Video games are not a real hobby

Casual playing video games is not a hobby. Digital games can possibly be considered a kind of hobby if :

-someone tries to go through the game like speedrunners

-someone is creating game mods

-somebody's doing a game review

And so on.

I am talking about some possible broader activity related to the field of video games, and not simply providing oneself with immediate, easy, unconditional pleasure in a way that has been predetermined by the creators of video games.

There is a difference between a real, developing hobby and a compulsive, addictive delivery of instant, easy, unconditional pleasure (for which you don't have to work) through various, intensified stimuli in excessive amounts. Everything that can lead (and often leads) to addiction is such a factor. If someone really takes so long to assemble the models, or spends so much time at their car that they neglect to work and relationships with their loved ones, then in total it could also be pulled under the addiction. How many addicts do you know about playing an instrument, painting, sculpting, origami, modeling or tuning a car, and how many addicted to the Internet, television, games, drugs or gambling? And even if you call both addiction, you can see a clear difference between the two.

Pleasures can be divided into those healthy (creative, safe, developing, conducive to long-term and stable happiness) and those harmful (dangerous, addictive, deregulating the natural chemical balance in the brain). In the first group you have e.g. professional passion, various creative hobbies (e.g. creation of works of art, automotive industry, modelling, painting, sculpting, origami, playing an instrument, etc.), while the second group includes Internet, television, gambling, drugs and the like.

As for the difference between simply killing time with entertainment and real passion: you can simply ride a bike, and you can also read about new trends, be interested in bicycle parts, assemble bikes yourself with parts, repair them, replace parts and browse with fascination the new catalog of bicycle parts Specialized .

Another example: If a "beer fan" drinks because he just like dring beer, it is not a hobby. However, if he knows everything about beer, and not only drinks it, e.g. he can brew his own beer, distinguishes beers, knows how they are made, knows how beer foam A differs from beer B, it is a hobby in every way.

Generally, people often say that they are interested in something, but in fact, as with this beer, they only drink it and nothing else. So that's what I wanted to say in a nutshell to distinguish between so called "hobbyists" and real hobbyists.

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Why the fuck do you care. Are you a woman? 'Cause eating, sleeping and listening to music ain't hobbies either.

It's a pastime and like everything else a temptation that needs to be balanced to avoid negative consequences. As long as it's not interfering with mankind's primary occupation (surviving the jewish terrorist occupation of planet earth) it's okay to partake in.

Games are for children, this movement is for men. Night of the long take two will come if we gain momentum.

An activity can be considered a hobby if it requires a conscious commitment, develops you or teaches you something new in the course of performing it.

Ordinary simply killing time with entertainment compulsive, addictive delivery of instant, easy, unconditional pleasure is not a hobby just as no one would consider smoking, drinking alcohol , eating something , watching TV , surfing in the Internet or lying on a bed as a real hobby.

The defining feature of video games. They're not passive entertainment.

Like I said earlier :I am talking about some possible broader activity related to the field of video games, and not simply providing oneself with immediate, easy, unconditional pleasure in a way that has been predetermined by the creators of video games.

Video games as a hobby can be considered as a hobby if someone takes more activity towards them than just casual entertainment in the direction fully anticipated by the creators of these games.

Otherwise, the player is not a hobbyist, but an ordinary consumer.

that's right, they aren't a hobby, they're a sport!

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However, please note that the picture shows professional players taking part in professional competitions. The difference between them and an ordinary casual player can be as big as for example between a racing driver, a racing driver, a rally driver and an ordinary driver who does not move the car in directions other than home or work, or between a real traveler and a tourist who spends his entire holiday in another country without going outside the resort in which he is registered. The differences between a tourist and a traveler can be seen at first glance. The first one will only see what others want to show him through the windshield of the tourist terrarium. The traveller is a discoverer, willing to meet places, new people and cultures. Thanks to this he experiences something different, deeper and fuller.

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I'm pretty addicted to Dota and play about 4 hours a night. But I aim to do 4 hours of studying a day (at the beginning of the day) as well. It's dumb fun really. I can't think of any other activity to replace it with. I also read but its not the same (not stimulating etc).

Agreed. Anime is.

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Did you know that even most Japanese people don't consider watching anime and reading manga as a normal interest?

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Video games are electronic mind masturbation, they create nothing and eat time.

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