Christkikes will defend this

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go back

not an argument

You posted a picture and a single line of text you fucking retard. kys.

start arguing at any time, I'll wait


Sorry, jews aren't allowed on this board. No one will argue with you here. Just tell you to leave.

like pottery

Is this a raid or some shit why are their so many one line text fucking threads and they where posted just right now fuk

you could atleast have claimed to make a humor thread or something. a thread died for this

No, I won't. They can defend themselves, they made their choice.

Kys leftist faggot.


14 hrs and 88 min ban is more likely

Good thing you're not my Family.

Daily reminder Moshe loves to divide & conquer whites. Examples:

These constant low effort posts are starting to remind me of halfchan.

no really
go back

christcucks BTFO