France (((Tech))) Tariffs

Trump Promises Retaliation
Sacrebleu! So, which side do we take on this… I'm going to say

in reality trump won't do anything

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Kike free first post.

gtfo with that kikey retardation
fucking newfags

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more like american whine amirite?

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Slide thread about bullshit for Drudge boomers and cunts. Sage and report and fuck the OP in his nigger mouth-hole.

Both America and France are jewish assets, this is just a smokescreen for the goyim.

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Forgot to sage low-effort shit twitter OP

bump! :)

jews, christians, muslims… all jews to me

Only Whites attack their own people and why they are being exterminated.

I'm confused, how does this hurt Israel?

it doesn't, but lotsa jews in silicon valley

jews, christians, muslims… all jews to me

The SiliconValley jew cries when it hits you.

But remember, goyim – Trump is at war with tech. CNN and the MIGApede mods told us so.

The whole tech industry is jewish and marxist. Burn them all.

I say just tax tech companies to death until people stop using retarded data collection sites like Facebook and Twitter

yes, but the french…

Someone still got the highsight.

Christcucks are just cucks without any whiteness in them. They sold their soul to the devil and the monetary system long ago and there's an overweight of boomers in this category.

The original christianity is still very much almost the only solution to the Abrahamic doctrine. Jesus very much fought the Jew. I'd opt for the orthodox and anything pre-Jewish infiltration of the organization in Rome.

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Kys boomer retard.

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Both sides are rotten dumb cunt.
I don't see how you could be on the side of big American tech companies and Trump (if you are then why the fuck are you even here? Go back to FB), and Macron needs money to import more niggers into France.

Imagine a time where a president makes statements like that.

All Trumptards are subhuman.

How? Die alongside your puppet president.

Trump sounds like a massive loser. Cringed

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You support capitalism?

Man, what is up with the shills today? All these shitposts have the same basic idea.

Read the whole post you braindead retard, I am cricitizing Trump for defending tech companies that hate him.

Who takes the hit, shareholders, customers, or employee salaries?

French wine sucks anyway.
Italian wine is better.

He actually may this time I think he wants to punish France because they kept based sandnigger who threw that old kike out the window out of prison

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Fuck you





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That's not how that works/behaves at that level. This is one of those moments where I get to be a smart as due to the fact that both countries in question have a fed…

They don't actually hate him. It's part of the show.

You wait patiently and judge by deeds, not words or bullshit. DEEDS.

tbh commiefornian wine aint bad

Kek, and what the fuck do we buy from them? Oh noes, will Ubisoft charge more for crap?

Better than Washington wines. These cunts up here can't stop putting apples in the fucking wine.

Coulda sworn his story was that he'd never had a drop of alcohol

I thought the EU couldn't reach to an agreement to tax GAFA companies


Trump is like the omega boomer.