Woman Aiming to Unseat Ilhan Omar is a Former Exotic Model?

For those of you not familiar, Danielle Stella (real name Danielle Sheridan) is trying to unseat Ilhan Omar in her district in the next election. She’s had run ins with the law in the past, sounds like she’s 8 and apparently used to be an exotic model. Let’s see what we can find on her.


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Ugly as fuck…

what does that mean in plain English?

Enjoy your 88 year ban

She's apparently a Qcumber who wears a "Q" necklace or something. I heard people saying she's just pretending, but after hearing her talk, maybe she's a sincere believer in the LARP?

I’m not sure myself.

OP thinks she's an 8

She certainly looks the part of a raging Qtard, so I wouldn’t doubt it.


Re-read the post you dumb kike

Shut the fuck up, Yid

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What, nigger?


I'd support her against the shit-skin, but her voice is annoying and she's ugly as fuck. Not as ugly as Omar's shit-skin ass though…

Sounds like a textbook modern republican. 100% hollyjew cultural wasteoid worried dem raghedz are going to take away their drugs, Carl's Jr bacon burgers, and judaism.

Well whatever reason you have for being against a shit-skin, at least you're against a shit-skin.

She got arrested for stealing I think I read somewhere. She's apparently like a super klepto

this reminds me of why i quit drinking

I unironically like ilhan omar better, at least she hates jews and doesn't shill for (((Q)))

You don't like Q, goyim?

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Omar is raising the issue of the jewish lobby, how would a White shabbos goy be better for us?

Meanwhile Omar is promulgating support for the abolition of border security, amnesty, wealth redistribution (taking money from white people) etc. She can talk about jews all she fucking wants, she's still terrible for white people, and that's what matters, Zig Forums.

She will fit right in with all the others

She's not talking about another war for israel, though, is she? And the people stepping up to counter her aren't talking about making life better for White people, are they? Gotta bring something to the table eventually. That's why nobody gets your back. White Power.

I hope you get raped by a dozen monkies OP.

No one on Zig Forums has ever fucking said "white power" before. Nigger, where the fuck are you from? You can't be from Zig Forums, because they at least known how to talk like they've been on the chans for a while. You sound like a 35 year old fucking Pakistani shill who was hired for 10 cents an hour.
I wouldn't think so. However I'll take the one who's not the second coming of Lenin.

She's attractive, however, her pupils are a clear indication that she has a broken soul.

Just keep digging deeper, kike. You're filtered, by the way.

Awesome analogy sergey. They gave you a class on “i speak like american, right buddy?” before they let you shill?

Your "people" are behind all of those ills, you rotten kike. In opposing AIPAC, Omar is unwittingly doing more to fight White genocide than any of the Israel-first republikikes are might occasionally have some nice, empty words in support of White people.

Was it hard for you to say "muh jews" instead of your race's standard "da jooooos"?

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Check out these fucking shills…


You really need to understand slow-boil, user. You're in a pot and the heat is slowly creeping up
every day that goes by, more and more foreign invaders are taking seats in government as well as spilling through our border.
There is no going back!
We currently have the numbers, but the longer it takes dipshits like you to understand that you will never get your precious "democracy!" back, the less likely we are to actually get back the land in which we used to have a nation.
The time to rectify the situation with politics is 40yrs past due. That was the 1970's. That was the last time voting mattered or who got elected might have mattered.
It's gone. Fight or die.
Fact: America is not getting more "white"
Fact: no nation in history has ever been built by a diverse population
Fact: America had a Muslim Training Camp issue in 2012 with over 22 known militant training camps listed as "off limits" for FBI or other arms of law enforcement.
Fact: Every move made in politics is for a greater israel. Every single one.
Fact: israel stands to benefit more by weakening the America we once knew. A middle class that demands fair wages is the greatest enemy of the jew.
Fact: Law enforcement are neutered but see the writing on the wall. They know first hand this country is already gone, but are powerless to organize and do anything.
Fact: The longer we wait, the weaker we get and the less ability we have to organize.
Fact: 5yrs from now, continuing the path we are on, no matter who is elected you will not be hearing my plea to get your attention.

WAKE UP! For fucks sake! I've been screaming since 2006 about what was coming, I haven't been wrong a single time, I am not wrong now.


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Who do you think you're fooling, Moshe? Lenin was a kike, just like you.

It's a jewish shill. It's never going to "understand".

Nigger, we're anonymous, yet you're telling me about myself. Fuck off…

So the (((tarrant))) psyops finally failed huh? And you zogbots were tasked to flood the board instead. Will not work.


So when are we going to find her links to the porno industry? Did she get fucked by BBC or something? We really need to know so we can expose her to horny white boomer kike lovers.

Found Zig Forums.

No you vodka niggers were takes to flood the boards in March. Tarrant and earnest were putin puppets. Earnest was a putin cuck. Cant wait for the next one. Is it the girl building IEDs for craft fairs?

only a votecuck would care


Stfu you retarded kike nigger stop trying to detour from the topic at hand. OP is gay but he mentioned that this whore was in the porn industry. If so, why not expose it and tank her pointless campaign?

You brought up BBC you fucking soyboy faggot. Go back to Zig Forums and jerk off to the daily BBC thread, or get back to making your little pornhub compilation videos about BBC. Why the fuck is BBC on your mind when it concerns this topic, you fucking faggot?

>let us pretend that the only contender to an illegal alien who married her own brother is a crackwhore
If this works then you 56%ers all deserve the rope.

Wrong congressional race


Wait a minute is this the new trend ugly whores who desperately appeal to shit skins and boomers are going to run everything? I have to admit I'm disappointed I thought they'd be more authoritarian and less pathetic.

Yeah I’m sure that caused a bunch of vodka shits in your little shillcell

She opposes the jewish lobby, that makes her less like the jew Lenin than any of the Israel-firsters on the "right", many of whom are literal Leninists - Bannon identified as one, and Rupert Murdoch kept a bust of Lenin on his desk.

Ideologically she's a bolshevik. It's a fact. She promotes marxist socialism to the non-white racial "proletariat" and agitates for the displacement and suppression of us, white people, the racial "bourgeoisie." She is identical to Lenin.

Did you watch some kind of Crowder video about how she's the new Lenin or something? Bolshevism was part of the jewish racial agenda, here calling out AIPAC and forcing the kikes to show their noses does more to challenge that than anything the Israel-firsters on the "right" have done or are going to do.

Your argument is so absurdly stupid. You're so stuck on jews that you completely negate what's bad for white people. I'm white. I know you're not. I don't lose sight of what's bad for white people. Popularizing marxist socialist ideals in the non-white community and emboldening the use of government to attack white people is bad for white people.

Weakening the jewish stranglehold is what's good for White people. They're all anti-White, but at least she's doing that.

If you were White, you wouldn't be here defending jews.

Couldn’t make out much of what you wrote but sure. There’s also a “based” Jamaican running for AOC’s seat and it was later exposed that she’s actually a supporter.

Nigger, you're so blatantly shilling. Let me list some things Omar support:
You keep whining about jews, yet she promotes all the same things they do. CNN and other media conglomerates support Omar. You're really trying to make a wolf look like a sheep, Comrade Ahmed.

Wow you shill don't you know the only matter that's important to us /POL users on the chans is support of isreal? Drumpf likes jews, fuck him, Sure Omar may want to destroy America and give huge benefits to people from her home country, but she doesn't like Isreal and that's all that matters. Once we have people like Omar making up the majority of the house and senate white people will magically wake up and make America just like it was 60 years ago! How can you be so blind and naive?!?!


I wonder if this is a tactic my enemy would promote to me for their own benefit. Hmm…

they're not even fucking trying anymore.

I’d dominate Ilhan Omar, so I don’t care. Her luscious lips, perky tits, nubile body waiting to be caressed, vagina berry that probably tastes like heaven, nice thin legs, firm ass, pedicured feet.

I’d actually love to rip off whatever the fuck is on her head and just get a hairjob.

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HAHA race mixing faggot who is going for sloppy seconds after her incest with her brother and her nigger husband…classic.

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You’re not alone….

Omar and The Squad need to get BLEACHED

I am an outsider looking into America. I watched these four wemmen speeches last night. Fuck, America is finished - they were all reading from scripts they clearly did not understand; poor english speaking skills, losing train of thought and reverting to sound bites to keep up appearance, the wig nigger speaking in a pretentious was as if appealing to only gutter niggers…………..
I can only concluded that they were carted in so that Trump looks good - i do not know their timeline, but this can only be the most logical conclusion.
If this is the case then the question is who has this amount of power………..?

She is an Aryan woman about to dethrone a shitskin. We must side with our race and support her. Never forget what our Knight Commander told us, "We must unite with our Jewish brothers and kill those that threaten Israel."

Fuck the shitskins for 911, but they failed in trying to get us to distance us from Israel.

She hates Israel, she cannot be white.

Based! Q is Jewish like Knight Commander Breivik.

user. Wtf is wrong with her in that pic?

Fuck Qnigs worse than Commies since Commies are just mindfucked kids usually but Qnigs have seen the light yet endorse Zion and its master Don. Qnigs are literal jews.

As an American, I'd say your assertion was a bit off. The average American can barely walk through their local Walmart without having to sit down. The average American is a ward of the state, with no idea or desire to actually plant or work the land. The average American has been pacified by a diet of junk food and drugs. The average America would jump on to a train, to go to a fema camp, if they heard it was filled with 200 inch tv's and free government gibs. The average American isn't going to participate in a civil war… they are going to sit on their asses, swilling soda, beating their meat, and playing video games, waiting for that government check to float through to pay for it all.

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An ugly woman would take a dump in Omar's mouth, then feed them the placenta from a child that was not from their seed. Murder all Omars.

Eat shit jew.

Omar is a piece of niggershit and so are you. Get murdered faggot.


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minnesotafag here. be wary of all parties coming out of twin cities area. has never been an American city, has enough regenerating hydra heads to compensate for any failed experiments

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Muslim Campaign Manager and Women Adviser Omar was Plant and Plan from the beginning.
Minnesota's 5th congressional district was held by Keith Ellison, who did not run for reelection, and instead ran for attorney general; the first Muslim person to win election to a statewide office in the United States, and the first African American elected to statewide office in Minnesota.
Republican nominee Abdimalik Askar, another activist in the Somali American community. In late August, Askar announced his withdrawal from the campaign.
Omar Wins against no one; she is the first Somali-American, the first naturalized citizen from Africa, and the first non-white woman elected from Minnesota, and one of the first two Muslim women (along with Rashida Tlaib of Michigan) to serve in Congress.
Pure Coincidence…

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Both of you have lost sight of the ultimate goal… acceleration. Voting doesn't work, politicians in a corrupt system will always be against our best interest because the jewish strangle-hold on our government will prevent any true and lasting positive changes from being made. We are not attempting to save the unsalvageable, we are here to destroy it all.

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Kikes and their fetishes.

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The christcuck neo-cons aren't sending their best.

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Implying a porn queen is 'aryan'…this board is a joke.

The kikes are sending their best.

Fucking kill yourself you shrill nigger

Beat it, spicspam.
You'll never be Aryan, nigger.
Blow leaves.

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hey rabbi, guess what percentage of the colonial population took up arms against the british? thanks for the blackpill attempt, don't choke to death on your matzo balls or anything, you loathsome rat kike.

Underrated post.

A) Thats a crappy picture on purpose. B) Good fucking luck unless you are a nog who can out nog muslim nigress you wont be beating her since her district is majority niggers.

Well, cortez has a hwite numale fetish.

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It makes sense to let her run against someone like Omar. She isn't going to win and will allow the Squad to continue to exist. The longer the Squad exists the easier it is for people to point to Democrats as being bat shit crazy and use that as a platform.

speak for yourself. i didn't vote for the somalian nigress and i won't vote for this meth faced gook either. i fucking hate the twink cities.

It means she does porn.

You talk like we live in a serious country. Open borders and taking money from white people is already the status quo. Anyone talking about Jews is an improvement.

Israel and Jews are, sadly - the primary reason the conservative right attacks her. Everything else is a secondary concern to them.

True and as with all disgusting bug women, its eyes will never look in the same direction.

So she and the other two muzzies in congress are destroying the USA, but the 99% of congress that holds it's allegiance to Israel is perfectly fine? If we weren't living under ZOG, then, yeah, she'd have to go, but as of now, she's the least of our problems.

Is this the bitch republicucks were jerking-off to?

HAHAHA! It's a GOP shill trying to rebrand their talking points.