Let's make Twitter defend a paedophile

Jessica / Jonothan Yaniv is a Canadian tranny freak who has taken 11 beauty salons to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax his ladyballs. There is also ample evidence that he is a blatant pedo, and many people are currently talking about this on Twitter. This is a golden opportunity to redpill people by force Twitter to publicly defend a paedophile. How do we do this?

1. Go on Twitter and log in. You can do this on a suspended account if you want.
2. Search for 'yaniv'. There are a lot of people talking about this pedo.
3. Report any posts that 'misgender' the pedo (e.g. calling him 'him', 'he', 'it', 'man' etc.). It's a target rich environment.

Twitter will be forced to suspend the accounts that you report because of their policy against misgendering (and their retarded belief that people are trans purely if they claim to be). I've reported around 200 accounts thus far and have already gotten a few bans racked up. Report everyone, even non-lefties. Why do this?

- It's funny, because it forces Twitter to live by their own rules.
- It will redpill everyone to see Twitter defending such a blatant pedo.
- Many of the 'sane' people they ban will leave Twitter for good, leaving the 'insane' people behind. This will accelerate Twitter's SJW purity spiral and eventual demise.

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Holy Crap, OP. This is actually a great idea.

This is a good idea but I delete my twitter cause twitter is for fags

Fuck off.

I get, rabbi, I'd be mad too if we tried to wake up the people the SJW mental disorders.

it'll be obvious, mainstream trannies don't defend this guy

also Zig Forums doesn't need to associate itself it jordan peterson-tier twitter drama

Non-fag OP, for once.

I may have just settled an old score with a political lesbian. Good op, OP.

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It’s a good idea sorry you are so Jewish

And yet you prove me right.

Kill yourself.

Both at once! How about that. Sage.

Calm down faggot. Learn to think outside the box. The people that moderate twitter aren't explicitly Jews, they're just golems playing by Jew rules. Make ordinary people question the authority already in place, that's the point of this. This is a genuine catch 22 for Jews because it's a tranny pedo so they can play the trans-phobia card etc, but ultimately they will always want to defend pedophiles because the majority of them already are pedophiles/sex offenders/satanic. When people realize they're getting banned for talking about pedophiles, they might start waking up. Destroy twitter with it's own rules. If you can't see the value in that then I don't know why you're here except to stir shit.

Today OP was not a faggot.

Bindel or Murph the TERF?

It's a paid hasabra troll, user.

Hello Yaniv.

OP, you are wonderful person, true aryan genius, your father is a real man and your mother is a decent woman.

Count me in.

Y’know, you can harm minimize without this. Just work on society’s memetic antibodies a little more.

You're already there.

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This is a good idea. Ignore the shills who always pop up to derail this kind of stuff

Such irony.

No. Kill yourself tranny.

I am in awe of the people calling you a ‘jew’ because you don’t want to waste your precious life ‘reporting people on Twitter’. How low has Zig Forums fallen? Pretty low.

Let’s normalize pedophilia and trans agenda for the jews by helping to censor more people. No thanks kike, censorship is not my thing.

Zig Forums is pro-pedo faggot. The redpill is pro-pedo. The exhentaigate instigators are trannies. >>>/animu/111568

trannies are anti-pedo faggot. >>>/animu/111568

Op is a MIGAcuck. Don't bump this retard, or spam anti-OP anti-kike lines.

Kikes immediate to sage all ops. Election isn't here yet and nothing is going on outside of Epstein which is kind of barren right now. This is a good idea.

Ok, kike. pol is pro-pedo.

Looks like some tranny got triggered. Forgot to read your Mao's quotes today?

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bumping big you giga nigg


Aren't you late for your 2 hours of dragon dildo dilatation today?

We got a live one here.

Transgender ex soldier had child rape images

Transgender woman gets 18-month sentence for sexually assaulting daughter

Convicted pedophile back in custody after federal government revokes supervision order

Trans woman, 41, pretended to be a boy to groom a girl

Good site btw

Should i go play Terraria guys?
Do we have a dox on this pidor kike?

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can't make them do what they're already doing.

get a load of these kikes

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Log in to a timewaste app? Not today.

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No one mentioning how this trans is a kike?

Zig Forums is dead

did it have to be said?

no thanks niggerfaggot

You already have most of BC, Vancouver, and Toronto defending him. It's like that retard 40 year old who thought he was baby little girl. Canada's way worse than us with being pozzed in big city education. Ask any leaf.

Kike name Chiam. Anyway bump

You don't know Canada that well. This faggot would have an accident if he tried this in rural areas.

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Twitter is fkn terrible but this is retarded.

Redpill people about the need to kill all pedophiles and sodomite abominations.

OP life is actually sadder than a Canadian pedo who can't get his junk waxed.

I love this idea. It's even better than pushing AOC to a commanding role in the Democratic party

I read this thread and then opened Jew Tube and this popped out of the blue, as I've never researched this freak at all.

Ha, I knew it. All the bikini waxers he fucked with were immigrant women. Perfect.

18 hours ago
So Jessica Yaniv is really just Rosa Parks with a hairy ball sack. Well that's completely different then.

my sides



*sigh* I can remember when Canadian politics was big balding men in bad suits and cheap ties drinking straight up rye whisky and arguing over who was going to get what share of the pie from a big hydroelectric project.

Well, that's enough internet for today.

Seeing that fat piece of shit riding a rascal babbling on his smart phone with his mother running shotgun really makes me wonder; how much longer do we have to wait for the Freikorps to make its appearance>?

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Let's do yet another gayop that will accomplish absolutely NOTHING!

wtf, jhonnypedo and his mom?
tineye and jewgle give nothing, where is this image from ?!?!?1?one?

great, what are you doing besides staring at a glowing screen 16 hours a day?

Requesting the video of the tranny with the gas gas gas music where hes trying to escape after being asked about being a pedo

I agree. Shit like IOTBW worked because it was AGAINST the kalergi plan and it showed.

Project harder, yid.

Try harder.

Twitter is 100% kosher. Everything there passes through a jew’s filter. Nothing can be posted without their express approval. Your time is wasted. Your claims are worthless. They’re already SUPPORTING pedophiles. Shut the fuck up and get the fuck out.

Kill yourself.

time for bed kid your thread failed.

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Zero effort spam. Reported.

Yaniv is awesome. Just like the trannies in sports, or greasy cheating orthodox jews, Yaniv forces people to pick a side. If I was on Twitter (banned) I'd be flagging people for breaking the rules and getting them banned for offending this tranny.

Accelerationism, right?

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I shouldn't laugh but that story caused me to chuckle.


Is a pedophile board to raid


Why are you mad

Yes! Don't listen to the kikes and glowniggers.

Congratulations, faggots.


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It will go back to that once people realize (((activism))) goes nowhere. This freak has establishment support in BC. Fine, let BC pay for it at the provincial level.

Anyway I don't drink anymore but I love a good shawwarma. See you in Ottawa in a few years when we argue over weed excise tax and US customs union. or else the Eastern provinces join New England and we'll be in Boston. That would be comfy.

this is insane!



If it was 1958 or 1960, I'd so be there. But the USA is outrunning us in the race to being Haitian style 3 million people living in a shantytown city without any sewage disposal system country.
I'm deeply afraid of the USA now. There's something very wrong there. And yes the niggers are the most salient manifestation of it but even the white people are sick in the head with their Scofield Bible dispensationalist Christian Zionism. I just want to hide in my comfy little Canadian house behind a massive 10ft high bank of dirty piled up snow.



Crusty Newfie, I used to like his show. He was the last sane voice there. Now all we have is Grapes.

Pick one Shlomo.

Holy fuck someone shoot that piece of shit. His whole fucking take on this is "oh those poor immigrants are heroes they shouldn't have to defend themselves in court!". But white people can go fuck themselves right? It is fine when we get hauled before kangeroo courts on bullshit charges you have been promoting for 30 years. He even calls the fucking pedo faggot a she. A national platform and he uses it to continue to promote the very problem he is pretending to condemn.

Well he is a newfie. I mean he's not going to smell very good either. You want to keep your distance…

Bump for potential.