies, especially the ones trying to make you call them friend while you do free work for them.

lol, its impossible for a jew to pretend to be catholic, the "genetic memory" of the inquisition would force them into a panic demanding you remember the 6 gorrilion who died in spain.