LGBTP p for pedo

It has begun! In Holland, (((degenerates))) celebrated their ‘pride’ for going against nature this week. As many already suspected, pedo’s are now also pushing for ‘acceptance’ and ‘love’. Welcome to clown world.

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Don't forget Z for zoophylia.

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Ah so that's why styx is there

This is the linchpin. Once notmies start virtue signaling to protect pedos, they are effectively on the path to legal protection.

←—Maybe this should be phase 2?

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Why the zoosexual?

This is discrimination!

Because people that like to masturbate using an animals anus or vagina are people too.

We all know faggots are pedos anyway so it was only a matter of time before one of them went and done this.

I used to be a necrohomo until some rotten asshole split on me.

I attempted to start a much more fare cock worship thread earlier, but it was banned.

BTW the banning of that thread only makes the pedo case stronger.

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Listen, it is in fact good that they've done this.

I am not a part of any diverging preference.

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Animals want human love too. Fucking bigot

It is in fact good that they've done this.

We are all mad. E.g. we are still stuck in nofap as well. Or "porn addiction".

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It's so fun spreading hate rape, but I will stop.
But, if I didn't there is nothing you can do about it.

What is it about this thread that's causing this spammer to sperg out?

Rev up the firing lines already.

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What about poo pride?

Is there a letter for that?

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The point of this article is….
It is ok to be a pedo, but only if you are a 30s+ male that like little girls around the age of 6. Everything else is unacceptable.

I on the other hand am going to trounce all up in here cause….

It's free real estate.

What's the matter? Did a little ol' peen loving cock worshiper such as myself scare you off?

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I can understand how a broken individual living in a perpetual masculinity crisis and anxiety is only able to parse actions in terms of not being afraid and staying or being afraid and leaving, but healthy individuals do not really enjoy what you're posting because you disgust them.

Pedofascists lie about this shit.

Truth is LGBT is useless to pedos, and provides safety for young people to defect against abusive upbringings.

They didn’t give that to me, but that was years ago, haha. I’m pretty sure there was an intention that failed rather than a refusal to try. I say it with the confidence of knowing my own motives that LGBT is useless to pedophiles.

I know this internationally, too: nations that are fighting to conserve pedophilia execute gays. Gays are not USEFUL to pedophiles. They’re a hideous threat.

Break your chains, weakling.

Again, homosexual insults only really ever project their 2 or 3 fears /concerns onto others. "Weak", "afraid", these things describe you, not the people you are talking to.

Okay, retard. Pedo pride world wide.

Because some kike is attempting damage control by taking something completely unacceptable to normies, and is trying to get anons to add onto it making it seem ridiculous/fake and therefore easily dismissible.

Lol, I’m an IP hopper, but you’re probably never gonna meet another gay guy who’ll call you weak. It’s not really a thing in the community. You just can’t unbind your hate-chains long enough to recognize truth.

Didn’t you see how easily you fell for an edgecase and cast it back as central? That was ignorant gullibility.


Adding the Z is unnecessary, and false. You must be a kike, and if not fucking punch yourself in the dick for engaging in lying kikery.

Any falsehood added to this makes it dismissible, and pedophilia is already a FULL STOP, GET THE ROPE issue for normies.

99% of gays are only gay because their hormones are fucked, theyre huge sexual degenerates, or they were molested as a child

Miscegenation, faggotry, lesbianism, abortion, pornography and more were GET THE ROPE for the average person at some point in time. Normalization and demoralization is a real thing.

Every homosexual I have met has been pathetic. Some of them achieve fitness for narcissistic/fetishistic reasons, but even these are psychologically unstable, any mental fortitude is feigned and built on self-delusion. I have told them as such to their face, and they have done nothing.

The actual weakness of liars is that they’re trivially easy to disarray and mislead. It takes honesty to learn what actually goes on in this world. Pedofascists can’t stand honesty, it makes them scream in agony and lash out.

They’re fighting to conserve a world that abuses children. Sometimes pedofascist types are fighting to conserve a world that will let them get away with what they’ve done - y’see, a functioning LGBT community ends up revealing abusive authority figures in faiths and families.

I’ve always believed in sunlight rules. I don’t submit myself to lies about my activities or predilections, and I don’t pie about what other people do. Being strong enough not to lie is the nightmare of the broken hate-slaves who can’t handle their emotions enough to face a world that rewards truth.

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Brenton Tarrant is probably a muslim. The locals don’t have the emotional fortitude to live in a world where anyone says that, so I’m offering it up as evidence of my willingness to share politically incorrect truths.

Is that really all it takes to break you? Why are you such a coward?

what the fuck are you talking about

If you let go of hatred, you can often get the most bullshit aspects of your opposition to work with you or be dropped from the program. If you hate your opponents, they will “never submit”. That’s why bigotry is retarded and counterproductive.

It’s like, if you want a border wall? Start seriously talking about foreign aid programs. If you want to influence edgecases in LGBT spaces, support the good majority in those spaces rather than using edgecases to promote hatred. If you want fences, mend them.

I don’t think all muslims are evil. I have no idea what the rate is.

motherfucker, there is never phase two

Less gibberish than you, lol.

Demoralizationkike is fail

says the retard outsider

Mending fences: the art of proving kindness sufficient to criticize, the art of proving shared values and mutually respected boundaries. These are things that bigots don’t have.

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You're a faggot defending pedos with your pilpul

They do that because they’re pedofascists fearing exposure. If the Rotherham gangs had made connections to the LGBT community, it would’ve went catastrophically poorly for them.

Elevated willingness to turn criminals in to cops has marked the openly gay communities for years.

Gays are also good at encouraging media uptake against criminals. That’s why violent people hate them so much; the media prefers gays to violents.

I’m doing literally the opposite, Mr. Ackbarsan.

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iirc animalsex recently became legal in Canada (so long as there's no penetration)

literal butthurt

Why zoosexual? Because that is just the next step in sexual degeneracy after pedophilia. I guess they could add satanic torture/murder stuff to their perversions. That would be the end of the line, which is why power players end up doing that shit. Normal sex just doesn't satisfy them.

You will literally hear these excuses in the future, no joke.

You massive fucking faggot. Fuck you and your mother for making me download these pics. If its so false, why do they sell dildos that imitate horse, dog, you name it, penises. Apparently elephant dildos are a thing. It might be a year or two yet, but you will start to hear stories about humans raping animals, especially at the public zoo. God help us.

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I feel like pedophilia is worse than being a zoosexual

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Litterally happens every week on the local news

People are disgusted at zoophilia, but they'll kill pedophiles (and let off pedo killers).

Plus, you conveniently ignored the point, which is that adding Z to the LGTBQP acronym dilutes it for normies, which (in addition to you clearly not needing to search and show images of animal dildos, you obviously wanted to do so, b/c you did), indicates you're a filthy fucking kike.

thats really beautiful user



I don't know what proof you're looking for but this was a leak of a bunch of furryies PMS.

To clarify user, "evidence" was that which I submitted in that post in order to refute anons claim that beastiality was false/fake and misleading normies. The headlines are endless.

We already lost the fight to add the second P. (Already have one P for Pansexual in the letter salad.) We lost it decades ago and didn't notice. They have merely been waiting for enough of the people who would kill them all anyway to age out.

Age of Consent is the whole game. That was the bright defensible line we could have held, but we surrendered it without a fight and didn't realize it. Kids can't consent to sex? An 18yo virgin is a punch line? We have to give kids sex ed and condoms in school because they are going to have sex? Reconcile. No, it is clear that an unstoppable majority now believes kids can, do and can't be prevented from having sex. Sex between teens is, if not universally embraced, accepted as a fact on the ground.

So then we get teachers having sex with her male students. First one went up for a long time. Now everybody just eyerolls and snickers, wanting to first know if she is "hot" and if so the boy got lucky. Next up was lesbian teachers trying to groom little girls and shouting "HOMOPHOBIA" if they didn't get the same treatment. After the NAMBLA types get their perversion normalized the only thing left is what the whole effort was for, getting dirty old men legal access to the yung poon they crave.

And we already lost the fight. Sometime between 1957, when "Wake Up Little Susie" was still the pop culture consensus and when "Happy Days" reimagined the 1950s in the 1970s, teen sex was normalized. Game over.

Anybody wanna show where this Black Pill ain't the truth? Pretty horrible if kiddie diddlers are going to be an open thing.

Endless sophistry rationalized backwards from the pathological desire to put his dick into another man's ass. There's no point you could disprove to fix his brain.

Pedofascists are too assblasted by reality to take the redpill.

Don't forget that pedo is kosher approved!

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You're not operating in reality, just in a haze where you've convinced yourself you're not the problem. Don't you find it the least bit coincidental that your supposed morality has somehow perfectly conformed to your lizard brain impulses?

dude, you got your head so far up your own ass that despite shitting the board with hundreds of posts and getting ridiculed every time you got no clue what the redpill is
can you go away, forever? please?

Remember when "people" were lynched when they dared to exhibit their inherent degeneracy and violence?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Leftypol approves of this sexual revolution.

'Pedophile' rights groups have been operating fairly openly in the Netherlands for some time now. They even have a political party.

Gays were hanged too. Then they became a protected class. Then normies virtue signaled for them. Then the supreme court affirmed all their civil rights. If pedosexuals get normies to virtue signal for them, the same process will play out.

I knew it would be in Amsterdam
I just never thought it would be this pathetic.. it's so poetic

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Because it's exactly what communists want.
The jew uses communism to destroy a nation, once it has fulfilled something.
Communism seeks to turn everything on its head, in order to cause disorder and chaos.
They're actively trying to destroy White nations.
Whites, only people that stand in the way of total world domination. Why do you think they try so hard to dumb down, fatten and ruin people peoples lives, just to shove pills that have 30+ side effects down their throats?

Furfag detected.

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Pardon me dear fellas.


This another divergence from some straight path at this moment. While it isn't a divergence on itself.


Wrong tbh
don't know what the fuck gave you that idea?

Dude what the fucks your problem retard? this thread was about the lgbtp not zoolphilia stop derailing the thread.

anyone who says "paedophile" instead of pedo, is a pedo, prove me wrong

Seems oddly suspicious why you'd question user for adding zoophilia.
Ever since fags got their way, I've come across more and more people who are open about wanting to fuck animals and/or children.

I never wanted to believe people years ago.
Before i became political. I thought they were full of shit, saying that zoo and pedohilia would become the norm.

Now I'm facing the reality of the situation.
Literally watching as these subhumans are crawling out of their sewers to conglomerate and party with each other.
I've talked to alot of people, it's disturbing how many people there are.

why do leftists always type so much shit for such meaningless messages

Because faggots are people who fuck other fags I have never heard of thm wanting to have sex with animals so I don't see how it fits into the lgbtp.? Another thread should be started for that or maybe I am wrong?