Just go to church and find a trad white woman and make white babies it's that easy

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absolute WHORE


its not tho, half of them are sluts then the other half doesn't understand the Bible or pick and chose what applies to them, your classic new age feel good gospel. its straight blasphemy.

No thanks. Want to leave, stuck because of court.

Another fucking cuckchan tier thead

Christians are a circus.

seems Tel-aviv zog bots are getting paid extra today.

Most small town "church" girls I met when I tried that were egalitarian bleeding hearts at best, and willing coalburners for "godly" niggers at worst.

so my high school sweetheart is going to eventually divorce rape my butthole?

Enjoy your 88 year bans, remember to report low quality, 4chon teir threads.

Lol I didn't do shit also I have been saying in every thread that is a cuckchan tier one to sage also I have not been bumping

I'll just change my ip address stupid motherfucker LMAO

it's a kike pushing his fantasy that nice white women always breed with blacks

why are you doing this?
why are you making shit thread?

Why exactly would I want to support traditions that have destroyed the world and just handed it over to the jews with no fight whatsoever. Christians are an embarrassment. They wont discuss jews even though its obvious that jews fulfill the requisites of the nation of antichrist. Modern Christianity would be disowned by any god, and the standards of Christianity are all involving jew subservience. The Christians are going to be the biggest followers of antichrist and the greatest force in thecway of truth and justice. Theyre going to guard jews by the millions


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to ruin the board. he keeps posting shitty 1 sentence threads

Nope, sorry it's just the state of modern christian churches. Every mainline denomination is egalitarian, "everyone is a child of god" bullshit.

but why?why would u want to hurt fed chan?


i'm not arguing that what the thread is about is wrong. i'm saying it's a shit fucking thread, nothing you have to say is worth reading

It's full of old decrepit whites, malnourished and weak young white men, and large families of niggers and shitskins. Frankly, I'd rather have white pagan larpers than this shitfestival. Atleast they actually do what comes natural instead of working against their own instincts like christcucks. Call me when the churches have actual fire in their guts and a boiling rage against evil instead of fake signalling ''Love"

Srlsy dude in what world do you live? Most of the "pagans" today are a bunch of fatties leftists.

Just go to any local pagan group irl and see with your own eyes.

There are no more sides that are not corrupted. We are for ourselves and God.

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christian churches are even worse lol

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The churches have been completely niggerfied, even the so called based ones. They support their filthy charities and missionary work by quoting the bible.
Leftist "pagans" can only cry:

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Did you just wake up from some kind of nigger coma? Your boy ain't in charge anymore.

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I remember going to a city church one (I tries to swallow the Christ cuck pill but now I'm vaguely a folkish heathen) anyway I met a girl there and eventually I learnt that she is addicted to having anal sex with strangers but God forgives. Anyway I found out she had NZ moari in her so I pumped her ass and dumped her.