"You don't have to look black to be black"



This is what white skin while being of the black race looks like.

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Reverse Clayton Bigsby.

She looks like Andrew Anglin

Ameriamutvile lmao.


The curse of the brown-eyed amerimutt

Pathetic whites pretending to be black to avoid being called racist. Whatever they are, they're nigger tier in my eyes.

Absolutely Weimar.

This means most blacks are just pretending.


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Allowed to post here.

reported for self-bump

reported for faggotry

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Whiteness is spreading

America is becoming a negroid nation, with White populous that needs to awaken, and reclaim it's rightful land.

Any attempt to further demoralize the Whites fighting to reclaim their rightful clay can be met with the rightful.
As you're doing nothing, but acting retarded.

you mean like "cumskin," /int*/?

The Hispanic whites in my area are fully awake!

yo, yo, yo, yo, where da bitches at?

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Shit tier deflection, kill yourself.

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You’re a nigger at heart, and Africa is shaping up too much to want you back. The power of “white” society is not caring about whiteness!

The real problem with immigration is the importation of bigoted liars.


You have to back.

Well the woman in the pic with the nigger nose clearly is black.

Okay, so we have covered DNA responsible for appearance , and it is all fucked up beyond words.
The truth is in the IQ as from what i am witnessing here is that the agenda is now that we are all one human race, and this is proof. Well no, the proof is in intelligence, or lack thereof.
Why is this being reported now? I read in an article posted somewhere on pol/ that they have completed testing on a Finnish village, where the results shows traces of African DNA - traced back to a nigger that settled on a remote Finnish village sometime in the 1800. There is an agenda ( i know that it always has been this way), that is seemingly been pushed harder than every now, where the aim is to further confuse white people to the degree that they feel even more guilty, or more connected, to niggers - because we are all related, and here is the evidence.
This story will now also be associated with the out of Africa theory, in that, white people are white only because of pigmentation.

Remember the white bitch's assassin off epic movie?? That's old love right there in spades.

is that dhoolie2 or whatever he goes by?

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Once and for all…Black is a color, Nigger a form of behavior, and African an ethnicity. Thank you for your time.

Nigger identified


Memes aside, sounds like I’m putting black on my next job application because why not

Right, niggers will always be niggers. Like OP.

Both jews and niggers have fros. Broken brain, broken hair.


That's because jews are literally part-nigger.

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