Are Russians the most retarded people in Europe?

Russians are the most retarded people in Europe. They literally somehow manage to ruin everything they touch. Look anywhere that's had a Russhit diaspora immigrate–the Baltics, Konigsberg, Moldova, and they've literally turned all those places into shitholes. Worse yet is that despite this Russians are so retarded that they even have this autistic mentality where they beat their fists on their chests and think themselves of as heroes–in their eyes everyone else owes them something. Russian entitlement is off the charts when the only thing they really deserve is to be put down like dogs.

Yeah, thanks for shitting up half of Europe with your decrepit Bloc apartment buildings and factories, everyone was just dying for you to show up and do this.
Worse yet is how these monkies spread. Russians are a very "noble" people sending old ladies and children to Siberia to replace them with their fetally alcohol syndromed deranged factory workers.

These diasporas of Russians are a plague wherever they go and are quite literally nigger tier. They're too retarded to learn the language of whatever place they were incentivized to settle in but don't want to fuck off back to Russia either just like niggers won't fuck off back to Africa. They constantly demand Gibbs from people that absolutely hate them for good reason and start crying russophobia when things don't go their way. Just look at how hard the Russian government starts kvetching whenever a country wants to dismantle some retarded eyesore Soviet monuments. When this happened in Estonia these animals had a literal nigger-like chimpout and started rioting smashing shit and looting for days quite reminiscent of how niggers acted during the LA race riots.

Russhits reading this, you are a disease and the world would be much better off without you. I even have a Russian friend in Ukraine I occasionally visit that thinks Russia is doomed because 80% of the Russian populace should die off after getting mongrelized with Caucasus+central Asians+alcoholism during the Soviet era. But even he is prone to the retarded Russian mentality and entitlement when we discuss things like Poland for example.

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Here's your (you)

I guess this is what glowniggers consider “sophisticated” these days… I would double sage this if I could


Do you honestly think a glownigger would make an effort to shit on Russia just because it's so based? Eastern Zog and Western ZOG are two sides of the shame shekel.

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No I'm well aware it's your passion project morpheus, at least when you aren't sucking Trumps cock

So dumb they have the best antiair in the world

Yeah, classic Russhit response whenever someone points out that Russians are animals. "But muh murica!!!"

Do you really believe the RT shit saying their decrepit ass military equipment is the most invincible state of the art thing ever

Oh, you talking about pedorusskas, aka vata, aka blohastie and ets.

It`s useless to talk to this genetic trash. They do not have their own opinions and simply retransmit official propaganda. If one of them bothers you just punch him in the snout.

Double meme
The asian ancestry in Europeans is Finnic, not Mongol.

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I'm blaming YOU Morpheus

Kikes still have genocidal lusts towards Rus people after already murdering millions of them, almost disturbing.

You don't need to be competent. You just need to be able to blast your enemies out of the sky. Trust me, i know how much of a shitshow Russia is. But somehow syria and iran still stand


Lol, no. (((Huilo)))`s antiair is totally useless. I`ve know what i`m talkin about, I touched this garbage with my bare hands. Because it was part of my job. In KBP. So, onse again, (((Huilo)))`s antiair is totally useless.

Forgot Mongol/Turkic influence map

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American goyim cattle have no freedom like peasants in Russia, who live to 120 and have life extension medicine from their nationalism.

Russians have given much to the world in spite of the devastation of communism. You have a Russian "friend", a white brother, and you spit on him and think he's inferior. Pathetic crab bucket mentality.

Yeah, no agenda at all you double glownigger. Stop bumping this dog shit

oh no no no

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Was getting caught part of the glowniggers plan?

No, you are you jew fuck.

No, Albanians are.

sage all mod threads

OP is a ZOG-faggot.

D&C tactic, a classic. Just sage and REPORT for fucks sake. No need to let kikes turn this into cuckpol, the mossad psyop.

Funny enough the 4chan thread has actually been deleted

Jesus Christ. Cuckpol has better mods than hatechan now. Or nobody reports.

pick one
you're the most retarded of this board

Not a single mod doing it's job while the spam is allowed to continue unabated.

The report queue is filled constantly because these cunts spam zero effort slides which hook the reports before their true bait is realized.

Also, half the mods are leftypol faggots MAKING THESE GOD DAMNED SLIDES.

whoa thats some advanced undermining psyops you eternals are doing


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once you go full retard there is no going back

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If Russian AA is trash, why does syria still stand?


I don't think. I know. Have you looked into the Zig Forums warrant page? Did you see the glownigs accidentally include their own posts where they talk shit on Russia?

Most glowniggers are either too stupid/complacent to understand that, or are kikes themselves just playing along with the false dichotomy narrative.

Russia and USA are like republicans vs democrats on a global stage.

OP is probably the same eastern European kike that's been shitting up the board with word salad spam.

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They are called white niggers for a reason. Anons who haven't lived besides russians all their lives don't notice, but the type of quality drop in discussions we are experiencing is characteristic to russians, it is evident in their tv shows with political debates, where they try to be louder than anyone else and try to silence one another. When Soviet Union attacked Latvia and they started riding homes, they didn't even knew what toilets are, they washed their hands in toilet pots while shitting in closets, they don't do than now, but the mentality of their offspring in Latvia hasn't changed much. They refuse to assimilate, demand special rights, despite being a minority most prison inmates in Latvia are russians, they are mongol rape babies with fetal alcohol syndrome, they shit up comment sections of news websites rendering discussions impossible, fuck russians.

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The reason why russians put carpets on walls is because they like to spit on floors.

Russia isn't in Europe so the question is moot.

A lot of those invader shits occupy ex-soviet states that are in Europe. Despite having the biggest country in the world with wast amounts of resources of every type Russia is still a shithole and they still migrate where white people live. A lot of them live in Germany. They migrate wherever white people have built a better life much like niggers do, because they are niggers.

how much glownigger could a glownigger glow if a glownigger could glow nigger

regardless of what russians are like, Americans are 100x more retarded. Most Americans look like vid related


go home /int*/ ur retarded regardless of country

Cry more CIA!

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why bother to respond if it's just going to be a meaningless non-sequitor?


Anti-white D&C spam thread left up for 7 hours.

Russians kill white people in Ukraine as we speak.

Die with them, please.

Oy fucking Veh!
You lack the (((debilitating materialist consumer culture))) we made for you!
If you don't waste away infront of a 500 inch plasma tv watching football on a 3000 dollar massage-couch while your feminist wife fucks Jamal, you're not living!
If you don't have three cars for your wife and a gigantic truck you never use, you're not living!
If you don't lock yourself away in your giant McMansion with 40 different ventilators to keep you at 50 degrees in the summer and 90 in the winter, you're not living!

Now that's Czutspah.

Russia did nothing on space exploration since collapse of Soviet Union, except participation on ISS and few nobody-give-a-fuck researches in near space.
White skin doesn't mean "european"

You are poor because your abilities to run a country are nigger tier.

Die kike.

Yet light years better than the West.

I hope you understand that America wants to be a branch of Haiti in the next years.

We can't even "debate" such stupidity only because of Jew's money.

Just because USA is shit doesn't make Russia less shit, try living in Russia. Russia is a degenerate shithole and not a savior of white race. There are multiple countries whiter and less cancerous than Russia.

Morpheus hates Trump though

what countries? just curious

Muttposting should be an autoban

Fuck off borris. These mods are protecting your D&C tactics. OP is right you vodkanigger shill

How you define Jews?