Jews Want White Boys Gay

A jew sends a message to turn white children gay because they are potential nazis. This message is encoded in these scenes from curb your enthusiasm, the show by larry david.

The gay kid is known as greg the flamboyant kid. Video attached is of the scenes

The holocaust never happened but it should have.

The holocaust never happened but it will.

Another russian slide thread.


That does’t work anymore Sven

Ok, that actually checks out.

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guys it was the j00s and their gmo food

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Curb Your Judaism

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More proof that capitalism does not exist in America anymore. Does anybody think this is what Americans really want to see? It's mortifying.

You have reached the logical conclusion of capitalism, which mirrors the logical conclusion of communism, the Jews are at the helm.

It insane how much propaganda is in tv and games now. Unplugging has been the best thing.

However this needs to be directly pointed out to normies that Jews are the ones always making Christian jokes, making fun of Jesus and so on so it ruins tv for them.

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I manifested this thread in my thoughts.

Not once has Curb Your Enthusiasm been mentioned here in years. Not once.

I see this scene just a day ago, and now this thread has appeared.

Ignore these shills^

These are what feds and mossad post look like they spend millions on these retarded faggots to spout hate against Russia because they are one of the few White Christian majority countries left other then the USA. Guess who hates White Christians more then muslims… the jews do of course ,why do you think jews killed Jesus?

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Look at the disgusting comments people are making. This got 364 likes. 364. Look at what they're fucking normalizing.

Pic related, he's the guy who posted the comment, notice anything?

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Wrong nigger, this is exactly what Capitalism is. Stop confusing Capitalism with Populism. Capitalism isn't what the people want, it's what makes the most money, and what makes the most money is brainwashing and manipulating the populace into doing whatever the fuck you tell them to.

All legacy media, like newspapers and television news stations, are operated at a loss. Reddit is operated at a loss. But they still exist, they're still kept up, the Jewish elite still throw money at them to keep them running and spewing their bullshit. Why?

Because money is a substitute for power, and trading money for power, trading the substitute for the real thing, is a no-brainer. In the words of Nelson Rockefeller, "own nothing but control everything."

Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin, because they both lead to the same end-result: Jewish Oligarchy. Communism isn't an ideology, it's a tactic, a process. The utopia will never manifest but that's fine because it was never meant to. The only purpose Communist revolution ever served was to genocide Europeans, burn down churches, destroy artwork and culture, dismantle Christianity, and hand the smouldering brainwashed wreckage over to wealthy international banking Jews.

Why the fuck do you think George Soros, one of the biggest bankers in the world, the living embodiment of the "Porky The Pig Capitalist" the commies bleat about, is openly throwing money and support at antifa, an international organization of literal commie jackboots? Do you think he's stupid? Do you believe he doesn't understand what he's doing?

No, he knows EXACTLY what he's doing. The one that's confused here is you. Communists hate the working class, their revolutions are all Jewish and the end result is always the Jews seizing control over the assets of nations.

Capitalism and Communism are two different methods to achieve the same end result. If you aren't the enemy of both, then you're an enemy of neither.

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Better watch that Aussiemutt degeneracy. It might work in Ausmuttlia amongst dumbass natives.


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You are thinking too hard, the nazi thing is a side note at best, they want to turn little white boys gay so they will willingly suck old jew dicks and not rat out the old jews for it/make the gay white kid believe they were the ones raping the old jewish men.

Fed posters are fucking retarded.

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