It’s been real bois. But they’re coming for us. Prepare to be wiped off the map. RIP Zig Forums

Orthodox Jewish woman named cybersecurity chief for US spy agency

Anne Neuberger of Baltimore has worked at the NSA for the past decade. She helped establish the US Cyber Command and worked as chief risk officer, where she led the agency’s election security efforts for the 2018 midterms.

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I’m autistuc and fucking retarded and my link was cancer.

Just ZOG being ZOG
You're not a proper kike until you present your victim card

Feels good having not voted from Trump

Not tired of winning

Black hair, brown eyes…muh aryan, muh 'white people'

Jews must be exterminated!

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All subhumans must be exterminated. A European only globe is the only solution.

post discarded and reported

Trust Neuberger.
Trust the plan.

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Drumpf just named another zionist to head Sec of Defence. guy named Mark Esper. ALL of the top spy and law enforcement agencies now headed by agents whose group comprises 5% of American population over 320 million. MIGA

More like 2%

Fuck off with your demoralization, Shariablue. This is a MOSSAD/CIA board and we know your address, faggot.

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Eventually the list of mods and their dox will leak.

Cross-eyed freak and ugly as any jew. She must be killed simply for looking like that.


Kill yourself and take OP with you.

OP clearly states that this is a pure blood Jew - the name also signifies this, yet, you saw white skin, where you second guessed yourself by digging deeper into eye an hair color.
This second guessing is why they have been winning for so long - muh maybe Aryan, muh compassion, muh turn the other cheek.

thanks for your mod approved slide glownigger, but we already know this board is pozzed

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That's an oofie.

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hello, massa. if i do say,
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Just like hitler

their holy text is about eternal victimhood

All i saw on the web was how his blue eys were a source of charisma

Why would jews get rid of a website they’ve owned for four years? What problem do they have with codemonkey, who bans anyone that names the jew or tries to moderate a board that names the jew?

Blue eyes.

Haha faggot. His eyes were blue. We have the color portraits to prove it.

Jews rule the world. They control Russia and China too.



Jews run all of the intelligence community. Whats new?


Come get us then. Jews are way too arrogant. They always celebrate too early because they can't help themselves. The snake will eat itself.

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The more they push us off the web, the harder we'll just organize IRL, not engage in their consumerist BS propaganda and do much more productive things in Real LIFE. So bring it kikes.

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She's also said she got into security because of Jew's security.

The head of NSA is a full blown Zionist.

This, boycott israel in any way shape or form that you legally can. Don't let up on them. Their getting mad and im getting glad.

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Well, she ain't middle eastern despite her family taking other peoples land in Palestine as an ancestral right.

It's more like 2% of the population of the United States,,, but yes it's fucking awful.
So why hasn't someone come up with a blockchain version of 8ch but with no mods yet?

Look at bar codes to see if what you are buying came from Israel.

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Yea! Make sure to keep following all those laws ZOG passed for you!

Anyway… Satanic Jewish ultimate victory is near. The only way the Jews lose at this point is if they destroy themselves.

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Don't eat the hummus.

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Wrong image. sorry,

Look at the bar codes to see if what you are buying came from Israel.

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Boycoting Israel is illigal already in Texas. I imagine trump would make it illegal nationally if the movement gained steem. Really, BAN CIRCUMCISION and equate it with child rape and mutilation. This is the movement Zig Forums should be behind first after the the 'it's ok to be white' campaign.

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Funny, I don't actually know them and if they show up at the door, I'll just kill them anyways. How do you expect to know the law after a muslim admin that folds over to a zionist admin anyways?

Here's list of stuff I got from BDS.

Supposedly all these things make Israel money somehow.

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Texas courts overturned it.


What the fuck are you talking about? Who cares if they mutilate their babies junk? Boycotting Israel products whenever possible will take money away from the Jews. What could possibly hurt them more?

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They promote circumcision for our babies too, you dimwit. That's why it's so heinous.

More people are accepting this truth and surrendering. This is perfect, as Zig Forums is finally knowing their limits and bowing down as the Satan Jews claim ultimate eternal victory forever.
Ashes And Echoes

You cant stop Israel or the Jews. See
Jews win forever. Stop fighting against them and know your limits.

All (((she))) wants is Aryan dick to give birth to inhuman offspring.

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Our forefather's naivety and poor judgement will not be ours. The eternal jew will be defeated and its power extinguished in the flames.

Israel/Jews know every vulnerablity and how every line of defense works and how to defeat them.
America is essentially being held hostage wether the government knows it/acknowledges it or not.
The only way to get rid of the jew is to burn everything to the ground and to start over from scratch. But at that point the land would be up for grabs to any people with a competent and large military.
America is absolutely fucked.

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We have to trust these dual citizens with our nations cyber security!

Not even her own. Orthodox jewish women wear wigs.

No they won't be defeated. See . Jews are God now.

And their husbands fuck them through a hole in a sheet that divides them.

I think they are lying. That thing is not very womanly. Facial features are too big. Illuminati tranny once again, I think

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You will never be white

"Godan whose wife is Freyja" is the "demon" who Paul the Deacon says the Lombards praised before converting to Christianity to worship "Deus".

The jews cannot be "God", its not in their blood. Maybe (((they))) can be "Eloi" or "Eallah".
"At this point, the men of old tell a silly story that the Wandals coming to Godan (Wotan) besought him for victory over the Winnili and that he answered that he would give the victory to those whom he saw first at sunrise; that then Gambara went to Frea (Freja) wife of Godan and asked for victory for the Winnili, and that Frea gave her counsel that the women of the Winnili should take down their hair and arrange it upon the face like a beard, and that in the early morning they should be present with their husbands and in like manner station themselves to be seen by Godan from the quarter in which he had been wont to look through his window toward the east. And so it was done. And when Godan saw them at sunrise he said: "Who are these long-beards?" And then Frea induced him to give the victory to those to whom he had given the name. And thus Godan gave the victory to the Winnili. These things are worthy of laughter and are to be held of no account." -History of the Lombards

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More Than Just Male and Female: The Six Genders in Classical Judaism


This is good news.