Supreme Court allows Trump to spend $2.5bn in Pentagon funds on border wall

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There is no political solution, be ready for war.


don't lie to me you nigger. so, how much are we betting that trump still balks



You know how many land mines 2.5bn buys?
I do.

I can't wait to see /nupol/'s reaction when more wall gets built

paid shills please slit your wrists now, thanks

no new wall has been built as of date, and the fact that you said that means you ARE nu/pol/ faggot


I dont even pay attention to this shit anymore. the enemy is already here and they are pouring in faster than ever, who the fuck cares about this? whats the point in talking about pussy footing around with money that MIGHT be funded for a wall that COULD be built maybe, eventually? this is fucking embarrassing. I dont care. Trump is a sellout faggot, hes already spent what little use he had in 2016. make threads about how we are supposed to organize when the kikes shut down ching chong image boards and we are swamped with brown shitholers. this country is dead.
if you are still grasping to some fucking wall youre delusional.

At least 20 million “illegal” shit skins, ice raids target 2,000 and net 30 something. It’s a joke. They’re already here and they aren’t going to stop.

So how many illegals have you deported? Why don't YOU go to congress and tell them to support Trumps efforts.

Just open the border in its entirety and abolish the ICE, if our destiny is to be replaced let it be over now, not in 40 years.

I am sick of listening of the both sides.

Seeing is believing

No thanks zio don

England has the greatest wall to protect it from invaders it's called the English channel and the North sea: it stopped the Spanish empire, Napoleon and Nazi Germany.

It's the reason why England hasn't been successfully invaded since 1066.

This and only this. Even if trump stopped illegal immigration 100% (he won't come close to this) we'll still be genocided. Even if Trump stopped illegal and legal immigration 100%, we'll still be genocided. We need an actual racialist government in place. I don't care how impossible you think that is, its what we need. Anything short of that is game over. Try and make it happen instead of being placated by le god emperor triggering the libs.

Put your money where your mouth is, load up a ruck and start marching to make it happen.

These anons have made me truly see the light, come November 7th I'll make sure to make the right choice and vote for Bernie! :^)

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He posts from the suburbs while not conscripted to any military service and only being in 1 fight through his whole life once in middle school when he was dunked on a toliet


Look at all this shilling. Disgraceful.

For the people that defend trump, show me one picture of actual new wall construction that doesn’t include the prototypes that have already been demolished.

Replacing old walls doesn’t count because that is a net gain of zero miles.

If you look up you might see the point you missed.

Replacing the old fence with new wall would be understandable, but all trump managed in all this time was fence REPAIR. An absolute fucking joke yet imkikey the MIGApede still defends orange nigger lmao.

Ad nausem


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You first, you glow in the dark nigger, unholster your shitty glock and point at the temple, you cubicle rat


(((Leftypol))) approves of this controlled opposition. I mean either way you guys are (((fucked))) anyways so you may as well support Trump.

I'd rather stick a knife in my dick.

Supreme Court doesn't allow anything. They have zero enforcing capabilities on their own. Honestly, I'm embarrassed it took the near destruction of humanity to realize what a garbage idea it really was especially when you factor in FDR's shenanigans.

Looks like the Trumpcuck shills are back again like they were a year before the 2016 elections to begin their faggot jew campaign

No user, trumptards were always the majority. It really is just a flood of neo nazis that won't go away. Ron Paul was not the supported candidate in 2012 just like everyone unilaterally supported trump in 2016. The nazis are the shills, its in no way the foreign trumpers from reddit. 8pol was always reddit just like we've always been at war with Eastasia.

US Debt: 22.5 trillion
Debt per citizen: $68,500
Debt per tax paying citizen: $183,000

Still screwed. Texas was already sold to Russia and California to China by Rothschild. Your new brown neighbors are your eviction notice.

If Trump built the entire wall and expelled all beaners legal or illegal this late in the game I wouldn't vote for him.

are you even trying?

Reminder the Pentagon has been planning to build a wall for over ten years. Trump and the Jews doing their D & C routine
12:40 in video
Yes climate change is real and every year it surpasses their previouis years woprse case scenario.

Who gives a fuck, now that we can see what the Jews have planned. Kick back and enjoy watching the world burn.

(((Climate change))) retarded vargenite or a shill.


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Your ID. So close.

Climate change is real but the actual issue is if and how much humans have to do with it.

Waste of trips. In a sentence or two I totally proved building 7 was not controlled dem.\

Now i'll prove MMCC is real and is happening.
Forget all the bullshit, here's the test.
If we add a few hundred ppm of Co2 to the atmos. will it cause it to get warmer? Just a few hundred ppm, almost nothing.

Well this experiment has been tested on a small scale many times and it does indeed trap more warmth. heck even the Mythbusters tackled it.

There ya go.

Of course they did. They got the amount of illegals in that they wanted and Trump just signed another bill about making it easier for cheap labor to come in legally. Now the wall is irrelevant because Trump signed into law the big, beautiful door that's going to let them in legally. There's no reason not to kick a couple of billion to dopey voters for a "win" if it will shut them up and keep them passive.

How has Zig Forums not figured out this is a show?

Waste of dubs, you're gay. The co2 has reached a saturation and isn't making any effect.

Did you only read the first half of that post?

Fuck off moshe.

$2.5b for snacks and drinks during Trump's twitter sessions. He must be pleased.

the best part is you didnt source any claims so if anyone were to listen they could be fed anything at all!

Are you retarded or a bot?

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