Japan approves first human-animal embryo experiments

The research could eventually lead to new sources of organs for transplant, but ethical and technical hurdles need to be overcome.

A Japanese stem-cell scientist is the first to receive government support to create animal embryos that contain human cells and transplant them into surrogate animals since a ban on the practice was overturned earlier this year.

Hiromitsu Nakauchi, who leads teams at the University of Tokyo and Stanford University in California, plans to grow human cells in mouse and rat embryos and then transplant those embryos into surrogate animals. Nakauchi's ultimate goal is to produce animals with organs made of human cells that can, eventually, be transplanted into people.

Until March, Japan explicitly forbid the growth of animal embryos containing human cells beyond 14 days or the transplant of such embryos into a surrogate uterus. That month Japan’s education and science ministry issued new guidelines allowing the creation of human-animal embryos that can be transplanted into surrogate animals and brought to term.

Human–animal hybrid embryos have been made in countries such as the United States, but never brought to term. Although the country allows this kind of research, the National Institutes of Health has had a moratorium on funding such work since 2015.

Nakauchi’s experiments are the first to be approved under Japan’s new rules, by a committee of experts in the science ministry. Final approval from the ministry is expected next month.

Nakauchi says he plans to proceed slowly, and will not attempt to bring any hybrid embryos to term for some time. Initially, he plans to grow hybrid mouse embryos until 14.5 days, when the animal’s organs are mostly formed and it is almost to term. He will do the same experiments in rats, growing the hybrids to near term, about 15.5 days. Later, Nakauchi plans to apply for government approval to grow hybrid embryos in pigs for up to 70 days.

“It is good to proceed stepwise with caution, which will make it possible to have a dialogue with the public, which is feeling anxious and has concerns,” says science-policy researcher Tetsuya Ishii of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan.


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It's not human-animal, it's bug-animal. They may be honorary humans, but genetics doesn't recognize bestowed titles.

Better than you normie. I love Highschool DxD and would not mind if Japanese develop Koneko or Rias for me.

Jews have tried
Nips have tried
Many others have tried
But God and only God is the creator

(((god))) is just some hyper-kike who made hybrid species, only nature can create true life organically, everything else is an abomination.

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We all laughed when they started talking about Genetically Engineered Catgirls for Domestic Ownership. Look at them laughing now.
The absolute madmen! Honorary aryans, indeed.

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yes he made humans who an hybrid of apes and something else

But that's just a theory

Now, China is making anime real. Soon, they will develop genetically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership.

New Chinese SUV Has A Hot Japanese Schoolgirl For Holographic Assistance

This hot Japanse schoolgirl is a holographic assistant in the new Bestune T77, a mid-size SUV from China. It is not a Photoshop, this thing is for real. The “holographic intelligent control system” comes with three characters, and five sets of clothes for each.

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So, catgirls soon?

I would kill a lot of villagers in minecraft if I could have an irl catgirl to pet in purely platonic ways.

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literally Aryan schoolgirl wank fantasy.

Cat girls for domestic ownership coming through!

Nippon bonsai :^3

Is desu a proper Aryan title?

Holy shit, now I'm full on board the Nippon train

WTF are you on about?

The correct answer is all men around (except the indian) the world coming together and build a waifu.

The people of Latin America are Hitler's legacy.

You either go slave to the Jew or you go something else and figure it out later.

So let it be.

Oh boy does this mean the younger future boys will finally get sexy perverted lamia yanderes?

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Thank FUCK
Of all the godamn memes to magic itself into reality this one sure took its sweet fucking time

/monster/ becoming a reality soon.


Check em

Is japan actually developing cat girls?

Thank the Heavens above
Day of the Rape when?


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Every day will be rape day.

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Let's be real here, they're trying to make catgirls and other kemonomimi girls.

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False ethics only hold back progress. These false morals are what had ignorant christians killing those who believed factually correct concepts like "the earth is not flat" for going against what a jewish book said, or the DSM removing homosexuality and transsexuals from the lists of mental illness.

cuddlefish dna might be cool. medium.com/the-funky-hedgehog/the-amazing-cuddlefish-fcadb4766d49

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Only Jews and asians see ethics as something to be overcome. Further proof that nips are just as subhuman as chinks, as though all the weebshit and lolicon trash wasn't evidence enough.

Back in the early 70's the Chicoms were trying to create a gorilla human crossbreed somehow, that could be used as powerful but stupid throwaway workers for doing tasks around the core of a nuclear reactor that would kill them in short order.

Running out of gross things to eat?

Clone the White Race if need be, there is no reason to let (((birth control))) degrade the numbers of Whites needed for the upcoming Race War. A shame so many White Traitors will die in it but the future is more important than the present.

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There is no objective ethics that prohibits human DNA change. Only some subjective opinions.

That exact same argument applies to miscegenation as well.

Isn't it amazing how quickly lolbergs and weebs like you jump on the globohomo singularity train and start repurposing civnat arguments the instant the kikes offer you some degenerate shit you want? Useful idiots like you aren't a part of the problem: you ARE the problem.

This technology won't be used to give you a cartoon catgirl, you autistic manchild. It will be used to enslave you.

The first? Really? I’m dismayed. I thought this experiment had been running for years. It’s so necessary.


Fuck yeah, ‘Merica!

Racism means half-bloods would be living handicapped.
But racism is banned only for whites. Jews, poos in the loos, gooks all demonstrate and are allowed ingroup preference and nepotism so it sucks to be half blood (though it bit tricky with jews as the allow some mixing and still count themselves as jews, shapeshifter nation)

This can be said against any technology.

I thought they had honor but now they don't look any different to chinks in my eyes.

If anything it would make us worse not better.




they be making the ant king from hxh and shieeet nigga

Ayyy lmao, but it looks like Japan will be my Holy City for biochem after I graduate.

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And this kind of retardation is why Europe is being demographically replaced and the future is free of Christianity.

Very well said, user. These subversive cretins will drop all of their supposed 'beliefs' the moment their degenerate wants and desires can be achieved. These are people who are currently outside of the (((system))), and yet they yearn to be lemmings. It's pathetic and sickening.

Aside from holding back scientific progress, what good is modern day Kikestianity for anyhow?

What good is modern kikestianity for?

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lots of kike shills and retards in here pozzed for transhumanism. teehee catgirls teeheehee laugh it up fags, animal abuse getting normalised just to prolong the lives of these losers and probably the jews

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Japs are Jyomon and Yayoi mix

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I'll only forgive you because she is quite cute and attractive, so I can't fault your taste.

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What did he say in the picture that is wrong? 2D girls are clean and pretty.

Yeah, yaoi means gay. And gays cannot have children. You are lying.

Japan approves first human-animal embryo experiments?

Does this mean catgirls for domestic companionship is going to become a reality?

good. maybe they'll create something greater than fumbling multicolored apes.

Wait, so the honoraries are creating catgirl waifus now? What a time to be alive

Its a monkey's paw trick. They're gonna look like this.

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Stupid it's as simple as looking it up in a source that's not commie-infected
It doesn't elevate it to the highest good, but it does say that God is the one who established the borders of nations Acts 17:26
Want me to post that pic of how thoroughly Zig Forums was subverted by the former BO? You want that? I got it if you want.
Christianity is defined by the Bible not any one organization, and any organization teaching anything against the Bible is akin to a political group establishing laws contrary to the Constitution–they are willfully criminal.

You are "trent rezner/alan moore/garth ennis" tier

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We will create catgirls- extremely fertile catgirls, one for each unmarried Japanese male.

You have forced my hand.

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That's a stupid attempt at an argument given that genetics is the part where an embryo is 100% indesputable human.

there's no way this will go horribly wrong

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Underchecked quads.

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I want to hit that with a hammer and not stop until its gone.

cats have like 8 nipples though, that would be fucking gross
Also If you look at how narcissistic, bratty, and aloof normal housecats can be, and then combine that with an actual girl, I think that results would be disasterous.
A race of catgirls who would just mudshark(litterbox?) with actual tigers. Then they would kill us all.

Related to >>>/japan/3243

Saging in a worthless thread to hate you for posting a retard anti-Hitler pontificating about over-complications of simple things.
One need not go into this faggotry so deep to reach a purpose in life.
Absurdism and Zig Forumsism equals the closest thing to God that man can achieve.
This faggot waxes philosophical with banal language and meandering intellectualisms, I cut the fat and dine on the meat of life.

Once the older nips die off Japan is fucked. Many younger nips are leftist as fuck. I can confirm this after having visited the country over the summer.

I still don't see what's so bad about having pigs with human-compatible organs. Why does everyone think this is going to make furries?

Guess so.

Japan is going to make anime real.
where do you put in orders for catgirls?


Meh. What do you think though, someone's clearly pushing for some weird stuff, this isn't new science, they've done it with cybrids and it's been talked about for quite some time.
I personally think someone's got a boner for furries and is pulling out all the stops to get their fetish realized.

you knew it would be the japs or the chinks to do this first

Why would nippon intentionally breed jews?

Jews doing social engineering like always.


Catgirls, foxgirls, wolfgirls, doggirls - all are fine. As long as there is no snout, paws, fur and digitgrade legs. OR multiple breasts, legs, chitin and all non-mammalin/insect shit of that nature.

Imagine a cat with the intelligence of a human that's almost as big as you are. It will kill you and eat you

Is this in combination with crispr?

I'm not disagreeing that it's a shit idea just correcting one of your points.
Richfags sucessfully held lions and tigers as pets back in the day.

Good thing nobody's going to see it. The normalfags are all making fun of the terrible cgi.

Well its about time we got some good news.

The West has mastered this technology since the civil rights movement.

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