Why do people tend to polarize other people's political views?

For right-wing extremists, anyone who disagrees with them on any issue automatically becomes a "communist". "kike" or "Russian agent" and for the extreme leftists, every opponent becomes a "fascist" , "nazist" or "white supremacist." And where is the place for ordinary common sense in politics and society instead of a stupid and senseless look at one's own ideology?

The problem with politics nowadays is that way too many are too caught up and overzealous about their ideologies. All the context and nuance are taken away from political issues that the issues become polarized by ideologues that we can’t have the pursuit of the common good.

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There's right and there's wrong.

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truth trips checks out.

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Did you know that sometimes it is better to remain silent than to speak up and dispel any doubts about your own stupidity? (this is what I say about you, the author of this comment)


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that's a whole lot of butthurt with an ass your size

Get the fuck out, centrist. You openly support white genocide.

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You know what your real problem is? Not that you don't have much knowledge or too much wisdom, but that although you're not too smart, you're unreasonably damn sure of yourself as a typical fool.

Based reply

American political are polarized only if you frame the two opposing positions as extremes of a more natural and moderate position in the middle. But how can you have a moderate position between right and wrong, or between good and evil?

You'd have to be intelligent to know, and, as all the replies to your slide thread aptly demonstrate that is an incorrect assumption which is solely true in the imaginations of your deficient mind nigger.

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If they're so disturbed by white people, move to Africa where they won't be able to see them very often.

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The modern malaise is one induced by disinformation, so others tend to know or secretly deeply fear they are too stupid to survive, so they spread the sickness and confusion hoping no one light will reveal all their sins accumulated in the darkness that is their lives. Thus, they constantly seek to misrepresent others before others can properly represent them.

Finally, there was an answer that really sounds smart and sensible.

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Even more accurately, how can you have a moderate position between two parties that are perfectly identical and always do the same thing?

Paid shill, allowed to post here.

Hello jew.

The lack of introspective abilities is astounding.
Ya'know user, lacking any introspection is the single most telling factor of being a lemming (or NPC as you're known today).
You talk about nuance yet you lack any understanding of it.
I'm not even a right winger.

calling someone against white nationalism, or racial segregation in general, a communist or kike (we don't call people russian agents, that's a bot/leftist thing) could imply one of two things for us. firstly, we call them a communist or kike because we indeed believe they are communists or kikes. secondly, we call them a communist or kike, not because they indeed consciously hold those values, but because their values makes them, in our eyes, allies or puppets of communists or kikes. think of it as an abbreviation.

post shabbat kike shalom sucks off (2) and done OP's slide

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Okay OP except only one of these ideologies and groups has the backing of the entire US led NATO coalition and every single one of their intelligence agencies and I'll give you a hint it's no one on the Right.

an example, I would call: a subversive kike. do I really believe he is a kike? maybe like 50%. do I really believe he is a kike puppet? 100%. it's not necessarily that he made a conscious choice to be a kike puppet but it doesn't need to be. also, since we brought in new nomenclature, why do I call him subversive? he made 3 posts, one of them ranging from acceptable to good, while 2 are kikepilled. it wasn't a very good attempt at subversion, but subversion doesn't need to be to be labeled so. think of this variety of subversion as "poisoning the well", or more specifically "2 lies and 1 truth". be on the look out for such posts, newfriend, or should I say kike (puppet).

also to shit on your further
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You're the one saying that "right-wing extremists" call people Russian agents. Didn't know CNN were right wing extremists now. Also, not wanting your race exterminated isn't an extreme view, it's normal. Kikes like Tim Wise who want to murder us are the extremists.

See a slide?
Sage & drop redpills. If you make them kvetch hard enough they'll bitch to the mods and you'll get a ban as confirmation of being effective.

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No it's the same problem it has been for the last 120
Its a jewish puppet show both sides are controlled by jewish money, jewish propaganda and jewish ideals.
It's no more complex than that, and if they hadn't muddied the waters with their demographic manipulations, their feminist and gender issues it would be obvious.
And if they all fucked off to Israel and didn't print the money maybe we could get back to playing happy families with one bread winner able to pay for their spouse and 2.4 children.

human beings are simple-minded pack-monkeys. they need something blood-curdling to hate and something they can lionize themselves by fighting against. and, quite frankly, memes that evoke strong emotional reactions, even – or especially – fear and disgust, have an r-selected evolutionary advantage, in general

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And then one day for absolutely no reason at all

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I don't like how they're trying to pin kike vermin behavior on some pathology. Yet another angle to turn these humanoid cancer cells into victims.

Don't be such an anti-Semite! How dare you say Rabbi Abramson is wrong that they are more prone to being schizos!

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hey, cool it with the antisemitic remarks

Why the fuck are garbage threads like this allowed to exist??

First of all, if you identify unironically as "left" or "right" then you're a useful idiot.
Second when do main stream Republicans ever call anyone a kike? Both the Republicans and Democrats are liberal parties that support multiculturalism and call their opponents Nazis. They aren't polarized, they are just to dumb to know they are both exactly the same.
The only group outside of the kosher sandwich are the actual Nazis, like myself. And I wouldn't describe my political views as a polarization of either party. The difference between me and a Republicrat is that I care about my race and my children more than I care about myself, and I am not a retard who huffs MSM farts all day.


Because codemonkey removed the natsoc mods and replaced them with paid shills.

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The Chutzpah of this fed!
Glow elsewhere goyim!

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I personally am not a racist or anti-Semite, because I hate most people regardless of them:
-skin colour
-political views

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we have conviction because we are right. they are brainwashed and wrong.

"Right wing extremists" are kikes you dumb fucking yid. And the left wing kikes and the one screeching about "muh russia1!1" not the right wing kikes.
It is called National Socialism.

Modern politics is the ultimate weapon for d&c tactics
Politics and beliefs are tied to your race

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>propagating the (((left-right dynamic)))
Things simply are what they are. We're living in a system pushing white genocide, and only in white countries. Asia isn't being flooded by non Asians and encouraged to mingle and interbreed, Africa isn't being flooded with non Africans and encouraged to mingle and interbreed. This is only happening to white children, and only white children.
Under international law, this is genocide. Full stop. There's no horsehoe theory, there's no projection, there're only facts.

I don't know who's joking and who's a legitimate retard/bot/fed anymore…

lmfao you brain dead faggot, the only people screaming about muh russia have been leftists driven into a frenzy by the muh collusion psyop.