Antifa To Be Declared Terrorists

Fresh from Twitter.

Antifa to be declared an 'Organization of Terror'

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Look, buddy, I’m still for Trump in spite of everything, but you’re not helping with this blatant, unintelligent shilling.


Yes, just ignore how Trump hasn't deported anyone, how his organization is more anti-white than any other in history, all because he's gonna outlaw duh reel fascists! If Antifa actually gets cracked down on, that's a bad thing, as it returns us to be slowly boiled. Antifa turns up the heat and makes people angry. ANtifa should be encouraged. There is nothing wrong with anti-white Communists attacking anti-white Zionists in the streets. It's a good thing.

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Antifa is incredibly useful. They should be funded and given free reign, not cracked down on.

Lurk moar, ICE already deported the BURNING doubt.

Yup, here soon anyone who names the jew or funposts online will be named terrorists.
This is actually how fucking gullible Qoomers are, they're going to clap and cheer while the people who got their hero Zion Don elected get declared enemies of the state.

Fuck off SPICSPAM!!

Twitter is not action its words, words from kikes are lies. hth.

So given his history of talk and no action, this move is actually calculated just to make Antifa angry and want to destroy even more things. Fucking 5D chess

Great way to ruin everything for everyone.


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>if if if if

Post something about Hillary next, retard.

>reducing Aryans to numbers
All I got from your post is that you are either a chink or a "rice mixer".

consideration was made for deporting illegal aliens too.

That was an esoteric metaphor, it's different.


All those things the leftists accused Bush of are coming true under the orange kike. It's like he's the stay puft marshmallow man now for leftists.

Keep dreaming Chiam

Wha? The Department of Defense already considers them domestic terrorists, and sites like FurAffinity shut down "alt right" accounts and explicitly allow Antifa in the rules

Hes not saying he's going to do that, all he says is that he is considering it. well that's nice. Empty words from zion Don mean nothing, Actions speak, not words. He's just trying to manipulate the people that used to make up his grassroots support into getting enthusiastic again. Like so many other things, he will drop it and move on, knowing people have a low attention span and bad memory.

"Consideration is being given" = will do fuck all

Besides, they already were in many states. Fed shock troops always get a pass.

The chances of Chump actually doing anything ever are minimal at this point. We'll get a few pieces of red meat given that it's election time, but Antifa getting the Guantanamo treatment ain't gonna happen.

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It's all so lame

The fact that you rely on these kinds of things for sources makes your shillhood incredibly obvious, schlomo.

In fact, I bet that nigger's admin reported every instance where Jose went south of the border to secure some orphans for pizzafun as a "deportation".

Leftists must be executed or sent to Venezuela. Minorities must be sent home.
Posting this in response to the sheer volume of “Trump has done literally nothing heeuuuuuuurrrrg” in this thread.
Don’t get me wrong, I fucking hate how buddy-buddy he is with Israel, but it’s important to recognize that almost every Trump-hating post you find on this website from now until the 2020 election likely comes from an even bigger Zionist. The next 16 months will be filled with more propaganda than Soviet Russia put out through its entire existence.

Q pleas go and stay go.

Hey guys I know Trump hasn't done any of things he said he was gonna do and has bent over backwards for Israel but that's okay and if you have a problem with that you're a kike

He has done everything he said he would do, for better and for worse. He said he would build the wall, construction has started. He said he would create jobs, lowest unemployment in decades. He said he would support Israel, he has done so. We knew what to expect when we voted for him, yet we still got him into that office. If you think his support of Israel is enough to justify voting somebody else in 2020, give me a viable candidate who will uphold their promises and support Israel less than Trump. I’ll fucking wait.

Umm no he now after 4 years got permission to build the wall and giving him credit for low job unemployment after GM closed nearly every factory should tell what type of job he supposedly. created.

All talk. No action

Not good.

Antifa get classed as terrorists today.

Followed by all varieties of Nationalist.

Threadly reminder that those defined as "terrorists" don't have the constitutional legal protections of ordinary citizens.

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Trump is still a kike, but this is a single based move by someone who is otherwise a failure if it gets pushed through.

He said he was going to defend the Second Amendment…
He said he send them back…

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So, designating a global organization of violent revolutionary Communists terrorists will eventually result in all nationalist organizations being deemed terrorists as well.

Why yes Morris, that makes total sense, I'll definitely go out and protest Antifa being designated as a terrorist organization because of your unassailable logic.

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So just words, no actions again

Kill all antifags, no matter how they are classified by the law.

Total circus and bullshit.

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Ask me how i know you're 12. The right have been labeled as terrorists for decades now. If anything this is bad because it actually gives them legitimacy. It puts a bunch of faggots in masks punching baby boomers in the same camp as McVeigh.

And the fact will always remain for all sides: once you allow something to be done to one side, it becomes ok to do it to everyone.

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pick one


It's a tweet FFS. Many tweets have been twote. And nothing has happened. Like the fucking wall.

And honestly who gives a fat fuck anyway. This week it's antifa declared terrorists, next week it's the "alt right".

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

If you accept Trump being a dictator fuckface to the left, that's what you'll get yourself soon enough.

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This is a meaningless recognition.
ZOGbots don't need help doing their job. They have enough evidence to support cracking down on ANTIFA as a criminal organization, as they do for MS13 etc.
They don't because they don't want to.


thanks for resolving this question for a non-twitfag


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Actually just making up my own words as I see fit. Glad it was delivered with sufficient confidence that you accepted it without question.

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In the 1500s it was 'twoth', which is undeniably cooler.

well, also its low priority info, so its not really vetted. but, i will admit, your lucid explication of why this tweet doesn't matter made me figure you knew what you were talking about


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You know what would be really cool is if people could realize Obama is a neocon no different from Bush or Romney & the whole left/right thing is a fucking shell game.

Bummercare was Romneycare FFS. Literally shifts the burden of payments from the state to the white middle class, because that's what neocons want. If you working harder so you don't have time to think about how hard you're getting fucked up the ass.

Bummer wasn't "left". He's some kind of hypnosis-trained glonig doing the exact same fucking job as Bush/Romney/McCain/etc.

Fuck the whole left/right psyop.

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Does this orange faggot even know he's president? Stop considering shit and just do it you fucking retarded sack of zionist shit!

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Antifa played a major role in the rise of Hitler

Get back to me once he actually does this. The orange cheeto is all talk and no action.

Cool, so rightwing types should be able to stalk black lawmakers to restaurants and places of business to throw milk shakes full of rocks at them.

This makes my penis the big penis.

For fucks sake, what is even the purpose of clickbaiting on an Zig Forums thread? Fuck off until something is actually done.

Expect this to be followed by declaring us terrorists. The Kikes know the Overton window is shifting, now they want to narrow it.

That was my point m8. The radical left amount to throwing their piss bottles at people. The radical right commits actual terrorism.




If you believe that Donald "the eternal boomer" Trumplestein is going to do even just one pro-white thing in his entire presidency, you are beyond hope

Didn't Arizona recently declared antifaggots as terrorists?

Go back already

So eco-terrorism, The Weatherman Bombings, and outright assaults amount to just throwing the piss? Someone doesn't know how to monkey wrench.

Yeah, Ruby Ridge and Waco, two incidents of people just sitting in their homes until they were attacked by LEOs for their opinions. No actual action until that point. That kind of terrorism? Radical right terrorism is reactionary, and therefore only occurs when leftists apply pressure.

I can't wait until someone pushes too far.

If the orange zionist makes antifa orgs official terrorist orgs that is good. Doesn't mean the orange zionist is a net good though. I'll give him credit where credit is due but, just like with any politician, I'll wait until it actually happens. I don't expect it to but, if it does then good on him.

Watch out!

Shit that happened ages ago. And was a miserable failure at that.

People get in fights at bars for fun. Running around punching boomers isn't terrorism.

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Shut the fuck up, t_d-eranged retard. Trump isn't goingto do jack shit to solve the analtifa issue which his zionist masters created.

Can't believe i forgot the best part

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Why fucking bother. You retards are useless. Thousands of enemy soldiers cross our border every day and you just say "it's not time". You think the government and Israel's man is going to save you? Pathetic.

well, it is 2019 so it checks out
(btw no one actually died in this LARP)

lol I never said shit about DRUMPF. I just think it's hilarious how Zig Forums lolcows chimp out about him so much that they'd come to an ebil nazi image board just to shill against him. I mean fuck. That's like cutting your dick off, and throwing it at the nearest person because you don't like their hat.

>i love (((Trump)))
Of course you do, Bibi
Subscribe to pewdiepie, faggot

Now ask Trump who is supplying the drugs that create MS-13, who established and funds the communism that created Antifa, and who funds his sorry ass to the point of having their clipped dicks deep inside his daughter? And no, Donald, it ain't white supremacists…

how does someone so stupid even remember to breathe ?

I have an audio recording which i constantly listen to, it tells me to breathe and to pay shekels to Jizzrael

When your enemy loses, you lose!

Is this because Antifa hates what (((Israel))) is doing to the Palestinians?

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antifa was the enemy basically for as long as Trump was actually against the power structure

Now that it's illegal to be 'anti-semetic', there's no need for antifa

He's right. Antifa isn't my enemy; Antifa's string-pullers are.


Lol, an actual un-ironic pro antifa post… This board is so subverted it's honestly entertaining.

A large fraction of Antifa here in Germany propagates solidarity to Israel and hatred of Germany as a nation. They literally call themselves "Antigermans" because everything German is inherently fascist to them. These people are so deranged, that they shout for allied far criminals of WW2 to slaughter the German civilian populace again, there have been cases of people who hate the football club Bayern München being branded antisemites by them, because that football club is run by a jew, and they like to eat at McDonalds simce its a symbol of Americanization, which they regard as positive. They still somehow manage to view themselves as communists, btw.