Russians shit up Zig Forums (and their pants)


Russians are the most retarded people in Europe. They literally somehow manage to ruin everything they touch. Look anywhere that's had a Russhit diaspora immigrate–the Baltics, Konigsberg, Moldova, and they've literally turned all those places into shitholes. Worse yet is that despite this Russians are so retarded that they even have this autistic mentality where they beat their fists on their chests and think themselves of as heroes–in their eyes everyone else owes them something. Russian entitlement is off the charts when the only thing they really deserve is to be put down like dogs.
Yeah, thanks for shitting up half of Europe with your decrepit Bloc apartment buildings and factories, everyone was just dying for you to show up and do this.
Worse yet is how these monkies spread. Russians are a very "noble" people sending old ladies and children to Siberia to replace them with their fetally alcohol syndromed deranged factory workers.
These diasporas of Russians are a plague wherever they go and are quite literally nigger tier. They're too retarded to learn the language of whatever place they were incentivized to settle in but don't want to fuck off back to Russia either just like niggers won't fuck off back to Africa. They constantly demand Gibbs from people that absolutely hate them for good reason and start crying russophobia when things don't go their way. Just look at how hard the Russian government starts kvetching whenever a country wants to dismantle some retarded eyesore Soviet monuments. When this happened in Estonia these animals had a literal nigger-like chimpout and started rioting smashing shit and looting for days quite reminiscent of how niggers acted during the LA race riots.
Russhits reading this, you are a disease and the world would be much better off without you. I even have a Russian friend in Ukraine I occasionally visit that thinks Russia is doomed because 80% of the Russian populace should die off after getting mongrelized with Caucasus+central Asians+alcoholism during the Soviet era. But even he is prone to the retarded Russian mentality and entitlement when we discuss things like Poland for example.

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You vodka niggers have shit up this board long enough. Out with you

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You cry that mods are taking these posts down yet you spam this kind of low quality content with one purpose alone, to alienate russian white population so that another white genocide can be done as a similar scale that you did with germany. Glow more.

Russians are shitting up every discussion related to russia with unintelligible, non-argumental bait responses rendering discussions impossible. Russians are literally killing Zig Forums and mods are helping them.


Fuck off jew zionist scum

You are doing this.
You are behind this spam.
Your anti-Russian threads started to appear in the last three months, go back to cuckchan you nigger.

Do you have examples, so far I only see examples of you making post after post about the similar element of russia bad america good. Glow more.

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All these RIDF shills do is try to engineer public thought here. They don't provide any analysis or say anything of value, just same old anti-american narrative.

The anti Russian posts began when you and the rest of your vodka chimps showed up three months ago. Same shit on foxdick farms. However there we can see when you all joined
Post memes screen capped from your VHS player elsewhere Yuri. Your D&C will work here no longer.

I hope you get banned, a quality thread was destroyed because of your shitposting.


literally what?
Go back to whatever shithole you came from.


Nobody here gives a shit about russia. Stop shilling this talking point you scum fuck.


I agree with the OP. Russia is just as pozzed as America. Putin is just as Jewish as Trump. Russias think Communism will save them just like Americans think Capitalism will save themselves, neither realizing both are Jewish tricks to enslave the goyim.

Russia has good relations with Iran.
America is controlled by Zionist jews.

It's funny how he glows so that the average person can see it.
Words like:
RIDIF (JIDIF but instead of J it has R for russia)
Vodka (as an insult)
Yuri (instead of Ivan)

His posting is also lacks, not once has he mentioned the jew directing most of his (((anger?))) on Russia who harbors the second largest white population on earth.

It is almost a (((coincidence))) how this alligns up.
Anti-Russian, Pro-american, doesn't name the jew, talks about we /pol.

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Geo-politics is theater, user. A nice word from Putin on Iran has as much weight as a nice word from Trump on Syria.

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You didn't even read what I wrote, nice strawmanning.

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Pic related
Read more faggot.
Israel supports "Nazis" in Ukraine financially who fight Russia.
Dugin is also pro-Iran.

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This place used to be kiked before you showed up. They simply outsourced their shilling to a bunch of vodka niggers who work for rubles. What’s the conversion of shekel to ruble these days anyway Ivan?

Hill, shouldn't you be in bed, sweety?

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Oh nice, now you read my post, glow more.

I want a confirmation from you, not the shilled nice word of kike. Use the correct term mutt.

You didn't listen. Geo-Politics is theater, user. The Judeo-Bolshevik goal has always been destroying the West and replacing it with International Communism, or "New World Order." All Nations are compromised. If America goes to war with Iran, America will fall. Iran is playing the part of victim, America plays the role of villain, and Russia is playing the role of hero. It's all scripted.

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Shut up retard.
Go back to your shithole

Your response is not an argument.

We see, on a geo-political scale, actions being taken to fulfill that vision. Actions taken by States seemingly opposed to one another and yet each working in unison to bring out NWO. This is the redpill. I didn't say accepting it would be easy, only that it's the truth.

Heil Hitler, holohoax was just that, and russians are mongoloid kikes. Happy?


Glownigger meme got hijacked, now everyone is a glownigger - enemy of white race and shitholle russia is its savior.

Ever wonder how the entire world suddenly goes from OMG JIDF to OMG RIDF entirely in unison without any pause or even acknowledgement they have changed their position?

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Kinda funny how has contradictions, first geo-politics, that nations think for themselves etc and don't act on higher ideals, then brings up Judeo-Bolsheviks goal was always to destroy everything.

It is about group interests, there is no higher ideals, it is group vs group and who ever can get into a position of dominance. Jews have their own group within groups. Their goal is to expand their influence at all cost which harms others. For Bolsheviks it was for the politburo to establish more wealth and power. Groups will unite when they are evenly matched or they can't take each other out and it is more benefitial to cooperate. Examples of this contradicting action is shown in history, Finns cooperating with USSR, former enemies now allies of trade, USA allying with USSR during WW2, 2 world powers that united to take down a merging 3 world power. There is no higher ideal than group think and group conflict. Culture, ethnicity, religion, ideology. All groups in the end of the day who seek to gain monetary wealth and power.

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You will never be white

You again dodged the correct term

No, that’s the correct term for you Vlad. Now go take a shot.

Cool, some random quote
it must be true now.
If I shit out of my mouth, it must true then.

Are you afraid to write the correct term? Will your boss be unhappy if you write it?

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Their own words are not lies, user. It's time to wake up before it's too late.

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You will never be white Jewboy

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Back to twitter.

that's what op eats everyday

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Yes, I can indeed back my claims with sources. As the West falls in a coordinated descent, Communist States like Russia and China prepare to enforce a New World Order. This is the plot of Judeo-Bolshevism. American politicians are leading America to collapse. All Nations have bought the lie of "Utopia."

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You’re technically a jew I guess. A fetal alcohol syndrome jew filled with bear cum who’s nigger offspring was raped by mongols. Yeah that’s technically a jew, although I’d argue for something less.

What do you suggest, that we do as our jewish master tell us to do and invade russia?

I'd prefer her 6 feet under but thats not happening soon enough.

nigga you gay

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No. Our politicians are working against us, which means so is our military. The only thing that can stop this is global revolution brought on by the People themselves.

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Kill yourself kike

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Don't waste your time arguing with that government shill promoting anti-Russian sentiment here.

Don't confuse anti-Russian government with anti-Russian.

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Putin is Jewish. Not only that, but his heir is also Jewish. I told you before: words are not the same as actions when it comes to these Judeo-Bolshevik politicians.

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They are not communist or jewish.
Israel hates them
Go back to your shithole faggot
You are spreading false narrative

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Shills are trying to shift Zig Forums against russia. Russia is less cucked than the west, and they don't want alliances of opportunity.
The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, but can definitely be useful.

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Soviet Union was ten times better than (JEW)SA.
Soviet Union was not even Zionist at it's end.

You are clearly anti-Russian shill trying to force false narrative

>(((Soviet Union))) was based, goy!
GRU isn't sending their best.

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So you nag that Russia and China will invade us because Europe is not cohesive but then you advocate that we should do a revolution which absolutely not will give the opening which you nag will enable Russia and China to take over the west.

If you want to defeat Russia and its oligarchy you target the middle class of Russia which provides wealth and make it disappear, either you promote immigration from Russia to yours country (this ofc makes hostilities in your own country if there is no need for labour) or you subvert the Russian government so they push anti-middle class laws. Ofc if the russian people catch you doing this and that you've managed to subvert they government, they will resent you and want to kill you for the meddling the destroyed their lives, but that isn't something you would care because they speak russian.

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You seem invested in this thread.

You’re clearly a vodka chimp

This is faggotry. You don't want to destroy Russia because Russia supports Iran.

This thread is not worth of bumping

You are clearly a fed, so go fuck off with your anti-white D&C.

I get what you're saying. Consider though that the Enemy's entire strategy for attaining NWO is deception. (((They))) must keep the masses asleep and dreaming of the false narrative. What would happen if billions of people woke up and saw the world, and their governments, for what they are? Instead of operating as the Enemy operates - cloaked in shadow and smoke - it's superior to bring the Light of Truth to everyone. This is how Zig Forums creates global revolution.

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Soviet Union was not even controlled by jews at it's end. It was against Zionism and was mostly white and was not anti-white like current Europe.

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kys Ivan

Russians are genetically as white as Swedish in Western parts and as white as Finns in Volga and Karelia region.

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Brainlet, keep telling yourself that everybody is working under 1 leader and under one cause like they know it.

The thing you are describing is a phenomenon that is common through human history and it doesn't rely upon a mass conspiracy that an american mutt would think in their basement. The russian oligarchy has its aim to expand its dominance, so does Chinas oligarchy, so does America's oligarchy etc etc. These oligarchy will some times unite, not because the ideal of some one world goverment, but because they can get more gibs if they united and take down another oligarchy. Ofc when this has settled these two "allies" will become enemies again, not because their "ideal was broken", but because that is how they get more gibs. To eliminate the other group so that their group gets more, eventually this will lead to 1 man owning everything, but this is why mutiny exists, others want also gibs, if there is only 1 man owning everything then everybody else will ally to each other in the hope of bringing down the top dog and get gibs. Natural selection.

Novogorad was a viking city established by the scandinavian vikings. The novogorad later became the central structure for the russian empire and established the white tsar dynasty of russia. How amerimutts say that >Russians are mongols and not true whites is baffeling.

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It is not a conspiracy if it is real you absolute brainlet of a mutt.
Look up the history of Bildenberg and study it, I bet you dropped out of highschool and went trade school.

It's a real conspiracy.

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Nobody here is falling for your "muh Russia" shit. In fact most of your guy's normal shilling has been failing miserably lately.
Anyway, let us know when Mueller Time starts…..Oh wait.

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Russians do not have strong genetic influence from Scandinavia.
They mostly come from Baltic stock which was mostly Corded Ware + original Paleolithic European stock. Western Europeans are mostly Corded Ware + small Mediterranean (and it's danubian variety) stock.
Corded Ware was genetically about 55-65% Eneolithic Steppe + 10% Eastern European HG + 35-45% Globular Amphora-like population.

oh no no no

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We're fucked, no amount of esoteric metaphors may be able to save us.

still not has a fucked as comrade spencer :^)

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No, Igor, we are starting to see through your bullshit.

They're not sending their best.

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OP tries to create Russia as an enemy while the real enemy is negroes and the international Zionist jew and shitskins are out of their countries.

yeah, Zig Forums is starting to show symptoms of cuckchan

Mr. Brock will meet you at your desk with security. Please don't move.

You've already been exposed. Put your pussy hat back on and keep crying about the Mueller report backfiring on you kike.

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who's we?

I know that glowniggers are trying to make people hate here Russians.

Reusing your post from the previous thread Boris?
Don’t tell me you get twice as many rubles for that?

No, it's more like two yids who tag team about muh mids, muh trump, muh q, muh anything topical. They are kike shills, all they know is to complain and destroy.

Didn't they literally get caught doing that when they forgot to edit the (you)s out their printouts? I didn't think they'd be stupid enough to double down like this after that. I noticed most this Russia shit started when the Mueller thing failed and leftists were having meltdowns.

how many shekels do you get paid per post? again your nose is showing

FBI are masons. Masons are a gang of low achievers and fuck ups that cover each other's asses. It doesn't extend well into virtual life however.