Grass is not greener on the other side

1. A modern liberal western society with liberated women who are total sluts and small percentage of men gets to sleep with majority of women.
-Average Joe can occasionally get sex himself, but long term relationships/ stable marriages are hard.
-Declining birth rates and shortage of professionals workers and abundant job offers.

2. Conservative traditional society like middle east where every unmarried youth are stuck watching porn 24/7 unless they can afford to pay hundreds of thousands and go through the entire process of marriage and marry daddy's little princess.
-Lots of "stable" marriages with high birth rates leading to overpopulation and poverty.
-Hordes of young men who want to immigrate because of rarity of sex and poor economic position of their religious conservative shitholes.
-Women are still total sluts but it is less obvious/ done in secret.

I think any same individual would choose 1.

How exactly are you planning to build your right wing/conservative society different from that in the middle east?

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The good news is all you need is a bit of money and you can be in that small percentage.

t. I'm not a rock star but I get laid like one IRL

Stop daydreaming about "what if" scenarios and start concentrating on the task at hand…earth is occupied by a psychopathic cabal that is out to exterminate the human species. Nothing else matters.

False dichotomy. Kill yourself, kike. We are not semites, we're white people.

it is reality and right wing/religious society crap will end up like middle east.

Bump, because women behaving like whores is something that men must rectify. No wonder this thread is being slid and shilled against. Good luck OP.

One more thing: it is my belief (after studying human history and behavior) that if cheating women get killed by other women in that society, then degeneracy will not sprout in that society.

Paid shill thread allowed to remain up.

some of those are pretty fucking based user

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Conservative WHITE Societies don't degrade into fucking their own children, and wrapping their women in Hefty bags and beating them with rocks, you stupid nigger. But you're a nigger, so you'll never understand the difference between us.

This is possibly the most retarded false dichotomy I've seen all year.
I guess the numerous shill groups must be actively hiring more people with an IQ below 90, i.e. they've put out more ads in tel aviv.

No polygamy.

We've either redpilled, or utterly destroyed the minds, of the best they had. This retardation is what we can now expect.
Low tier logical fallacies, and Hegelian Dialectics.
Fucking kikes. Knee deep shit where ever they go.

This stupid false dichotomy shit can go back to 4cuck, go don't come back here.

1 is fucked because Jews
2 is fucked because Sandniggers
neither proves Nordics shouldn't stablize society by total reformation.

Maybe thats why none of them exist anymore

And we're going to keep on doing it.

Well at least they get history right.

By killing all leftists such as you, and any woman that doesn't obey all conservative men's orders.


What? Just outlaw polygamy and you're golden.

And there's FINALLY some action in the logs. Gee, wonder which way the jews will go this time.

Entirely Intellectual Bankruptcy. Autist Waste Thread. SAGE