Have the Jews taken over Britain?

New P.M. is "proud zionist"

New home secretary had actually been dismissed for unauthorized meetings with Israeli government officials.

British navy getting closer to action against Iran.

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Boris Johnson… the Populist… the British Trump? Yeah. Kikes are rigging the world's elections using the Right VS. Left false dichotomy and putting /theirguys/ into power. Zig Forums fell for it hook line and sinker.

Britain has been owned by jews since Cromwell, you fucking redditor. Get out.

it goes back further than that! go back to digg you fucking digger. Get out.


O.P here, forgive my ignorance. I saw the spectacle of Boris Johnson paying homage to the jews at the wailing wall and thought it was new development.

I had only seen American leaders do that.

The guy is jewish. Check his family tree.

Thanks Cromwell, very cool.

Well,, look on the bright side,, maybe the Israeli parasite will attach itself to the United Kingdom and the United States won't have to support their bullshit anymore.

Have you been here for a day? They have the US and UK thoroughly under control. Johnson is the new PM because the previous one stepped down because of Brexit controversy. This is likely just throwing the more bluepilled pro-Brexit Brits a bone by having "one of their guys" in charge now.

The JEWISH parasite is embedded in every Western nation.
The British are the reason Israel even EXISTS.

The JEWISH parasite is embedded in every nation. FTFY

I'll take "The Rothschilds have owned the Britbongs since the days of Napoleon" for 400, Alex

The whole Western world is part of one single ZOG conglomerate with multiple subsidiaries such as Japan, South Korea, and others which are in its grip through debt and trade

are you fucking retarded? who controlled the british empire? who founded the bank of england? who did the americans revolt against in 1766?

Edward 1 chucked them out in 1290 for subversion, usury and child sacrifice.
They sneaked back in over the years, I think Elizabeth 1 rebanished them in 1500 and something.
Then they bank rolled a load of subversive Left wing organisations, and Cromwells new model army to win the English civil war 1642-51. He let them return to England.

Read this short book OP and you'll understand the repeating pattern that they use to this day.

Everyone is competing with the USA.
I wonder what the prize is?

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Probably some magic hoodoo from the Third temple… because ritual animal sacrifice on the sight where Abraham mutilated his penis with a sharp rock is the only way to get our creator's attention. (no, ,seriously this is a thing)

Its worse, he never got elected.

You're not serious, are you? British has been Jewish to the core since before the establishment of the (((British))) empire.

yes. in 1653

World War 2 literally only happened because the jews own Britain, you reddit spacing troglodyte.

Many harsh comments here. Rightfully so. Hmmm they never took over Britain since (((They))) are britain. Especially in last years it has become very evident. Clear as day if you research the central banks and history. Follow the cash they say. Yes. do.

OP I was like you just some years ago. Completely brainwashed to the damn core. Had no idea who truly ruled Britannia. I take it you might be in my age range the truly brainwashed ones. Take your time to digest it man. It's a heavy redpill if you were brainwashed as I was. Literally was in shock for almost 1 year when the reality you knew scatters no easy thing to deal with. If you are young you will have it easier for sure to deal with it.

Dying to host your very own jew parasite, of course…or watching while your wife or daughter is raped by a jew that is 'above the law'.

you work with what we got now.
(((their))) grip is still too strong.

jews took over UK since 1695 where the fuck have you been.

Jews took over britain since cromwell, OP youre a historically illiterate faggot. Shut the fuck up.

Definitely by 1695.

If you are semitic and not a jew you are an idiot

Have you dug out any connection with real jews? No, still a poser? Oh well.



So you're calling Zig Forums stupid then?

I really don't get the appeal of the whole zionism thing. Do they really bribe these idiots that much? Are they really that corrupt?

Fuck off you pakistani nigger. This has been the case for over 60 years.

Those digits.
They don't have to bribe many, because they are selected from jewish stock. The BBC director general for decades was Alan Yentob and he was superceded Nick Cohen. They invented equity which was mandatory if you wanted to become any kind of entertainer. Why do I mention this, well because they know because they use it, the jester is the key to opening a crack in the dam that holds back the seas of animosity from power. Which is why you cant even joke about jews whilst for decades they have impersonated every type of non jew. And never to laud them.
They controlled the printing press from the first days.
They controlled legislation and patents thus controlled the flow of money from the industrial revolution, and knew which non jews to marry into, or murder, or get into the lodges.
They have freemason lodges in every town and city. The only people not sucking at their teet were villages and they have destroyed those with EU legislation on farming and fishing and housing. The masons created MI5 and this goes right back to John Dee and the Enochian tablets. The saxon celt and pict have been under the jewish kabbalah spell for centuries.
They have sent so many of my countrymen to their death whilst giving them songs to sing on their way it's really difficult to find anything good about them tbh.
Now they have opened the gates of mud before they crash it all and fuck off. Giggling to themselves as we get raped and slaughtered.

Hmmmm, have a big think OP.
Pro tip: their new PM is a Jew Turk mutt whose father is globohomo balls deep in the EU commission.
Brit cucks want to be slaves to Islam or Zionism and regularly flip sides between the two when the other cucks them too hard.

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England became completely jewish with the creation of the Bank of England. The entire world, just about, is indebted to private banks. The only independent nations are being slowly picked off. Iran, Syra, and North Korea are all that's left, I think.

Have Jews taken over Britain? No not at all. The Balfour declaration and the surrender of British Palestine to Zionism never happened. Okay? Shut the fuck up with these nonsense ideas. Smoke some weed and relax. It's baseball season.

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Double that and add 80 or 90

England was good up until the end of the Tudor period (basically, around the start of the 17th century). Then it got jewed to hell.

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Here for your education:
The Nameless War


She was literally one. Why do you think she resembled Soros in drag?

The British literally gave birth to the Rothschilds.

Jews have taken over Britain ever since the nobility believe muh Christian identity WE WUZ JEWS bullshit.

every goy shall bend the knee he he he he he
t. joyful jew

there's gotta be a way to get the jews to suck less if apparently they're in charge of everything

the zionist jews can't seriously be dumb enough to keep fucking with the eternal anglo, potato nigger or bavarian kraut, how do we fix this shit

the British empire was the Yiddish Empire in reality.

every time someone tells you exactly how to fix it, the response is "hello agent".

I hear you, but what you're basically saying is you won't do it either, because you're a masterful high iq brain bug but the low iq brethern have let you down by not doing stupid shit for you

well, that's disappointing. I always liked the idea of being a colonial army officer having darkies bring me gimlets on the veranda,

Why do you start threads with a question?

Because he’s paid to post here.

Kill yourself.

99% of pol/ is absolutely fucking retarded

The British Empire has always been the Yiddish Empire.

How in the hell do you gather they didn't run Britain for the past hundred years just the same?

Lurk for 10 years