Zig Forums rebuilds a home

A home is something a man makes.

A home is a contract with other men, where a man promises not to pillage and rape in exchange for other abstaining from the same thing. Therefore, men create not only homes but societies where efforts can be diverted into more constructive ventures.

Notice I said constructive ventures, which is also the purpose of this thread.

Most cultures created money to make transactions easier. However, this led to the work of men becoming a commodity that rulers can simply consume without regards for the men's sweat, tears, and blood. When societies become feminized, women act outwardly in the same way.

The following will be more esoteric, but we cannot shy away from the fact that cities are by definition centers of degeneracy. The highest number of humans in a home (across all cultures) is 40. While the highest number of humans in a binding community (across all cultures) is 300. The problem with cities is that they are logistical solutions (eases acquirement of humans for consumption), which neglect the human desire for a good and honest life. Cities by definition create psychopathic behavior.

What we need is to establish again true homes, something others cannot trespass into. I love architecture that can be pass down through generations, for hundreds if not thousands of years.

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Does a better, or even comparable, masonry method exists? I'm only asking because I want to know what other architectural designs can we use to create the best.

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I used to study Eurasian megaliths, however I found the South American ones to be more interesting.

The first pic shows a wall road (reminiscent of the Great Wall of China), notice the structures on its side probably served as administrative or storage purposes. On the second pic, you can appreciate the stone work as well as its aesthetic element.

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It saddens me I can no longer find the house construction thread that user made. Hopefully, I hope this thread can become a replacement for it in the meantime.

Anyways, now that I laid out the importance of a home (composed of a material parts and a social part), I wish to move into what is outside the home. A neighborhood should be composed of no more than 50 families (so as we keep away from the 300 person limit). Number of people/families aside, the surrounding terrain should have both utility and an open view to keep an eye on people there.

Notice the beauty of the earlier constructions and compare it to the (((modern))) houses defacing the hillside. There was a big difference 1000 years ago when houses would meld with nature, and houses now that are a desperate reflection of shekel culture.

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That thread is fucking garbage and that idiot larping faggot has no clue what he is talking about. People build houses with insulation in them in cold climates. Just because people in areas that never get snow can build brick houses doesn't mean people living in white climates can.

There are rules that societies must follow or they will be destroyed by their own degeneration.

Actually, the Incas built their best structures about 2000-3000 meters above sea level. These parts lack temperature and oxygen. Furthermore, if you look into other structures, it is quite evident you can upgrade Inca-tier buildings by covering part of it with soil (berm housing) or having a tent inside. In the latter case, that's how some circumpolar people built their homes.

How many Mexican Pilgrims would it take to build something like this?

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There is no correlation between altitude and quality of inca ruins.
No they do not. The coldest it ever has gotten at Machu Picchu, which is 2500m, is -2. The average yearly temp is 16. The average yearly temp in Edmonton is 3, and it routinely hits -35 in winter. Living without insulation in such a climate means burning tremendous amounts of fuel, and is insanely expensive and wasteful.
That does not help when the average temperature is 3.
Their homes are also 100 sq feet, and they wore complete fur suits indoors. You are a fucking retard.

Everyone on Zig Forums into construction is a retard. Read

White nationalists should be happy the Jews gifted them cities and modern construction.

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The only thing I would add is that it is some sort of a joke that people think the subhumans, who can't even manage to build with mud now (have any of you ever been on a reservation or to a South American country where they built with anything other than mud, lol), built these ruins. The 'indian' peoples all have legends about killing the native red haired people, who were obviously better than them, and taking over. The DNA of the ancient people is concretely shown to be non-native. But it should be obvious to anyone who has studied Celtic structures that these are the same exact techniques as the celtic ones.

Zero. They couldn't manage it on the best day. It is better for it to be the work of your own hands (unless you want to live in squalor). You can't expect that you can 'hire out' something that is going to be a reflection of yourself and your people. It will be created by trash people and thus a reflection of THEM and not you. This would be akin to a craftsman thinking that he could pay a spic field hand to make a Stradivarius. You will NEVER get what you want by 'paying' a trash people to 'do it for you'. Trust me, I know of what I speak.

So much this. People should be content with how high tech current housing technology has become. I think fiberglass insulation and tyvek are the zenith of Aryan construction techniques.

Only niggers want to learn from the past, when we have the best construction leaders alive… like Larry Silverstein.

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I like the ideas you profess megalith user.
Your format is shit though.
Here is an archive of the housethread. archive.fo/kWs8x

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How can we use salt (plenty by the sea) to create a self sufficient society? How do we split it?

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Thank you my white brothers, only white people like us can understand science as strive to use it for our benefit! It's nice knowing you are all on the same page.

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More pics please.

To me, architecture is a product of culture itself. The core components of a culture are reflective in the architecture and the people. What you first need to do is figure out what traits encompass the core values of the people you wish to form a society for and/or with. Then from there you can create an architecture that is bound to the people.

For example, if transparency was a core value to you, then to me I would build most things out of glass or plastic. No secrets, full transparency. If a "green society" is what you want, the whole city should be self sustainable through renewable resources.

A civilization can take degeneracy and funnel it out of it's society, just as one does with human waste and garbage. The question is not if, it is how.

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Manners, Social Etiquette, a Social Contract, and etc. are Dying in First World Countries, and are Nonexistent or Dead already in most of the Third World.
Crime is up, absentee parents up, lazy on the Dole is up (gibsmedat), degeneracy is up (LGBTP) and etc.
Pushed by the Left as being fine and normal.

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I would add that the word "degeneracy" is being well used in this case. Because even architecture will degenerate once people succumb to degeneracy.

It's a little more complex than that I would think, but I'm glad you noticed the double meaning.

It's as if there is maintenance required not only for the architecture but the culture itself.

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