Moscow right now

To those who think that Russia is great, and redpilled. People decided to protest rigged Moscow elections. This is what they got. Lurk for more yourselves.

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Looks like degenerate liberals getting exactly what they deserve. They should be lined up and show publicly for being Washington's dogs.

Oh yes, yes! Welcome товарищ.

Beating the shit out of liberals.

How many of these threads do you need to make?

Not a single nigger in the whole crowd. Seems like a nice place.

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Ever since the Mueller thing blew up in their face they've decided to double down on the whole Russia thing. Notice the increase in the "you're a Putin shill" and "Its not Israel it's Russia" posts.
I've seen Facebook groups where they actually belive were being attacked by Russia online and Russia is to blame for the rise of the far right. They were saying things like "good men don't just do nothing while Russia attacks us. We must fight back." Etc…
What you're seeing is the result of them "fighting back" but its really just the same babies who are mad and still blame Russia for Hillary losing.

I hope OP got a good beating too for his lazy shit thread

Why did we have a cold war again?

Sorry bruh, i'm not russian

Jesus fucking christ, not every thread is sponsored by whoever you think it's sponsored by.


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Glowniggers are trying hard to get pol to turn on Russia. They may be inferior whites, but at least they don't let the black and browns in.

They're unironicly actually making people here like Russia even more. How am I supposed to hate cops beating the shit out of crybaby liberals and stuff like pic related?
Russia actually seems more based than I thought

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What the fuck are you, fucking morons talking about? People protesting corruption are "fucking libtrads lol" since when?
Fuck, you're just like 18yo commies. Never experienced it but think is awesome. Same with you and russia. FFS you people are really retarded. Report this thread, sage and hide, OP is a fagot and is fucking off.
Your autism is beyond me.

I'm not seeing any problem here. Bump for fuck yeah!

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Looks just like ZOG except with White people living there.

Found the republicuck!

That already sounds a lot better.

If rigged elections were the cost of no fucking non-whites in my country, I'd take it. As it stands we already have rigged elections not also we have non-whites.

You mean this?

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Stay mad faggot. I hope they beat the shit out of even more whiny liberals

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Yea that. In almost every thread too

Bruh, i literally only saw one nigger in Tula when i was walking down Prospekt Lenina, and boy did it seem out of place.
Sage for cuckchan tier thread

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This. We need more beatings of niggers, malcontents, and subversives in the west. You can't even conduct business these days without fear from a wild nigger attack, a lefty online mob assault (it can harm revenue), or malicious lawsuits from the JEWdicial system.

Fuck Putin and the KGB for trying to kill my father.

the kgb was disbanded in 1991, try again

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RIDF please go, blyat

I'm actually a syrupnigger, but nice try.

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WTF you on about


You're a boomer and a jew.

I really see nothing wrong with beating liberals.

What indicates that they are liberals?

But Russia has proportionally more muslims than any European country.

lurk until you are able to answer your own question, and then only post again when you understand why it is a dumb question.

So you don't know? Ok.

You're already failing.
Lurk faggot

no one is here to tie your shoelaces you lazy ass faggot


Dyed are for one, looking like meek shits. Don't act like a jew.


Answer the question, RIDF.

Proves nothing, only one women in video had dyed hair, its common for old russian women to dye hair and most russians look like meek shits becouse of alcoholism, some of the hundreds of peoples arrested were just passers by. Wanting fair elections is not a liberal thing, only cucks would be ok with being illegally cucked out of voting for their candidate.

Bring in these Russian police to deal with Antifa like this. Love the black club beatings…

Only cucks would believe voting changes something.

Putin is antifa, its one of the cornerstones of russion politics since WW2.

No. Fuck you. This thread went to shit way to fast with you fags spinnig "those are liberals" narrative all over the place. I don's see many naked screeching women out there. How does liberals look like, come on, spoonfeed me on the matter. Everyone who dares to protest anything anywhere are liberals? Chinks in Hong-Kong are libs too? Or is it that you just support government having it's way with anyone however it deems fit? But that's communism. And I accuse you fucktards of being russian bots.

True that, i actually enjoy watching russians beat each other.

No one is buying your slide glownigger.
Shameless nigger. Utterly shameless.

No, fuck you, i'm not falling for your bullshit. All you do is accuse and evade,

Nobody is falling for your bullshit. You guys need a new script cause most most of your regular shit has been failing miserably lately.

No u. I'm not even a /pol regular, I mostly shitpost at gamergate threads. Ask mark, he'll back me up.

Go back there and stay. Tell Mark I said he's very JEWCY.

So, are you gonna tell me how exactly those people on the streets a filthy libs that deserve beating or you just gonna continue to dance around it?


You sure are a dumbass.

Also, they look like liberals to me. JUst because they aren't covered in shit doesn't make them my friends. Fuck 'em. Russian liberals are American cuckservatives.

I can tell by looking at them that they deserved every smash to the head they got. Hopefully we start doing the same to you guys soon.

"Accuse and let them defend themselves, one who defends himself is already half guilty" - an old jewish catechism

Funny that you know that

No argument beyond they look like. Figures.
I had no idea /pol were this mental, but I hope you people are just bots shitting on opposition for putin's cash.

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Oh, you saw that one woman with blue hair, wow, well she's a total sjw then. Randos aren't prepared to stand against trained police in riot-gear, what a fucking cucks, right?

Yep that's a newfag kike right here

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kike yourself m8

Do you know any of these cuckolds personally, perchance? Is that why you're so angry that they got batons shoved up their faggot asses?

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Are you accusing me? :^)

In the end its just serfs getting beaten up by tsar's men, russians beaten up up by other russians, some things never change in that land.

You're too fucking stupid to know to be embarrassed right now.

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When does Mueller time start?
Oh wait

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The kikes made poor little >>>Zig Forums post dumb shit for loose change again. Point and laugh and check do not bump.

I doubt it. The English would be more fucked up if it was a Vlad. It's just a retard from cuckchan that doesn't know any better.
100% certainty.

Do tell more about ins and outs of autism.

Putin is a lefty communist supporter though.

OP is fucking right. Fuck all cops who do that kind of shit.

Fuck bootlickers.

All fucking elections are rigged. Moscow, USA, wherever. Elections are rigged. Except for a very short time in stupid countries which rapidly get taken over by election riggers.

Any dickfucker who complains about an "occupational government" & proceeds to rejoice that baton-wielding cops are "owning teh libs" deserves a special place in hell

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Thanks for being the entertainment

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right on time support shill #2 turns up.
they never update the manual, it's all so predictable

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I dunno, am I?))))))

One. Fucking ONE woman with blue hair. So they all libs, you better check your int points yourself.

No. I just know how you people jerk off to russia and vladimir the great, so I seized the opportunity to remind you how wrong you are

Yeh yeah, I don't care about YOUR politics. So fuck off with your report.

I am "vlad" so thanks for the compliment there. You should check your cuckchanner detector.

But he said he was a liberal.

What? It's this bord stopped being /pol? I told you I'm more of a /v-tard

You fucking dodging again

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and this

hello, my luminescent obsidian friend

Well, at leas SOMEONE still have brains here.

and israel love him too, right? Wake up.

at least stop jerking off to it and visit the place. but why would you bother with that, right?

Liberals aren't welcome here.

sure you are faggot

the reach on that could span the Grand canyon

looks like women and faggots getting their shit pushed in.
I'm not sure this video will have the effect on us that you had hoped, judging by your message.
Unless this is some kind of driving in reverse pharmacology?

Тебе пасспорт показать, ебан? А теперь ты скажешь что я это гуглтранслейтом перевёл. Хуепутало ты эдакое.

Nothing suspicious there, sure. You guys are totally legit.
Anyhow. I made my point, you made yours. So I guess I'll leave you retards to it and fuck off for real. don't jerk to Pynya too much, ok?

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Why don't you come along for a ride on the Moscow metro? There's more muzzy Kazakhs, caucasus gopniks, chechen niggers, toothless Uzbeks who hand out retarded flyers and beg for money…Russia is not a white country and never was.

Only on thursdays. He is a nationalist or communist when its convenient, in reality he is an oligarch.

here's your (2) homosexual

So who is this opposition faggot?
>"Russia must ally first and foremost with Europe"

Send these guys to Portland.
in minecraft

Every time I think Zig Forums can't get any worse, you guys go and totally redeem yourselves.

Stop being RIDF

dogs are fucking vermin


You just fucked yourself at the end, Agent Homonigaju.

Good. Modern democracies are a jewish scam. Also the Chinese made the correct decision in Tianamen Square.

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