Daily Reminder: This is what they stole from us

The man in this video goes into detail on the deep deep bonds formed in combat. Well imagine this but on a societal level. Everyone you know, everywhere you go, unified by one common purpose, and willing to risk it all for that purpose and the people fighting alongside you for that purpose. This is what we here are yearning for deep down. It was never about the joos. It was never about the economy or crime rates. In this commericial world, even your own family is alienated from you. The very people you live with, you may see less than you do Bob at work. This will ultimately be what drives the entire species back to nationalism I guarantee it.

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No clickshekels for jew.

This is the last video they want you to watch trust me.

How about instead of dying for my country and my people I just tell you to fuck right off? How's that sound? And how about you take your NatSoc/CivNat rot and fuck yourself with it? Sound good? Great, you untermench antslave fuck. Now neck yourself.

Wow the autism got like ten times worse in a week. Thanks for making us poltards finally go local faggots. Peace.

what did he mean by this

Probably something really important.

spicspam has been getting into the catnip again.
Go blow leaves, you retarded street dog.

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And what are you going to do about it?

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I’m more of an eco Naturist than anything tbh
Nature is fascist

Pol is and always has been explicitly NS
Gas Yourself.

Everything eco anti degenerate

o yea

restrepo was pretty, but his follow up book on tribe was weak shit. spent all this time talking about the importance of tribe and the how its human nature, but goes out of his way to make sure whitey knows they cant form a tribe because racism. gen x trash

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user this is war.
We are all in some sort of battle together.
Defending manhood and European history.
Fighting the DoD and other governments.
Even small shit like hwndu.
I am closer to every one of you Anons for sharing in these experiences and I don't even actually know any of you faggots.
But I still love you niggers.
To Valhalla

The world is an interesting place.

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See you out there space cowboy

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That’s what racial supremacists are. They’re just broken chimpanzees.

Racists atomize society. They are D&C incarnate. In 1919, impoverished rioting white racists were used to crush agricultural unionization that was threatening to raise wages for common laborers. Did that make society more unified? No. It made society less unified. Did it make impoverished white racists less impoverished? Again, no. It made them more impoverished. Holding back wage growth made society worse for everyone.

I don’t call racists retards because I hate them. I call racists retards because their preference structures are self-contradictory. They destroy their own causes.

I call racists retards because, unlike congenital retards who don’t deserve any mistreatment for something they can’t help, nothing but their own subservience keeps racists racist. Nothing but the unwillingness to face truth keeps people racist.

Someone has to be kind enough to call racists stupid while offering them an exit.

define "race", you fucking monkeybrain
try starting with a premise that actually makes sense first
What fucking planet do you live on where "race" isn't, and hasn't always been, the ONLY factor in the rise and collapse of civilization?
You're too retarded to even talk to, bitch.
Fuck off already.

I only know camaraderie from soccer, but damn, I can remember it was so powerful

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o i am laffin. It's utterly adorable that there are people that still cling on to the belief that anti-racism is rebelling against anything.

Anti-racism is subservience when you're white. It's the "go along to get along" opinion you're supposed to have.

Leftist exposed. All jews and all leftists will be killed. It was always about the jews and their pigs (leftists), and about killing every single one of them in order to turn the world into a better place, as it was before.

Unity is horseshit. Everyone is ready to shout about unity until it's time to unify under someone other than them-self.

you got a link for that?

As above

WTF, a ted talk video from Jewtube?
Yeah, no. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that the army doesn't make everyone "based and redpilled" if anything people going into the army become bluepilled after the experience. Last I checked, the army was becoming more progressive day by day.

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fist bump