Capitalist/maga raids

There's been an influx of retards espousing capitalist ideas and sucking trumps dick. They often do not even argue in good faith, they just shit post. What are some good memes/stats/one-liners to shut these fuck-tards up? Should we even be paying attention to them?

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dup bad

No one is sucking trumps dick. You are just sucking Putin’s.

I honestly don't care what putin does. Did I make you upset by calling out trumpniggers?

Don’t really give a fuck as long as russia btfo

Ill start posting some of the popov funding sites if you’d like. Buttons. Patches. Subscriptions.

So you reply to this thread about trumpniggers, calling me a putin lover, even though I never indicated I like russia? Ok, trumptard.

You’re reused meme gives it away putinkike

The meme was used ironically, but ok (((Gentile)))

Explain to me the irony Ivan?

That's CNN-tier, think of something new.

It's ironic because this is the kind of cancer that trumpniggers post on the daily. Fuck out of here trumpnigger.

Fuck off back to your shithole oblast putinkike. Ill post all of your funding sources.

As opposed to what ideals? FAGGOT

Post them faggot. Let's see you put your money where your pussy is, nigger.

Here they come, out of the ass cracks of this board.

No I’ll put your paypiggy money where my mouth is Vlad.

Let's see it happen. All talk, no walk.

Fuck off back to >>>Zig Forums

Not a lefty but alrighty then airhead

Then answer the query you fucktard.
Your thread, produce something faggot.

I think you're on the wrong board, you meant to click /trannypol/

(You) don’t want that

I'm NatSoc, this board used to be a place to discuss everything political. Now kike mods delete real, genuine posts, and never ban maga trash that usually breaks the rules. Hoards of magatards lurk here, start flame wars, and derail threads where ever they can. Nothing is done about it.

You're not capable of posting them because they don't exist. You'd have posted them by now if they did.

And yet you jump on a fucking white man asking you state your fucking case or GTFO.
Either do it or GTFO.

I just stated my case retard. The case is that magatards need to be exterminated from the board.

Collecting small amount on various subs Orion sites. Selling Bullahit things for 8-20 a pop. Sure those transactions won’t be noticed…


Post evidence of said transactions, friend.

Why do you can take it down and move it?

Can't even type good English, and calls me a foreigner. lol

You're a fucking scrub.
Go lurk >>>Zig Forums for a month and learn from their mistakes before making your own here.

That's another trumpnigger for the list.

Apparently capitalization is your only strong point

Dictation isn’t perfect vodka nigger. I doubt it would even work for you.
At least they told you to be careful typing so you blend in Vlad. Right buddy? Right guys?!
That is all

It's better than that retard that switches his IP to make himself look like 2 people.

The IP switch trick doesn't fool people with a brain, JIDF.

And btw comrade. Its “cant type English well”. Make sure you give that in the intro to d&c shilling for the new putinkikes.

No, it isn't even a thing.
Answer this:

I already answered it, JIDF.

Then you won't mind fucking LINKING IT

You made a thread for this? What are you trying to slide? The epstein posts?

There is no JIDF here. Just concerned whites who hate vodka niggers sending shit skins our way.

natsoc/fascists (ethnocentric) were against capitalism/communism

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At this stage idk if it's fucking Jim sending in pajeets to get post count up or confused kids (or 35yo millenials which are the same thing)

If only there was some other option, a system where all the key figures were gentiles, unlike both capitalism and communism…

Its clearly (((Jim))).

Unsure yet if he takes muns from vodka niggers like rekeita does. We will see how the pieces fall.

Calm down, son. Capitalism is not Imperialism.
If it were there would only be one fucking word for it.

Get out leftypol

Get this, this OP just tried strongarming me in handing over 200k in gold.

How does that convert to rubles?

Capitalism as a concept was introduced in Socialist writings. To support the idea of capitalism is to enter into the capitalism vs socialism dialectic designed to be won by commies.
People who think they support "capitalism" generally want a "free market economy".
Heres a pic for OP.

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I love the pause In Russian shilling while you figure out what to do

6M gold kike teeth.
Not a bad deal. I'd take it.


Reported for anti-trump jewish shilling

lol I don't know if your being ironic