If Senate Bill 1273 passes you could be fined $15,000 for sharing memes


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This is how jews do censorship by law when they have to get around the 1st amendment. Every sponsor of this bill deserves to be hung for crime of treason.

Sounds like a shit life. Literally. Shitting all day because the food you eat is indigestible useless trash.
Great idea, just flush out any nutrients you might have gotten from your crappy diet in the first place.

Sorry for offtopic.

This bill is by traitors for traitors. If it passes we should intentionally disobey, and collectively tell these people to drop dead.

You sound like you really know what you're talking about.
Might I ask you to tell us what according to your wisdom really constitutes healthy eating?

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Mainly animal products (but don't support factory farms, feedlots, anyplace where they remove the animal from its natural environment where it would be exposed to sun, and then pump it full of antibiotics and leftovers from industrial plant agriculture). Plants are filler, and for fun.

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Man, watching you liberals have meltdowns is my morning coffee.

I seriously can't wait to see you cocksucking traitors put on your Pussy Hats and jump off buildings to protest the GOP


Well, hello.


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I believe it's time for a little acceleration

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Bill 12345 can’t 12245 if the 12345s are minecafted in Minecraft

This gave me a chuckle. Thanks

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He’s a big guy

You'll be tried in this kangaroo court, with a kike judge and no jury and hit with a fine completely out of proportion to the crime.

They really want pepe dead don't they?

Two words:
Seven. Proxies.

Copyright and intellectual proper are among the most Jewish of all laws

Do it, I dare you cianiggers I'll fine back in minecraft with rounds of 5.56 .

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Fuck your fine. Freedom of speech bitch.

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It's almost like jews don't remember how the laws they wrote work…




Look at the co sponsors boomer, there is bipartisan support of this accursed bill.
>Sen. (((Feinstein, Dianne))) [D-CA]
Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT]
Sen. Heinrich, Martin [D-NM]

Why do you let corporations run your government. It may as well be Google and Apple, for fuck's sake.

Memes are a form of commentary. I'm sure this contradicts fair use law.

Senate moves bill with up to $15,000 fines for sharing memes online


Come and take them, faggots.
you glowniggers won't do shit

Oh cool, another law to ignore

You won't do anything you …

Nah, it's more socially acceptable than ever now to rebel, like Saint Brenton who's worshipped by Gen Zyklon in droves. If incels can shoot shit up or go bananas, I'm pretty sure some guy who's lurked for a while and who's maybe a vet will one day shrug his shoulders and say "fuck it. Why not? Not losing much anymore anyway"

more like pay the fine in denominations of 5.56


And you know that irrelevant Matt Furie faggot is champing at the bit to go after everybody who posts him. We should start now, in making Kek a legally distinct frog from Pepe.

This will never pass it is a violation of the first amendment.

this is educational . fuck you hollywood

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vegetables and greens are the most digestible matter.

"Red meat is associated with an increased risk of colon and rectum cancer, and evidence also suggests it is associated with some other cancers"

he doesn't know anything.

Meat is necessary.
My biology teacher told me that if you don't eat after you 60, you are die in few years.

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Red flag laws clearly violate due process itself, and yet that didn't stop them.
Words on a piece of paper don't prevent things. Consequences do.

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