Tawhidi exposing plot against Ilhan's political opponents

Based Imam Tawhidi (yes, I know he works with Jews. He works with literally everyone) is threatening to release names and receipts concerning a conspiracy by Qatar to keep Ilhan in power by accusing her opponents of taking money from Saudi Arabia and UAE. This is a potential huge happening.

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For some background (from memory): Tawhidi is a multi-generatioal Imam (IIRC both his father and grandfather were Imams. He was born in Iran and emigrated to Australia at age 12 where he received a very conservative muslim education. He finished his religious higher education and the Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi crowned him with the Islamic Turban in 2010. He was working in Iraq roughly 6? years ago when the violence in the region redpilled him that muslims were heading toward self-destruction and has spent his time since then trying to illuminate the connection between leftist parties in the West and radial Islam. He's very well versed in the internal politics of muslim organizations and nations which nearly everyone in the West is ignorant of.

He describes himself as a social reformer.

Some of his recent tweets (he seems to be turning into a bit of a meme lord)

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If we never let any Somalians and Muslims and especially Jews into our country, this would have never happened.
Sage for bullshit political theater that nobody cares about except the drones.


Send all of them back. Every single nonwhite.

This imam is based as fuck

None of you mudslimes are welcome here either.

Fuck off to your own land.

I am in the nation my ancestors built, unlike filthy subhuman mudshits and the jewish parasites that enable them.

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He's a confirmed kike shill and she's an anti white mud cunt. I really don't care I'm just following this cause it's interesting.

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I just knew Muslims had their version of evangelicals… and let me guess, they free stuff.

Does saying Palestine isn't Muslim land make him a kike shill? All he's ever said is everyone has their own land. It's not like he's said goyim should defend Israeli land like some neocon. Like in the video I posted, he's praising a Polish politician for throwing out illegals

they free stuff?
Tahhidi is definitely against the gibs from what I've seen if that's what you're referring to

*they GET free stuff

not really, considering she doesnt belong in the country in the first place and her rhetoric makes it abundantly clear she doesnt serve the american people, imagine my shock.

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Meanwhile, they’re doing a remake of The Lion King. I wonder if they’ll take out the nationalism and “lion pride” to poz it up.

People only care about Omar because she named AIPAC.

There's always been something fishy about him. He gave me a weird feeling when he popped out of nowhere on Twitter a few years ago and became "le based muslim" or whatever. IDK I've just never had a good feeling about him.

Semites are always semiting it up
You know this

Is this a new Media Matters buzzword?


What about the blatant jewish conspiracy to take her down for talking about AIPAC? If we didn't live under the anti-White ZOG system, then a Somali Muslim in congress would be an issue, but right now, she's the least of our problems.

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What happened is he was invited by a lefty TV news show in Australia to opine on a muslim issue and he surprised them by being against multiculturalism, saying muslims should adopt Western modalities when they emigrate to Western countries (paraphrasing). They didn't expect this and tried to get him off the air as quickly as possible, but his video became a bit viral and he was invited to other TV shows.

Like I said,

Fuck your Zionist bullshit

How about no?

How can one man be so BASED?

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