Antiwhite zionist Stephen Yaxley-Lennon encourages violence against white nationalists

In case you had any doubts, the actor known as Tommy Robinson is a pro-Israel, antiwhite shill.

Good job Moshe.


Kosher nationalism keeps circling the drain. They know it doesn't have a future.

White Nationalists are literal ZOGbots following the kikes lead. Richard Spencer = Duganist. Kike Pienovich = Duganist.

Check the music out, creeping sinister whilst attempting to paint people as anti-jew. Uplifting as the jew tries to paint Yaxley-Lennon as a British leader and not a jew, even though he said he was himself.

This is all pretty pointless to even point out now, since they've defied all odds and made the fact that he's a shill even more obvious, but last year's "Free Tommy" protests were bankrolled by the CFR kike Daniel Pipes, and at least until he split with Rebbe Media, Tommy was being financed by the jew Robert J. Shillman - yes, that's his real name.

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Just the controlled opposition they create, not actual white nationalists. You go lone wolf, you win.

Jesus fucking christ, somebody should call out this bullshit, mind boggling.
Neutured beyond belief and these Israelites need to be hanged.


Also notice the lack of (((tarrant))) shilling? Its because the zogbots were assigned to shitpost the board to oblivion, (((they))) realized their (mundane) psyops failed.

You'll make the obits just fine rabbi.

It's every shabbat, faggot.

notice the video has the comments and like visibility shut down. clearly Tummy can't handle the refutations

The hardest part about of this job is always being right. How many warnings did people throwing their weight behind Tommy get from the likes of us? A solid 4 years of constant awareness, yet the tards continued to shake his cock because he's attacking an arm of the octopus. Same thing goes with r/T_D and now they are blackholed.

At some point you have to stop acting like a woman and admit you were wrong and come to grips with it and for once not have an emotional knee jerk reaction to people trying to help raise your consciousness and therefore awareness. Meanwhile realizing all those weird feelings in your stomach when you hear what we say have been programmed into you by the very enemies we're trying to educate you about.


Don't be a retard and think you're the exception, even if you see it for what it is the damage is subconscious.

I have no idea who said what but i think that Collett dude is annoying, just saying.

The propaganda is so transparent. It's fucking pathetic to watch white men grovel before jews this hard while demanding their own people get filled up with niggerseed.

I believe in National Socialism that the NSDAP started for Germany and the Waffen SS matured into pan-European NS. I'm not sure if that is white nationalism, but the National Socialists refered to the European races as the white race so I guess it is. At the end of the day fuck the American controlled ops and the Jews.

I'll watch it sometime… maybe. These people don't do anything. It's part of why they're poor fags. They stay at home and make jewtubes and shitpost to bots on twitter. None of them have ever met a Nazi. That last bit is Ben Shapiro's dishonest line.

Kosher nationalists go to the gas chambers too.

TR is anti-islam. Makes sense that he's also anti-nazi, as they are basically the same. Both only exist as a reaction to jewishness…

Nigger brain.

Tommy Robinson is a jew himself, racially.

Alright jew.

Muhammad followed the Torah before Islam.
"They placed a cushion for the Apostle of Allah who sat on it and said: Bring the Torah. It was then brought. He then withdrew the cushion from beneath him and placed the Torah on it saying: I believed in thee and in Him Who revealed thee." -Sunan Book 38, Number 4434

National Socialism isn't just a reaction but instead a rediscovery of the ancient model used by Aryans. Hitler regularly called himself "Speaker" following the old ways.

This is the best bit of comedy the jews have produced since the office, I'm looking forward to Shalom tbh. Should be side launching.