This board is 100% compromised

This board is 100% compromised.

Not a single quality post hasn't been deleted for months. Fuck the mods, may they roast in Hell for all eternity. And may the shills as well. They will all answer before God as they stand before Him at Judgement Day. What shall they answer to justify in helping destroy the last remnants of what is good and holy in the world?

Shall a paycheck be a proper reward for losing your eternal soul? Perhaps to you, but God is not so easily swayed. Hell shall be plenty recompense. May I AM judge you for your crimes. And may Jesus forgive you if you repent. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Amen and God bless you, brother.


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any alternative out there?

of course not, and i wont touch tor. so i just browse here and there and elsewhere. and be disappointed.

Idk tbh, Zig Forums died but I’m not sure where everywhere went. I’ve been here since before trump so I remember the doldrums of 2015 8/pol/, but it was a slow pph but high quality board. Now it’s just all noise and no substance. Doesn’t help imkikey is still spamming it

Okay. You’re not going to do anything about it.


i was on cuckchan before they even have a Zig Forums, ended up here later on.

I can tell you, as im sure you have heard before, that the internet as a whole is gone downhill. combination of bandwidth to the third world, pat act, advances in machine learning, and the proverbial boiling of a frog in water.

everyone just let it happen

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8ch's compromised
endchan's a government project
neinchan's cucked
xyzchan's gay
7chan's rulecucked furfags

There's nowhere to go user. The only option left is to gather irl anons, network with those from [whoiswhite dot com] or [pro-white dot net] or other ethnocentric organization (butler plan anyone?)
Gather IRL anons, and we'll reconvene during the great boogaloo.

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too tired for this shit. goodnight

I’m still out here brother. It’s not all bots and glownigs. The golden age is over but I’m sure we will bubble up from another crack soon enough.

This was one of the most recent good threads that I remember.

I thought our Knight Commander told us to unite with our Jewish brothers…

same thing happened with file sharing.
was all pushed under the radar and quiet, so now it is isolated.
chans are dead, the brief rebellion will be forgotten.
social media has been similarly divided, with isolated cells of people being the norm now, on instagram/snapchat - small scale.
everything is being fragmented so there isn't the same collecting of minds like there was years ago on the internet.
with edonkey you could find almost anything, old software, obscure music, forgotten films.
nowadays torrents die, only the most normal, boring crap survives.
look at halfchan, it went from a place where you could talk about anything and have interesting discussions, at least funny ones, to a place where there are 20 thread templates repeated endlessly, and every response could be a bot.
the human connection is gone.

I'll unite my boot on your neck.

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What do you consider a quality post?
Examples of ones removed?

I don't have problems on voat though always get responses how shit it is without saying why.

Can we get local moderation back? Global ain’t workin so good.

btw, this is what's going on over at voat.

voat is over the target enough to get targeted.

whatever jew


Pls, we all should kill some jews irl already, being here after few months is a failure by itself.

And here's the part where I call you a glownigger and the thread gets deleted

It's all so tiresome

Really? So now ads for energy drinks is Zig Forums culture now?

We have local mods. Global mods don’t do anything here. It’s just that the website owner is the board owner and he bans any moderator who makes Zig Forums into a natsoc board. Killing the website owner is the only thing that will change Zig Forums ever again.


Kill yourself.

Whatever issues people have with voat banning national socialist content isn't one of them as far as I've seen.

I like the guys over at Voat. I lurk, but the idea of namefagging and interacting with a reddit UI is legitimately disgusting to me.

Murdoch Murdoch is strange to me. It's right almost 100% of the time and yet still somehow manages to come across as unwatchable faggotry.

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Of course it's compromised. It has been from the start. And even if it weren't, this is all public even your mom knows about 8pol
Every single thing we do is public, every idea and every solution proposed and every brainstorm. It is all observed and often ideas stolen when our adversaries can twist it to their advantage, and most of the time since our adversaries have plenty of time in advance to prepare and counter and do damage control, nothing ever amounts to anything.
Our people are the only that are apparently dumb enough to be so paranoid conversing without the kike's eye, ear and nostril taking notes seems the wrong thing to do, yet so naive to think that anything can ever be accomplished when those that have a massive power advantage are in on each and every single of your moves.
That said, atleast it's not cuckpol, but this is kind of turning into doublecuckpol


That's because one of them is a weeb faggot who wants a hideous chink monkey wife, one of them can't get over his terminal case of lolberg, and they keep using niggerese like "based" unironically.

*by stealing ideas, I mean our adversaries have better organization (literally anything is better than our disorganized scrubbery) and have the resources and "gubmint permission" (and sometimes even the helping hand of the gubmint)
Basically it's two flies with one stone. Patrolling you nerds is outsourced to other nerds, and you're all too busy focusing on the kike. Anyway I lost my train of thought and I just want to grill for god's sake

*too busy to focusing on eachother instead of the kike
- eachother I mean other whites, left/right kosher dichotomy. Your enemy is only ever he not of your blood.


*Too busy focusing on eachother.
How can i keep fucking that up. What a disgraceful amount of bumps.

namefagging is default but optional, up to the sub creator, but the UI is the UI as far as I know.


And the spreading of paranoia to think that every single grassroots movement that has ever occurred was secretly psy-op'd by (((them))), and that's why they allowed a fringe movement to birth into a thing that millions of people are aware of.

It's akin to pushing Hitler as a Jew. No, they didn't begin this, if they had control at first they never would've allowed it to be created and fester, they would've stopped it immediately. No no no. Instead they took over it, and are slowly trying to kill it to prevent any further events of note from occurring.

Your friends just left and I came here to take thier place

This board is over 90% paid shills, journalists, lefty shills, Standerd Orange man bad liberals and glow niggers.

Why not touch tor?

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We have to kill Jim Watkins at his home in the Philippines.



No, keep posting on a containment board. If you kill your enemy, you lose!

yet we've never had that much tools at our disposal, ever in history.
what the fuck is wrong with this generation?

You will never be white, kike.

That's because they are thieving jew fucks and all their content is scraped from the chans.

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"He with the bullet has the power of God." - Vladimir Lenin

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No shit, this is a containment board for right-wing faggots. FBI is watching your dumb ass.

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Why are we still here?

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So they're Pewdie Pie and Tucker Carlson then?

We know.

This board is why I get chased out of towns because my dick isn't big enough for the roastie whores that fuck everything.

It's also why after four decades the police say I will turn to a life of crime when I am already retired.

Hence the reason hate/pol/ has always had a no eceleb faggotry rule.

No where else to go I guess

Nowhere but real life now I guess. Good job kikes now we have to actually make progress instead of posting about niggers all day. Not even mad tbh.

Yeah newfag we known for 2 years or more when imcunty first took over. Glad the last horses are now crossing the finish line.

Fuck off niggerfaggot.

lmao who do you think the mods are?

You did

It's not a "natsoc" board. Go to one asshole if you don't like. Stormfags always forcing their cringe shit upon Whites for the Jews.

The old internet has been divided and conquered.

Your digits betray you, Satan.

Your mental illness is no concern of mine.

To make sure they stay here and not where they aren't welcomed.

oy vey rabbi!

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No shit user. Pic-related just got deleted.

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still here, keep going and push for alternatives the ones who can do it will make it happen

8ch Zig Forums was never meant to function. Hotwheels never liked Zig Forums and neither does Jim. It's a liability more than anything else to the site owner. The goal was always to dilute the board culture to the point of it becoming unusable for serious posters. This state had been achieved long ago.

Anyone who tries to make Zig Forums a natsoc board is banned by the website owner, user. Zig Forums is demonstrably not natsoc anymore.

You need to leave.

Hotwheels literally said that Zig Forums is the most important board on the website. That’s why it was destroyed when kikemonkey took over.


He meant the ideal of Zig Forums as a culture that fights against corruption in the context of GG. He apparently never realized what Zig Forums actually is and what it represents and when he finally did he turned away in disgust.

I KNOW they are subversive jews.

Spoken like a true outsider who knows nothing about this place…

No, kike. You need to leave.

mods hand out bans for redpills now so most anons have left to learn to weld or code it appears.

this is ground zero for military infilitration of this 'proto-movement'

all eyes rest here always

they try to control which extremists can see eachother etc., don't count on being served the same content as some one else.
Since Brenton Tarrant it seems like they've ratcheted this program up severely.

Inconsequential. Real life is still the best shot. You might might never guess the people you can actually persuade with reason, try and try again.


Its been over since at least 2015


What the fuck are you talking about, you stupid fucking kike.

enjoy supermax prison

Kill yourself.